Author's Note: Yeah, don't ask where this came from. It's a bit on the crack fic side. Please don't think too badly of me.

Warnings: None, unless you're allergic to sheer lameness.

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How could you?!

It was a quiet day at the Borough in the slowly being reconstructed world of Radiant Garden until…

"Riku!" an enraged falsetto voice shrieked, as the door to Merlin's house was thrown back by a very angry mouse.

Riku, who'd been snoozing in front of the computer he was supposed to be watching, fell out of his chair.

"Owww!" he whined and rubbed his bruised elbow. "Mickey? What's the deal?"

"You tell me!" The mouse shoved a photograph under the boy's nose. "What's the meaning of this?"

Riku's eyed crossed momentarily before he focused on the picture. "What? Oh that. It's just a vacation photo."

"You do this on vacation?"

"Sure. Don't lots of people?"

The mouse narrowed his eyes. "I expected better of you, Riku." He let the snapshot fall to the ground and marched out the door. Riku scooped it up and chased after the king.

"Mickey, why are you so mad at me?" he called out thoroughly confused. The mouse whipped around and glared at him.

"After everything I've done for you this is how you repay me?" he yelped.

"Repay? Mickey, Sora and I were just wandering around in the gummi ship and saw this place. We'd never been to one before and thought it would be fun."

"If you wanted to go to one so badly, you should have gone to mine!" he snapped.

Riku blinked. "We didn't know you had one. We'll go to that one next time I promise."

The mouse sniffed, clearly very deeply wounded. "Of all people, I never thought you would betray me. And Sora too!"

This was too much for Riku. "Betray? We didn't betray anyone. As far as I can tell, we didn't even do anything wrong!"

The king sniffed again and stalked off, leaving Riku scratching his head.

"Hey Riku! What's wrong with the king?"

Riku turned. Sora came jogging up to him.

"He's mad at me."

"Huh? What's he mad about?"

"This." Riku handed the photo to his friend.

"Hey I took this picture. He's mad about this?"

Riku folded his arms. "Yeah. He's acting like I killed the queen or something."

"Hey guys!"

The two boys turned to see Leon walking up to them.

"What's up Leon?" Sora called cheerfully.

"Have you guys see the king? Kairi was showing Yuffie your photo album and he was looking too. All of a sudden, he got really upset and ran off."

"Here," Sora handed the photo to Leon. "This is what he's mad about."

Leon stared at the snapshot for a few seconds.

"I don't get it," he said finally.

Riku nodded. "Neither do we. I mean, all I did was get my picture taken with Buggs Bunny."


After word: Riku and Sora went to Six Flags! Raise your hand if you saw that coming! This plot bunny (hehe) refused to die, so I wrote it. It just popped into my head when I was playing with my bunnies today.

Okay, I don't own, KH, KHII, any of the characters in said games, or Buggs Bunny.