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"Mr. Stone… We have a problem…" Mr. Davis grunted and shifted uneasily. A gold nameplate engraved with 'Victor Stone' in bold letters was shining light into his eyes. Victor Stone was a bald black man. Vic had muscular arms and a well-built body. He was around six foot and could easily outrun the fastest neighborhood dog around. The young man named Victor, sighed. His smooth black suit shined in the sunlight flooding through the open window behind him.

"What now?" Mr. Stone asked in a bored tone, "Is Mrs. Ford's hearing aid dysfunctional again? I swear that woman is pushing me to the limits!"

"No Sir, it's not her… It's- It's the television company…" Mr. Davis said softly. The gold jewel studded ring on Mr. Stone's right index finger twitched ever so slightly.

"Well? What do they want?" Mr. Stone demanded.

"The ratings for 'Future Tech: The Next Generation' has dramatically dropped since it's last season—"

"Of course it would, that was the last episode!" Mr. Stone roared, clearly agitated.

"But, Sir… Our contract is also coming to a close… They want you to come up with a new series within the next week, or they're bumping us up to the 5:30 morning slot."

"Damn. No one watches the morning shows! How's the franchise doing?"

"Poorly Sir. That new store, 'Geek Tech and Parts', has had a lead over our sales from the past week." Mr. Davis answered.

"Ugh! Dammit, John! Go get me Ro—" Mr. Stone stopped himself. He was about to say 'Robin' but caught the error. "Go get me Tom, tell him I want stats on all the top shows airing between 8 to 10 PM."

Mr. Davis nodded, "Yes Sir" and left.

The Great Mr. Stone… Vic Stone. No one would've ever guessed he was once one of Gotham City's Super Heroes—A Teen Titan. And it was all thanks to the expensive looking ring tightly wound around his finger. A traditional holographic device hidden within a ring… Yes, very original. Granted, he had modified it over the years, but it still held the same person: Cyborg.

15 years earlier…

The shrill alarm sent Beast Boy reeling out of his bottom bunk bed and toppling onto the messy floor.

"Dude! What now?" he asked himself. He stole a quick glance at the digital clock sitting on his dresser. It read: Saturday 6:32 AM. Grumbling he picked himself up and transforming into a cheetah at the same time he bounded for the Lobby.

Beast Boy sat down next to Cyborg watching their leader, Robin, intently. Sitting around him were his teammates: Starfire hovering in the air (clearly she was not fully awake yet, the toothpaste still in her mouth proved that), and Raven by herself in the armchair. Robin hit a red button on the television control panel behind him and the blaring alarms stopped.

"I'm sorry to have called some of you out here so early in the morning…" Robin apologized and shifted his head in the direction of Starfire and Beast Boy, "…But Cyborg and I feel that this meeting be urgent, in the case we get never get the chance again…"

"Friend Robin… I do not understand… Then we are not under attack?" Starfire asked the question on two of the Titan's minds.

"No, Starfire, we're not. I called this meeting because in a matter of months Cyborg and I will both be turning twenty- Twenty years old." Robin added to make things clear for Starfire; he did not want to repeat this speech any more than he could.

"Following us in age will be Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy." He paused and looked at Cyborg.

The metal man got the message and continued Robin's speech, "We're not gonna be the 'Teen' Titans anymore ya'll. So we're gonna take a vote. Either we continue protectin' the city until the matter's brought up again, or we split and go our separate ways."

Robin nodded in approval.

"D—Dudes! We can't split up! I mean we're the TEEN Titans man! Who's gonna protect the city if we're gone huh?" Beast Boy yelled.

Starfire stepped up, "I agree with Friend Beast Boy! Where will we go if we are to do the splitting up? And who will defend the city from the bad men?"

"Starfire…" Robin said softly, "Starfire… If we split up, there will be no Teen Titans anymore."

The young girl looked on the verge of tears. Cyborg gave their fearless leader a look of sympathy but kept his mouth shut. Robin would be the only one to comfort Starfire—no one else.

"This… is a wise and yet stupid meeting." Raven said as all eyes turned to face her, "Many of you are unaware, but between your late teenage years and early twenties are when your body is at it's fullest. In order to fight crime throughout your life you should have been trained to do so when you were first born. As far as my knowledge goes, the only one that fits this criteria is Robin."

The teen nodded as his name was said, "You're right Raven… And I plan to fight crime for the rest of my life, whether you guys choose to follow me or not."

"Hold up here a minute! What do you mean by all this teenage, early twenties, mumbo jumbo? What does that have to do with us?" Beast Boy asked.

Raven glared at his from beneath her hood, "It has everything to do with us—especially us! We are crime fighters, Beast Boy. That means we put strain on our bodies day in and day out—24/7, around the clock! But, we are also susceptible to injuries, fatigue, sleepiness, and especially old age. In this line of work, the citizens of Gotham City are depending on strong, able bodied, quick witted people—"

"You still haven't answered my question! What does—" Beast Boy found his mouth glued shut by crackling, pulsating dark magic. All eyes shifted back to Raven, no one dared speak.

"I'm getting to that part!" the young half demon growled, "Like I was saying, after a certain age, the body doesn't live up to it's fullest. Meaning if you were to take a direct hit from Cinderblock now… you might come off with a few bloody bruises and some cuts and scrapes. But… If you were to take that same exact hit fifteen years from now, you'll be lucky to have a few broken ribs. Now, there's an exception in oh—let's say—Robin. Take Robin for example… he's been trained to fight crime his whole life. That makes his body structure and senses far more capable than ours. In this way Robin eludes some hindrances that will cripple you and me. These include: sustaining stronger blows from the enemy, longer endurance, better senses, and above all—withstanding old age. Do you understand now Beast Boy?"

The green teen nodded and the dark magic binding his mouth dispersed, "So what are we supposed to do? Disband?"

"That's why I'm saying this whole voting thing is stupid. As a leader, Robin should be able to make this decision on his own, based on what he thinks is best for the team."

"Gee Raven, sounds to me like you want to split up and get the hell outta here." Beast Boy mumbled under his breath, but Raven only heard it and glared.

"I—Raven's got a point… Meeting adjourned… You'll be called back as soon as I come to a decision… So stay within the Tower grounds." Robin waved the rest of the team away. Slowly each and every Titan got up from their seat and went their respective ways. All of them wondering what Robin's final answer would be.

A beeping went off—this time not the alarm, but on the communicator. Beast Boy eagerly unhooked it from his belt and flipped it open, hoping to see Robin's concerned face and hoping to hear "Titans! Jonny Rancid is robbing the bank! Get down there as fast as you can!". Beast Boy was so desperate to take his anger out on something he would even settle for "Control Freak has just broken into RoboMania!". His thoughts kept leading him in the direction that Raven wanted to just get away from the Titans forever, that she planted the seed of disbanding into their leader's mind. To hear "I've made a decision. Meet in the Lobby" just made his blood boil even further.

Robin then addressed the Titans formally for the second time that day.

"The Teen Titans… We've beaten every villain, every criminal, and every man of wrongdoing that has even dared to step foot in Gotham City. We were alone in our work, having countless nights without sleep tracking down a criminal, and having wild adventures out in the deepest reaches in space. But now… now we have loyal friends and allies to aid us in our work and they have proven themselves to us time and time again. We've faced everything there is to face… for crime fighters. I'm sure most of you have never really experienced life—the other side of life—to it's fullest. And being your leader, I want you all to experience that. I want you to be able to walk down the street and buy a hot dog without having to sign a million autographs just to get to the cart, I want you all to be able to get a normal job, to live a normal life… for when I—Robin, your leader, turns twenty… the Teen Titans will be officially disbanded."

The day Robin turned twenty…

The Tower was gloomy. Robin suggested that the team go out in a bang, lock every villain up before they disband. But the depressing tension hovering around quickly shut him up. Starfire constantly weeped, sniffled, and sometimes openly cried… But to no avail, Robin wouldn't budge—It was his final answer. Beast Boy had locked himself in his room only appearing to get food, and when he did appear, he was usually seen as a snake. When questioned by Starfire (whom was the only person he ever talked to nowadays) he said, "Because snakes don't have ears, and this way I won't be able to hear anymore of that shit coming out of that bastard's mouth. Plus, if he tries to hurt me, I've got no problem injecting him with venom that'll eventually kill him." To his answer, Starfire openly burst into tears for several hours.

Cyborg seemed to have his own way of shutting out the world. He would play his Gamestation for hours on end, sleepless days went by and he would only get up to recharge his battery. Beast Boy did not talk to him, and Cyborg felt so bad about the whole thing that he went out and bought another Gamestation with his private account, wrapped it up, and set it in front of Beast Boy's door to try and make amends. The other half of his cybernetic heart then broke upon hearing Raven's remark of, "Your Gamestation's floating in the ocean… About a half a mile off the coast, I only investigated because I saw a strange green bow tied around it." Cyborg was then again never seen outside his room, with the exception of emergency missions that Robin ordered him to attend. Training days were over. Robin tried as hard as he could to get the Titans to train but it was useless. The gym was now only used by a young man who was an expert on hiding his emotions and face by a simple mask.

Raven seemed normal on the outside, but the Titans could tell she too was also internally suffering. She was almost as depressing as Beast Boy. She would teleport to wherever she wanted to go in the Tower and usually ghosted through walls whenever someone walked her way. One time she teleported right in front of the refrigerator and at the same time Beast Boy had slithered up in front of it. The changeling had then actually tried to sink his fangs into her thigh, but was blocked by a quick force field. They then ended up at a standstill until Starfire had burst into the room tripping over her own feet and had started crying. The two fighting pair had then both departed leaving Starfire to be found by Robin. When Robin went about his daily surveillance camera check, he saw the whole fight. He blamed it on conflicting moods and shrugged it off, he also did not want to press charges on one of them and leave on a bad note. And as Raven and Beast Boy's chemistry worsened so did the crime rate.

Word had gotten out that the Titans were disbanding. Gotham City was sad, but not concerned. After all, they had the Titans East to cover their backs. Criminals were flooding into the city left and right eager to get the first jump on the unprotected loot. The Titans were an embarrassing mess and a total wreck in battle. They no longer took Robin's command as law, and Beast Boy even questioned him one time while fighting Killer Moth.

Starfire's starbolts seemed like they acted on half dead half alive batteries. They would flicker on one minute and when she needed them the most, they would flicker off. She also couldn't fly higher than a two-story house. Robin explained it was probably because she's a little sad so her emotions conflicted with her flying powers. Cyborg's sonic cannon was usually the first thing to fizzle out. He had used up all his energy staying up all night playing Gamestation. To top it off, he wouldn't exert over 70 percent of his total 100 percent Energy level. Raven always seemed on the defensive, protecting the now useless Starfire and Cyborg, just waiting for Robin or Beast Boy to finish off the attacker. And it was only because of Robin and Beast Boy did any crime fighting really get done. The once happy-go-lucky teen had now become a vicious monster out on the battlefield, not even hesitating to deliver a life-threatening blow. Robin did more saving of the villains than fighting them. Even their fearless leader had lost some of his spark. He would stay silent when a criminal taunted him, and would take direct hits like a mute—because he too—thought it was all his fault that this was happening.

The Titans were finishing packing their bags full of personal belongings, and normal civilian clothes. "Take only what you can carry" was Robin's advice (aside from Cyborg who was the only one with the car). They also each had a fake college degree. Whatever you wanted a degree in, all you had to do was write it in, and boom, you got it (It was a gift from one of the many colleges for protecting Gotham City). They also each had one communicator, no GPS signal (Robin took it out, lest someone wanted to remain anonymous), no emergency beeping, and no outside interference. Just a plain old five-way communicator… that would only reach five other communicators. This was it, the Teen Titans would be gone forever.

"So…" Robin said as they gathered in the Lobby, the exact same place this whole thing started would now end, "Would anyone like to tell me where they're headed? I plan to stay here, in the Tower... of course, and you can all drop by whenever you want."

He glanced around their sullen looking group. Beast Boy raised his hand, which surprised Robin.

"I'm going somewhere far away from you." was his answer.

Cyborg then tried to make up for Beast Boy's stabbing comment and said, "I'll be in an apartment somewhere. Sorry, but I wanna remain unknown."

His answer then sparked Starfire to say, "I shall miss you Friends… But I am afraid that I will be returning to Tamaran."

This brought out an even sadder face from Robin.

"Somewhere." Was Raven's short reply. They said short goodbyes but did not hug or cry… One by one each Titan stepped over the threshold to the outside world, where they would go their separate ways, and maybe… just maybe… by one small chance they would all meet up again almost fifteen years later…