Disclaimer: The characters are J.K. Rowling's creations.

This little scene was inspired by the song "Samson" by Regina Spektor.

The light was dim, and the scissors were dull. "You are my sweetest downfall," he whispered as he handed them to her.

"Your hair was long when we first met…"

He chuckled softly. "Yes," he whispered. "It's been a long time since then."

"You're my sweetest downfall, too."

He could just see out of the window. The stars seemed to be falling, crashing into him with a comforting force. He didn't understand it, but that didn't matter now. He noticed a lot of these things now, believing that going through so much pain with so many people allowed him to see the beauty in the world better than he had ever before.

"Will the history books forget about us?" she questioned softly as she began to cut his hair.

"I don't know," he replied truthfully. They were speaking quietly, neither of them knowing why, nor caring. "Maybe they will, but we know what we're doing is the right thing, and that, my dear, is all that truly matters."

She continued to softly cut at his black hair with the pair of dull scissors, smiling softly to herself.

"The stars are falling on our heads," he whispered, his eyes unfocused, staring out of the window and into the black night.

"They're just dead light," she said softly as she finished. She placed the scissors on the floor and retreated to her bed. There was only one candle left burning in the room and she was quite drowsy, so she climbed into the bed and snuggled under the covers.

He moved from the chair after many moments of silent staring at the dead light of the stars. He walked over to the full length mirror that hung from the back of the bedroom door. Running a hand through his now considerably shorter hair, he smiled slightly.

He turned to face the bed and began to walk over slowly. "Your hair is red," he stated. She nodded. "You're so beautiful." He climbed into the bed and under the covers with her. "You did alright, kid," he said jokingly.

With a smile on both parts, their lips connected.

"You are my sweetest downfall," she said, repeating his words from earlier.

"I loved you first," he replied.

He kissed her until the morning light…

I haven't written a one-shot in quite some time, but this cute little scene just popped into my head. It's Lily/James which I hope is obvious, but then again, it could be Harry/Ginny. Nope, it's Lily and James and it's after Hogwarts, during the war. I hope it was an enjoyable little ficlit. Thank you for reading.