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Clockwork: Right, then lets begin. Hello and welcome to another look into the many twists and turns that history may…or may not, take. Now here is the summery of the story.

Summery: One day Danny is told according to ancient prophesy that he is to be the new King of All Ghosts. But a certain evil halfa has plans to dethrone the new king. What will happen now that he rules the Ghost Zone, and can he handle the power?

Clockwork: Now then, on to the story.

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All Hail King Danny Phantom!

Chapter One: I'm the Who of What?

We once again dive into the time streams and venture forth to find a time line of interest. We fly past many thousands of them until we find one important one, the focus of our story. In this time line events will happen that will radically alter the lives of Danny and his friends forever.

Our story begins in the Ghost Zone, more specifically the lair of the Ghost Writer. Now he was known as the writing obsessed ghost, but he also had another obsession, and that was books. His lair was full of every book known to man or ghost, encyclopedias, novels, poems, short stories and many more. The Ghost Writer would spend many hours reading these books, both for inspiration for his own writing and for the joy it brought him.

Today the Ghost Writer was searching through the many tomes in his library looking for a book to inspire him. but little did he know he would find something that would change everything.

"Ah, I do so love these strolls through my collection, I wonder what I should read today?" said the Ghost Writer.

The Ghost Writer floated through the stacks of books, until he found himself in a part of the library that he had yet to venture into.

"Hmm, strange, why haven't I ever been to this part of my lair? Oh well, might as well look around." said the Ghost Writer.

The Ghost Writer floated down the dark and cobweb covered corridors until he found himself in a strange room. There were ghostly green fires that lighted the room, and in the center was an ancient looking stand. On this stand was a ancient looking book, the Ghost Writer floated over and read the cover.

"Hmm, Myths and Prophecies of the Ghost Zone, this might be useful to me." said the Ghost Writer.

So the Ghost Writer took the book back the main part of his lair and sat down to read the book. He read of many tales of the Ghost Zone, but he was going to be in for a shock.

"Hmm, a prophecy, I wonder what it is about?" said the Ghost Writer.

So the Ghost Writer read.

"One day there shall be a hero of unparalleled bravery, this selfless boy will save the Ghost Zone and the Earth countless times. He will be the symbol of the forces of good. This boy who will defeat Pariah Dark will follow in his foot steps, and be the next King of All Ghosts. This boy who straddles the line between life and death shall lead the Ghost Zone into a new age and his name is…" Read the Ghost Writer, who then turned the page.

What greeted him on the next page was a picture, and this caused him to gasp in shock. For the picture that stared back at him was off a young boy with white hair and green eyes, and his name was…

"Danny Phantom." read the Ghost Writer.

As this shocking discovery was made, in Clockwork's tower the master of time was watching this event unfold.

"So, someone has learned of the prophecy, I guess it is time for the subject of it to finally learn his destiny." said Clockwork.

Meanwhile in the town of Amity Park, said boy was with his friends, who were doing one of their daily tasks, fighting another ghost that had invaded their town. It was one of the ghost animals, a bear like creature to be exact, that occasionally broke out of the Ghost Zone. Except this one was the size of a T-Rex and was attacking the used car lot.

"Hey big, tall, and ugly! Stop using those cars as chew toys!" said Danny.

The massive creature spit out the SUV it was snacking on and turned to face our heroes.

"Ok, I think we got its attention." said Danni.

"Yeah, and it looks mad that we interrupted its dinner." said Alicia.

The ghost roared and began to charge our heroes, who had to get out of the way. They quickly recovered and fired back at the ghost, who bellowed in pain. Maddened with primal rage he tried to slash them with his huge claws. His claws grazed Sam's back, leaving three lines of red.

"Sam! Oh that's it, your going to pay for that." said Danny to the ghost.

Like a bolt of lightning Danny flew up and delivered a devastating ectoblast to the ghost. The ghost bear stumbled and fell on its back, but it was quickly back up. Danny then used his ghostly lightning on the bear, shocking it. With a final blow the bear was down for the count and Valerie sucked it into the Fenton Thermos.

"Wow, you finished that ghost in five minutes." said Tucker.

"That must be a new record." said Danni.

"Yeah, but I had a reason, are you ok Sam." said Danny.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine." Said Sam, as Alicia used a healing potion on Sam's back.

"But seriously, you have gotten a lot stronger." said Valerie.

"I'm not that strong, I just got a little better is all." said Danny.

"What are you talking about? You're easily the strongest guy on Earth, you could do anything

"I would have to agree." said a voice.

Suddenly a blue portal opened up and out floated Clockwork.

"Clockwork? What are you doing here?" said Danny.

"I just came to congratulate you on a battle well won, and to tell you something important." said Clockwork

"I hope it's not an "end of the World" talk." said Danny.

"No, not this time, but it is important. I think we better talk in a less public place." said Clockwork.

So Danny and his friends followed Clockwork to the woods near Amity Park. Clockwork landed in a clearing and as our heroes landed Clockwork began to speak.

"Danny, I'm here to tell you something very important. I'm going to trust you not to get angry or over excited about It." said Clockwork.

"Please, I've heard some pretty bad things before, I promise not to freak out." said Danny.

"Ok then, what I came to tell you is that…" said Clockwork, we then move to a safe distance.

"I'm the Who of What!" said Danny as his voice echoed through the forest.

"You are the new King of All Ghosts." said Clockwork, repeating himself and ignoring the ringing in his ears.

"I got that part, but why me?" said Danny.

"Because of who you are, you are without a doubt one of the best heroes in history. You have not only saved the Earth, but the Ghost Zone as well, several times. You are a strong and capable leader, and you are compassionate and kind. You are the one that can lead the Ghost Zone out of the chaos that it has been in for centuries, it is your destiny." said Clockwork.

"So what? Am I just some tool of fate? Is that the only reason I exist?" said Danny.

"No, you are the same Danny you have always been, you would exist even if this was not the path you would take. This is just another part of who you are." said Clockwork.

"I don't know, if I become king, what will happen to my life? I'll have to leave school, my family, everything." said Danny.

"Don't worry Danny, you can still live your life as it is, think of it as a…part time job." said Clockwork.

"I still don't know…" said Danny.

"Danny, I can't force you to accept, but I ask you to think about it. You can come find me when you have made your decision." said Clockwork, and then he left.

Danny and his friends stood in the clearing after the master of time had left. They stood there in silence for a few minutes, and then Danni broke the silence.

"Well, I wasn't expecting that." said Danni.

"Yeah, it's not everyday your told you're the ruler of a alternate plane of existence." said Alicia.

"Dude, you're the ruler of the Ghost Zone, that is one serious bit of info, what are you going to do?" said Tucker.

"I don't know, this is all happening way too fast." said Danny.

"I think you should go for it." said Sam.

"What! Are you crazy? All the ghosts hate Danny, they would destroy him the moment he entered the Ghost Zone." said Valerie.

"Not nessicarily, I mean you heard Clockwork, Danny has saved the ghosts almost as many times as he has saved the humans, maybe they'll be ok with it." said Sam.

"I would have to agree, we have built up some good press with them recently." said Alex.

"Well I think this is crazy." said Valerie.

"Well it's not what we think, it's what Danny thinks, so Danny what do you think?" said Sam.

Danny sat there for a moment with look of deep thought on his face, and then he spoke.

"I think…that I should go for it." said Danny.

"Really? Are you sure?" said Danni.

"Yes I am, I think that this may be a way to protect the Earth. If I'm the king then I can make the Ghost Zone less chaotic, and if it's nicer maybe not so many ghosts will go to Earth. Plus I could keep the bad ghosts in the Ghost Zone." said Danny.

"Well, I guess it's worth a shot, maybe it will work." said Alicia.

"Ok, but if we do go ahead with this crazy idea I hope we have an escape plan." said Valerie.

"Don't worry, we'll be able to get out if things go wrong." said Sam.

"Well at least it's only us and Clockwork who know about this, it's not like anyone else knows." said Alex.

But he was wrong, for after the Ghost Writer had read the prophecy, he had gone throughout the Ghost Zone telling everyone he could find of it. By the time Danny and the others had left to head to Clockwork's tower, most of the ghosts knew of it. So as Danny traveled thru the Ghost Zone they were approached by a ghost.

"Hey, you're Danny Phantom, the new Ghost King." said the random ghost, who looked to be a girl of about twenty.

"Uh, I will be when I accept." said Danny.

"Then could you help me, I'm being harassed by this man whose lair is next to mine, could you help?" said the Ghost.

"I'll see what I can do." said Danny.

"Thank you your highness." said the Ghost, and then she was gone.

"Ok, that was weird." said Danni.

"Yeah, lets keep going." said Danny

They ran into several ghosts before they reached Clockwork's lair. Clockwork turned to greet them as they entered and he could see Danny's haggard face.

"I see you've already run into some of your loyal subjects." said Clockwork with a grin.

"Yeah we did, how the heck do they know about this?" said Danny.

"Well it seems that a certain writing ghost went and told everyone." said Clockwork.

"Oh great, now everyone in the Ghost Zone knows, what am I going to do?" said Danny.

"Your going to make your decision, whether to accept the title of King or not." said Clockwork.

Danny stood their for a moment, remembering everything that had happened so far, then he spoke.

"Ok, I accept." said Danny.

"You have made a wise choice Danny, now then we must prepare for your coronation." said Clockwork.

"Coronation?!" said Danny in shock.

"Yes, your going to be a king after all." said Clockwork, as he began to explain things.

"What have I gotten myself into?" thought Danny.


Clockwork: Hello readers, I hoped that you enjoyed this first chapter. Sorry it was late, but its finals time again, and since Rob is kidnapped TechnoRob had to do his work for him. I just wish the Robo-Rob had not malfunctioned.

We flashback to the Robo-Rob smashing a pencil on a desk with a demented smile on its face, the other students staring at the weird display.

Clockwork: Anyway, it is time to check in with Danny and the others and their hunt for Vlad. Take it away TechnoRob.

TechnoRob: Ok readers, let's watch and see what happens in New York. The scene changes to the city of New York, we find our heroes walking along the streets. They are heading towards the New York Stock Exchange, the financial capital of the world.

Danny: I wonder why no one has noticed were still in our fighting modes?

Alicia: This is New York, they have seen stranger things then us.

Sam: Whatever, we need to figure out where Vlad would hide the next clue.

Tucker: Well this might help, Vlad's company has a seat of the Exchange, maybe the clue is in the office there?

Danny: Its worth a shot, lets go. Soon our heroes are in the offices of Vlad co. but waiting there is Skulker, the Ghost Zone's greatest hunter.

Danny: Skulker! What are you doing here?

Skulker: You did not thing this would be easy did you?

Tucker: We sort of did.

Valerie: Less talking, more butt kicking.

So the battle began, Skulker tried to destroy our heroes with his assortment of weapons, but he was no match for them. Soon he was defeated and sucked in to the Thermos.

Alex: Now that that is out of the way, we better find the next clue.

They searched around the room for the clue, and then Alicia found it.

Alicia: Hey guys I found it.

Danny: What does it say?

Alicia: It says:

Clue #2

Well Daniel and friends you managed to find the second clue, but there are many more where that came from. The location of the next clue is a place everyone has heard of but few have ever been to. This island is famous for its unusual statues, that just happen to get a great view of the sea. You might what to bring some colored eggs to this island, now where is the next clue?

Our heroes thought of it for a few minutes, and then Sam spoke up.

Sam: I think I know what he is talking about, he's talking about Easter Island.

Alicia: Are you sure?

Sam: Statues near the ocean, the painted eggs clue, its obvious he's talking about Easter Island.

Danny: Then lets go. Danny and the others leave for Easter Island.

TechnoRob: Well it seems their back on the trail, back to you Clockwork

Clockwork: Thank you, now it is time for the chapter summery.

Well it looks as if Danny has accepted his new role as King of All Ghosts. With a new Ghost King things are about to get interesting. What could be next for our heroes, well the only way to find out is to read the next chapter of All Hail King Danny Phantom.