Chapter Eleven: Bringing Down the Master Mind

Sam was piloting the Specter Speeder towards the east and the steadily growing signal of the Fenton Communicator.

"Hey Sam, I think we're here." said Valerie who was keeping an eye on the radio signal.

"Ok, I'm going to bring the ship down then." said Sam as she went down towards a forest.

As they descended lower they saw there was a small clearing in the forest. In the center of it there was a car and three people standing next to it.

"That must be them!" said Danni as they landed.

As soon as the Specter Speeder landed our heroes ran out of it to see Danny and embraced him.

"Danny! I'm so happy, I thought I would never see you again." said Sam.

"Yeah, we were so worried." said Danni.

"I was worried about you guys too, I didn't know what had happened to you." said Danny.

"Yeah, it was close there for a second, the Guys in White almost caught us." said Danni.

"Well I'm glad that you got away, but where are Mom and Dad?" said Danny.

"Well, they stayed behind to keep the Guys in White from getting us, we don't know where they are." said Danni.

"You mean…they could be captured?" said Danny.

"We aren't sure, we haven't heard from them in a while." said Valerie.

Danny slumped to the ground, overcome with sadness at not knowing the fate of his parents. As he sat there Jazz came over and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry Danny, I'm sure their fine." said Jazz.

"But how do we know, we have no idea where they are." said Danny.

"Don't worry Danny, I'm sure we'll find your parents." said Alicia.

"Yeah Dud, don't worry about it, we'll find them." said Tucker.

"I guess your right, we will find them…Oh my god I almost forgot, I know who is behind this whole mess." said Danny, suddenly remembering what he had to tell them.

"What? You know who did it, tell us." said Danni.

"Ok, the guy behind all of this is Vlad." said Danny.

"I knew it, we had a suspicion Vlad was behind this." said Sam.

"Yeah, the fact that Vlad's goons attacked us really narrowed the field of suspects." said Alex.

"So what is Vlad planning on doing anyway?" said Rob.

Danny then told them all that Vlad had told him about starting a war between the humans and ghosts.

"So that's his game, he's going to make the Earth and Ghost Zone destroy each other, then he'll take over afterwards." said Sam.

"I think it may have already started, when we left the Ghost Zone they were talking about war against the humans." said Ember.

"Yeah, same thing on Earth too." said Valerie.

"I think it's already happened, I just looked up the news on my PDA and it says that there is fighting between the ghosts and humans in Amity Park." said Tucker.

"This is terrible; we have to stop the fighting by telling them what happened." said Danny.

"Love the enthusiasm Danny, but I don't think it will be that easy." said Sam.

"Yeah, the whole world thinks you're a criminal and the reason the ghosts are invading." said Valerie.

"Vlad must have planned this all out. He knew that if everyone thought I was the one causing this that even if I did get away no one would believe me when I told them the truth. This is great, just great." said Danny as he held his head in his hands.

"Come on Danny, don't give up, there has to be a way to fix this mess.

"How, no one will believe me, and it's not like Vlad will tell everyone he did it." said Danny.

"Maybe he will." said Brian.

"What do you mean?" said Danny.

"Well why don't we just trick him into tell people that he did it." said Brian.

"But how do we let other people know what he said?" said Sam.

"All we have to do is hack into global news broadcasts, we can use my PDA and other electronics to make a transmitter." said Tucker.

"Now you're talking, that should work perfectly." said Brian.

"Well, it's a plan at least, ok Tucker and Brian, while you guys get that ready, we'll pilot the Specter Speeder." said Danny.

"One problem, we don't know where he is." said Danni.

"I think I know where he is, the one place he can sit back and watch the world fall apart, his castle." said Danny as they all got in the Specter Speeder.

Several Hours Later, in Wisconsin

Vlad was sitting in the TV room of his castle drinking tea and watching the news coverage of the fighting going on in Amity Park, chuckling evilly every so often.

"The scene in Amity Park is one of utter chaos and destruction. The Ghost Armies have advanced from their original entry point into our world and have taken over most of the city. Our forces are fighting bravely but are having difficulty against the huge number of ghosts entering the city. We're stopping broadcast for a bit because we have to move before they overrun us, this is Lance Thunder live in the field." said Lance before the camera switched back to a newsroom.

"So dear, enjoying the show?" said Spectra as she came up behind Vlad and put her arms around his shoulders.

"Yes I am, it makes me feel good when a plan comes together." said Vlad.

"Oh, and what about me?" said Spectra.

"You make me feel good in a different way." said Vlad as he pulled her into his lap and kissed her.

This sickening scene would have continued for awhile if Vlad hadn't heard a faint noise.

"Penelope? Do you hear a noise?" said Vlad.

"Yeah, it sounds sort of like a jet." said Spectra.

"Is it my imagination, or does it sound like it is getting closer?" said Vlad.

Vlad pushed Spectra off to the side and walked towards the window. He looked out it and saw a small object heading towards the castle. It grew larger and larger until he can just make it out, then he gasped. It was the Specter Speeder and it was heading right for the castle at great speed.

"Daniel." said Vlad with malice in his voice.

"What, you mean that brat is here?" said Spectra.

"Yes he is, Tell Skulker to ready the castles defenses immediately." said Vlad as Spectra called Skulker on a cell phone.

Meanwhile Danny and his friends were speeding towards the castle at breakneck speed.

"Ok guys, this is it, were about to break into Vlad's castle. Now is everyone ready?" said Danny.

"Uh, how do I use this thing?" said Brian as he held a Jack-o-Nine Tails in his hand.

"Don't worry, Jazz can tell you how to use it." said Danny, he then turned to Sam who was piloting the Speeder.

"Ok Sam, we have to hit'em hard and hit'em fast, think you can do it?" said Sam.

"Of course, they won't know what hit them." said Sam.

"Good, now get ready guys, because here we go." said Danny.

Sam pulled the Specter Speeder into a dive and aimed it straight at the castle. As they dived at it several laser canons popped out of the ground around the castle and began to fire. The Specter Speeder flew side to side as it avoided the fire being directed at it. Soon the Speeder was past the outer defenses and headed straight for the castle, and it did not look like it was going to stop.

"What are those brats doing?" said Spectra.

"It looks like they are…going to ram into the castle!" said Vlad as he grabbed Spectra and jumped out of the way.

The Specter Speeder crashed into the giant window and skidded across the floor, until finally coming to a stop against the far wall. Then suddenly the hatch blew open and out jumped Danny.

"Hey Vlad, glad to see me?" said Danny.

"You little upstart! You wrecked my home, prepare to pay." said Vlad as he change into Plasmius .

He fired an ectoblast at Danny, but someone jumped out of the Specter Speeder and batted it away.

"It's not going to be that easy Vlad." said Sam, as the rest of our heroes jumped out of the Specter Speeder.

Then suddenly Skulker, Technus, and Walker with his guards burst into the room.

"No girl, it will not. Get those brats!" said Vlad.

So the fight began, Walkers guards tried to swarm our heroes but they were thrown back by one of Ember's sonic attacks. Then our heroes began to attack, hurling energy blasts at the evil ghosts, and Danni spoke to Cujo.

"Cujo, protect David while we take care of these guys." said Danni, and Cujo nodded his head as he grabbed David and ran for it by phasing through the wall.

Back in the fight Danny sent his ghostly lightning at Vlad but he threw up a shield to block it. But before the evil halfa could even smirk Sam appeared behind him and sent a blast into his back sending him flying. But then Skulker flew up and shot at Sam, who had to dodge out of the way of the blast. Technus then grabbed her with his giant mechanical claw and tried to crush her. But unfortunately for him Alicia sent a magic wave at him that sliced the arm off and freed Sam. The fight went on with no one side able to beat the other.

"Guys, this isn't working, we have to split them up." said Danny.

Everyone agreed with that and split up.

"After them, they can't be allowed to escape!" said Vlad.

Vlad and his minions split up to try and capture our heroes. Valerie and Tucker were leading Walker and his goons to the Dining Room.

"Ok you punks, we have you trapped now." said Walker.

We'll see about that creep." said Valerie as she and Tucker began to fire at the ghosts.

As Valerie and Tucker fought the ghosts they looked around for anything that could help them. It was then that Tucker noticed the chandelier on the ceiling. It was huge with many small pieces of crystal hanging on it and one large one in the center, this gave Tucker an idea.

"Valerie, fire your laser into the chandelier." said Tucker.

"What?" said Valerie, wondering if she heard right.

"Fire into the chandelier!" said Tucker.

Valerie gave him a weird look but shrugged her shoulders and fired into the chandelier. The beams hit the large crystal in the center and split into many smaller beams. These beams were then focused and amplified by the smaller crystals and sent flying all over the room. The ghosts didn't know what hit them as the beams hit them all at once.

"Quickly, guards retreat…" said Walker, before he was knocked out by one of the laser beams.

Valerie and Tucker stopped firing and saw that all the ghosts were out cold.

"Wow, I can't believe that actually worked." said Valerie.

"Yeah, I was sort of guessing on that one. But now that the bad guys are taken care of lets go find the others." said Tucker.

"Ok, lets go." said Valerie as they ran off to find their friends.

Meanwhile outside Alicia and Alex were dealing with the king of technological errors, Technus.

"Puny humans, you can not stop the fury of Technus. I will use my power over technology to crus…" began Technus before he was sent flying into a table by an upper cut to the jaw.

"You know, no matter how many times we fight this guy he is still incredibly annoying." said Alicia.

"Yeah, I know what you mean." said Alex.

"Insolent children! I will make you pay for that!" said Technus.

Technus raised his arms and began to summon all the technology nearby to him. the electronics gathered around him and formed into a giant robot with buzz saws for hands.

"Technus seems to be repeating himself, well we know how to take care of that." said Alicia.

Alex and Alicia sent a magic spell at Technus to disable his robot suit, but the rays bounced harmlessly off.

"What the heck just happened?" said Alex.

"That is one of my upgrades. Let me introduce you simpleminded brats to Technus 3.0, now with magic deflecting software and spyware protection! Your old spells that disable my technology will not work now!" said Technus, cackling evilly.

"Remind me to look up some new spells when we get out of this." said Alicia.

They then had to dive out of the way as one of the buzz saws landed right between them.

"IF we get out of this." said Alex.

Alicia and Alex tried to fight back against Technus, but his new shield was preventing their normal attacks from getting through. All they could do was hurl objects at Technus, but they were having little effect on the ghost. Technus then hit them with one of the lawn tables they had hurled at them, sending them flying. They landed a couple of hundred feet from Technus.

"Alicia, we need to figure out how to beat this guy or we'll be tiny magical smudges on the ground." said Alex.

"I know, I know!" said Alicia.

She looked around and then saw that they had landed next to Vlad's gigantic swimming pool. She looked at the giant pool with all the water in it and got a idea.

"Alex, I have an idea, you disguise this pool so that Technus can't see it and I'll lead him over here." said Alicia.

Alex looked at the pool then back to Alicia and nodded his head as he got what she was saying

"Ok, just be careful." said Alex.

"I will." said Alicia.

She then flew off to confront Technus, who had been ranting so much after he hit them that he had not noticed they were gone.

"…and further more I Technus am a master of all things with little blinking lights that no one but me knows what they are for…" said Technus.

"Hey Techdork!" said Alicia to get his attention.

"…also I…hey! How dare you interrupt me during my amazing speech!" said Technus.

"I just have something to say to you, ahem, Nah Nah! Bet you can't catch me!" said Alicia, making a face at the technology ghost.

"Why you little brat! You'll pay for making fun of me." said Technus.

Alicia was off like a shot and Technus gave chase. Alicia flew as fast as she could but Technus was gaining on her. Just as he was about to grab her something unusual happened. Technus stepped onto ground but nothing was there, because that was where the pool was that Alex had disguised. Before he knew what was happening he fell into the water and his robot suit began to malfunction.

"Noooooo!" yelled Technus as electricity began to spark all over the suit.

Soon the robot suit could take no more and the whole thing blew up, sending the poor technology ghost flying. He hit the ground hard and when he looked up he saw that he had landed right in front Alicia and Alex.

"Guess you don't have your fancy shield and robot suit anymore, you know what that means?" said Alicia.

"Uh, that we forgot this ever happened and you let me go?" said Technus nervously.

"I'm sorry, the answer we were looking for was 'you get a pummeling', but we do have a parting gift for you." said Alex as he and Alicia cracked their knuckles. They then began to beat the stuffing out of Technus.

"Ow! Aii! Argh! Mommie!" yelled Technus as they gave him the beating of his afterlife.

After a while they had finished hurting Technus and sent him back to the Ghost Zone. They then decided to go find the rest of their friends, hoping that they were alright.

Meanwhile in the halls of the castle Jazz and Brian were trying to fight off Skulker. They had been fighting for a while but were having a lot of trouble. That was mostly because Brian had no experience with ghost fighting and Jazz had the Fenton Peeler, which while powerful was not exactly very easy to move around in.

"Ha! Is that the best you two humans can do?" said Skulker as he avoided their shots.

"Laugh now ghost, because we're going to take you down!" said Jazz.

Jazz and Brian tried to fire on the ghost again, and came dangerously close to taking him down.

"Ok, that was a little too close, better take them out quick." thought Skulker.

Skulker decided to take out his tranquilizer gun from a secret compartment in his arm. Before they could react Skulker had taken aim and fired at Brian. Brian, being without armor like Jazz, was hit by the dart in the arm.

"What the…heck…" began Brian, then he fell to the ground unconscious.

"Brian!" screamed Jazz as she dropped to her knees next to her fallen boyfriend.

She felt his pulse and was relieved to find that he was not dead. She then stood up and turned to face Skulker, the hunter ghost was shocked at the murderous look she gave him. In all the time he had fought the ghost child he had never seen his sister this angry.

"Your going to pay for that!" yelled Jazz as she fired the Peeler at Skulker.

The blast missed the ghosts head by mere inches, making him jump back. The human girl had never, at least in his memory, gone for a killer shot. Since his actual body was in the head that would have been very bad. Skulker realized she was out for blood now and that he had to end the battle soon or he was done for. Skulker was about to fire his tranquilizer again but it was destroyed by Jazz.

"Oh no you don't." said Jazz.

Jazz fired rapidly at the ghost trying to rip the ghost apart molecule by molecule. Skulker had to move quickly to avoid the rays that were being sent at him. Skulker pulled out a grenade and hurled it at Jazz. All she could do was shield her face before the weapon exploded. The suit she was wearing protected her from being hurt, but the force of the blast sent her flying back. She smashed into her wall and hit her head hard on it knocking her out, she then fell to the floor.

"Well that is taken care of, now to take these two to the boss." said Skulker as he dragged them away.

Meanwhile inside of Vlad's study our two main heroes, Danny and Sam, were facing off against Vlad and Spectra. The two evil ghosts were proving to be tough to beat, even for Danny and Sam. They had been fighting for a good while and showed no signs of giving up soon. The fact that Spectra was using her powers to try and depress our heroes into submission was not helping any.

"Why don't you give up? There really is no hope left, no one trusts you." said Spectra, using her dark ghost powers to try and pry into Danny's mind.

"Stay out of my mind lady, we are going to win and undo everything you've done." said Danny as he fired at her, but she dodged out of the way.

"I don't think so Daniel, there is nothing you can do to stop us." said Vlad.

Vlad then fired an ectoblast at Danny and Sam, and they narrowly avoided it. As they tried to get out of the way Spectra hurled a ball of dark energy at them. Sam tried to get out of the way but she was sent hurtling into the wall.

"Sam! Are you ok?" said Danny.

"Yeah, I'm fine, but she won't be." said Sam.

Sam launched herself at Spectra and tackled the evil dark ghost. They then broke into a all out brawl that began to smash up the room. Danny and Vlad stood there staring for a moment and than remembered that they were fighting. They quickly got into a fighting stance and began to send punches and kicks at each other. Eventually Sam sent Spectra smashing into the door to Vlad's secret lab and the fight had moved down there.

"Give up Daniel, you will never win." said Vlad.

"Yes we will." said Danny as he sent an ectoblast at Vlad's stomach at point blank range.

Vlad was sent flying into a wall, a hole in his suit and a slightly burned mark on his stomach. He landed hard on the floor with Danny standing a few feet from him. Vlad realized it was time to end this fight now with his secret weapon.

"Daniel you may think you have won, but this chess game is not over just yet." said Vlad.

"What are you talking about?" said Danny.

"Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, have you learned nothing over the years. Answer me this then, what two pieces that if captured will end the chess game?" said Vlad.

"The King and Queen?" said Danny, still wondering where Vlad was going with this.

"Exactly, you do have a brain after all. Well I just happen to have both your king and queen." said Vlad as he pressed a button on machine.

Suddenly one of the walls swung around to reveal two cages with two very familiar people in it.

"Mom? Dad?" said Danny, shocked to see his parents in the cages.


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