Anzu came in with a long fur coat for the special party Yugi planned for his school class a day after graduation. She took the fur coat and threw on the couch.

Yami came in the room and was less enthused to see Anzu. He always wondered why Yugi associated with her.

//My aibou has such a good heart he cannot see how wicked she is//

"Hi Yami are the drinks set yet? Yugi asked

"Yes aibou Anzu just came in"

"Hi Yaminukins!!" she shrieked

"Hi Anzu how are (cough) you"

"I'm wonderful and yourself'

"I'm fine"

Anzu walked closer towards Yami and stroked through his chest Yami was disgusted inside.

"Now that I graduated from high school and I'm thinking about going to New York to become a dancer I just wanted to know would you like to come with me?

That witch had the nerve to ask me I want to go to New York with her is absolutely stupid yami thought.

(I would have to leave my friends and most importantly my darling aibou and I just can't go anywhere without him I can barley handle him going to college by himself much or less being thousands of miles from him away and that bitch has the nerve to try to split us up she knows how much I cherish and love him)

"I'm sorry Anzu but I can't leave Yugi!"

"What is so special about that brat Yami you know that you and I had chemistry we out on a date together and you saved me from that rapist five years ago."

(Oh that bitch! She called my aibou a brat and said we had chemistry a delusional bitch indeed)

"Anzu I only went out with you because Yugi said so"

"Everything's about Yugi! I'm so tired of hearing his name.

"We have something Yami and you know it and all you need to do is accept it and forget about that shrimp. Breakaway!"

"Enough can't your stupid little head realize that I don't want to be with the only reason why I am associated with you is because of Yugi not everything is about you and your narrow minded world."

"Fine! The only reason why I came I just to see you not be near Yugi!

Anzu grabbed her fur coat and leave until she heard a scream

"How could you!"