Ways to tick off Kenshin

You would have to be a real genius to tick this man off. Once you do prepare for an all out war.

1. Be a homicidal maniac and kidnap Kaoru. Just do not push your luck you may get to see the killer side of him. (See list of battosai)

2. Get the freshly laundered clothes dirty. You will get to help him redo everything.

3. Bring over all your dirty dishes and leave. Say you'll be back in an hour to pick them up. Then don't show up for two days.

4. Hide his sword. He will become frantic and confused, making cute funny little noises.

5. When he is bathing hide all his clothes and leave one of Kaoru's kimonos. He will wear it, but his face will be as red as his hair. Comment how cute he looks.

6. Have someone challenge him to fight every day for a month. He will become sick of it and find out who's behind the whole thing. Maybe being in Kyoto for awhile would be a good idea right now.

7. If Hiko is around have him tell stories from when Kenshin was little. Include every single one of them no matter how embarrassing. This is fun in two ways Hiko has fun picking on Kenshin and Kenshin getting madder and madder then coming up with stories of his own about Hiko.(You just know there are some good ones there.)

8. Complain how crappy his housecleaning is. If you keep this up he will drop over from redoing the cleaning over and over again.

9. Pick on anyone weak and helpless. This bothers him to no end. You will receive bodily injury because he will come forward to stop you.

10. Tell him he is a rotten babysitter. Spread this rumor around town. It will tick him off because he really loves kids and is a very good babysitter. He can be so child like himself.