Disclaimers: As much as I may want to claim ownership of this production, I can't because Zatch Bell! belongs to a whole lot of different companies that I can't remember the names of at the moment. Any characters that appear in this fic that is not a part of the original series, belong to me so don't take them without asking first.

Summary: Dr. Riddles thoughts as he watched Kedo's final battle against Belgium E.O.

My Little Boy
By: Sakura Lisel

I was all alone until the day I met you
Living in seclusion, I had about given up on life
And I would have remained alone till the day I died
Then you entered my life so suddenly

When you came walking into my home, somehow I just knew
That for me, things were going to change
The minute you gave me your spell book
And I spoke that first spell

You made my days brighter, and took away the pain
You brought the fun and laughter back to me
I never once regretted meeting you
And I would do it all over again if I had the chance

Always looking to me for the answers and plans
You with your innocence and endless questions
Always looking to me for protection from nightmares
And anything else that scared you

It was always so much fun to tease you
I feel pleasure fill me
Every time I watch as your eyes lit up
As you instantly believed my lies and tall tales

But you always forgave me didn't you
Even after I told you that I was just kidding?
You always trusted me from the beginning
But I never let you down did I?

As I lay there unable to move
With your spell book clutched in my hand
I could feel the flames starting to cover your book
And my heart broke as I knew I was going to loose you

Without your powers, you still gave it your all
Giving out orders to Folgore and Kanchome
As the three of you struggled to survive
As you continued to fight Belgium E.O. and Dalia

It hurt so much that I couldn't do anything to help you
Yet when your spirit appeared before me
And as you started to speak to me
You reminded me of all the good time we had

I'm proud of how far you've grown
And how you helped protect the rest of us till the end
Despite me being unable to cast the spells for you
And won in the end, with your new and final spell

As I lay there, I feel a familiar tingle curse through my body
Through the hand holding your spell book
And out of the corner of my eye I could make out a bright light
And I knew then what I had to do

So through the tears spilling down my eyes
I tightened my grip on what was left of your book
As the final spell words seemed to just appear in my mind
I ignored the pain coursing through my body, as I force my lips to move as I yell out your final spell

Just as the last of the spell book burned away, I was in awe as I watch what happened next
I could see your body disappeared just as you released your final attack
Your final attack was so beautiful, that I wish you could have seen it
You'd be so happy to know that you saved us Kedo

I wish I could have said goodbye to you
And told you how I felt
Before you faded away from sight
But I think you already knew deep down

I feel so empty inside, now that you're gone
But I'll try to be happy, because I know your finally home
I hope you make it safely back to your mom and dad
So goodbye and good luck, Kedo, wherever you are

You're my best friend and companion
But in many ways, you became so much more than that
I'll miss you until the day I die
You're my little boy, Kedo

And I'll always love you

The End?

Author's Notes:
So what do you guys think of it? I felt so sad after what happened to Dr. Riddles and Kedo, that this all just came pouring out, into a Oneshot.

This is first time writing a Zatch Bell! fanfic, so be kind.