Title: Lucid
Summary: As the saying goes, "Kakashi is going to the Special Hell." After having a series of x-rated dreams about his former student, Kakashi's life gets a little...complicated.
Rating: M for explicit sexual content. Graphic content.
Timeline: about 2 years in the future of the manga timeline, no real spoilers
Comments: Part 1. This portion of the fic is a dream, and thus one of the characters is extremely OOC. Fantasies are like that; future chapters will not be so OOC. This features Kakashi/Sakura as an eventual pairing.

WARNING: This fic contains STRONG adult content in chapters 1 and 4, which occasional strong language in other chapters as well. If you do not like mature content, do not read this story. I am not kidding.


1 - I think you're strange, you think I'm pretty

Fists pounded against his door. One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

A pause.

Again, steadily. One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

Kakashi slid his book further over his face, determined to ignore the sound. The mission he'd just spent several days and a great deal of blood on continued to overwhelm his every waking thought, and to that end he was endeavoring to stop having waking thoughts altogether for the next several hours. He hadn't even had the will to make it to his bedroom, not when his trustworthy and comforting couch was that much closer. He figured he'd just lay on it for about a year and let his front door take care of itself.

Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock. If Kakashi hadn't already killed six people this week he'd have yanked the door open and done this asshole in too.

"Hatake Kakashi, I'm coming in there." Female asshole, and shinobi. Great. He'd just stay on the couch and eventually she'd get the point and leave.

The door creaked—so much for his deadbolt lock—and from his couch he saw the shadow of an intruder fall across his carpet. The shadow moved across the carpet to stop near his couch as a medium-sized body followed it into his tiny, open living room.

"There you are," Sakura said. "Tsunade-sama said you didn't report to the hospital."

"Did you draw the short straw?"

She smiled, and he pictured her with her hands on her hips, elbows jutting out and one foot tapping. "My shift was ending and she told me you were back so I volunteered to leave a few minutes early to check on you. I don't know why you're afraid of hospitals, Sensei."

"I'm not afraid of them," he muttered from beneath his paperback. He hadn't even lifted it to speak to her, choosing to relish the dark cover it provided over his eyes. "And I'm perfectly healthy, so you can just amble on homeward and consider your duty done."

He wasn't prepare for her next comment to be delivered in a breathy whisper right beside his ear. "Kakashi-sensei," Sakura murmured. "You know I can't leave until I've given you a complete physical. Take your clothes off."

Okay what the hell? The hand holding the Icha Icha book over his face jerked slightly. He lifted it let his good eye examine the girl kneeling next to his couch. She was smiling mischievously and gently running her fingertips over her neck area, playing with the low-dipping edge of her collar. Sakura was being weird. Very, very weird.

"You don't need that," she said, standing up and tossing his book across the room. He followed it with his eyes, then looked blankly back to her. Weird, weird, weird.

"Okay," Kakashi replied as casually as he could. "I'll read it later. What's going on?"

She flipped her head back, tossing her hair. "Sit up."

The jounin sat up on the couch and examined the young woman before him. She was wearing a shirt-vest thing that covered only about as much chest as a skimpy swimsuit might dare, with fishnet across her stomach and down her arms. Her skirt was so negligible it almost didn't deserve mentioning. She was wearing high-heeled boots, with thigh-high fishnet stalkings just begging for an enterprising set of fingers to slide them down and off completely.

Not Sakura after all, then. Like most kunoichi, Sakura often dressed provocatively, but she didn't dress like a whore. And she would never reach out to start unbuttoning his pants one-handed, like a certain pink-painted row of fingernails was doing right now. Either he had an admirer who liked to play henge dress-up, or he'd finally collapsed from exhaustion after all.

"Kakashi-sensei," Sakura scolded lightly, dropping to kneel between his legs. "You're not paying attention to me."

Her hand dipped below his hemline and circled his cock. He sucked in a breath. "I'm paying attention."

"You never paid attention to me like you did Sasuke or Naruto," she whined, and sqeezed him roughly. Then her grip loosened and her fingers grazed up and down his length like feathers. "But I'm here to examine you. You can be punished later."

Hatake Kakashi felt like his was in someone else's body as he watched Sakura tug his erection free of his pants, holding it up to open air and caressing it with both hands. He leaned back into the couch, lifted his hips, and moaned.

"Sakura," he breathed, voice straining through his teeth. "I was your teacher just a couple years ago. I'm thirty years old, and you're not even twenty yet. You should go home."

"That's just like you, Kakashi-sensei. You're all talk and no...fun." She licked the head of his shaft and the image of sweet, endearing, bubblegum-innocent Sakura kneeling between his legs with her tongue caressing his cock was almost more than Kakashi could handle. He didn't care if this was real or not. He groaned and when his hips jerked involuntarily upward he had the unforgettable sight of watching her lips close around dick.

Fuck fuck fuck. Sakura, little pink Sakura, was sucking his dick. FuckFuckFuckFuckFuckOhGod. Sakura. In his apartment living room, with a body that was not little at all and a mouth that—

"Shit, Sakura..."

She lifted her head to order, "Quiet, Sensei. We have to finish your exam," then went back to work at 'attending' to his arousal with her lips and her throat.

"Kakashi," he corrected in between gasped breaths, running his hands over her scalp, watching his fingers comb her bright hair. This shouldn't be happening. This couldn't be happening. He was supposed to be sleeping off his mission, not—

She leaned back and let his cock spring free of her mouth with a slick pop!, licking the corner of her lips and grinning like a woman far older. She put her hands on his knees and shimmied upward, brushing his erection from her chest down to her uncovered stomach as she leaned over him. With shaky breaths Kakashi brought a hand to remove his mask, but she stopped him, catching his wrist.

"Leave it on," she commanded, and he obeyed unquestionably. Not only was his subconscious perverted in its choice of partners, it was kinky too. Interesting, he thought as he helped tug Sakura's leather and fishnet top off. His heavy flack jacket and undershirt followed. He pushed her almost non-existent skirt up to her waist, and at this point he was barely surprised to see she had nothing underneath.

"I want you, Kakashi." His hands on her waist trembled. She moved her lips over his neck, his shoulders, talking all the while. "I want to let you inside me. You know I've always admired you, admired how strong and frightening you could be. I want know what it feels like to have you take me, to see everything you keep bottled up just come bursting out."

She climbed up fully onto the couch, legs on either side of him. She was so fucking close.

"Kakashi, Kakashi." She was lifting her hips, she was so close now, and he wasn't doing anything to stop her. He could feel the heat of her, the brush of her pubic hair against his foreskin, and he wanted—

he wanted—

Sakura lowered herself over him at the same time as he thrust violently upward, and Kakashi woke alone in his bed, staring up at the gently spinning ceiling fan.

It was night, and he could hear the crickets outside his window.

"Well," he said aloud to the empty room. "Fuck."