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This chapter is in Wolfram's POV.


In a matter of seconds, Wolfram reacted quickly to prevent that figure, who he knew so well, from falling down on to the ground. Even though he was still hurt, his first priority was to prevent Yuuri's body from touching the ground.

Wolfram stared at the sleeping face of his ex-fiance, and he was unaware of the time that passed, but it must have been a while because he heard Damien call him and saw the man pulling Yuuri out from his arms to make him lie on the bed.

Just then, Wolfram realized that due to the sudden movement his wound had reopened. Wolfram was so surprised that he couldn't even feel the pain, nor did he notice his friend's roaming eyes studying his reaction. All that mattered was Yuuri and his well-being.

Yuuri was his King after all. Or at least, that was the logical explanation that Wolfram gave himself.

He tried to prevent Damien from taking Yuuri away, but in the end, weakened and wounded, Wolfram was forced to sit by Yuuri's side, breathing hard, his eyes fixed on a distant place while his mind was trying to sort out what exactly had happened.

Yuuri was there; correction, Yuuri had always been there for the past month. They shared the bed, the meals, the days...Wolfram had admitted more than once to himself that Chris reminded him of Yuuri...but to think he actually WAS Yuuri...

It was simply shocking.

But as Wolfram sat there, catching his breath, the shock slowly left his mind and he wondered whether he had been fooling himself.

The real reason why he accepted Chris in the first place was because he was wimpy exactly like Yuuri. Even if it was painful to admit it, Wolfram had missed his ex-fiance a lot during these months. He tried to pretend that it was not like that, that his mind...and, more importantly, his heart...were far from the Blood Pledge castle and its residents, but he'd never been good at lying.

During the time spent in the village, Wolfram didn't talk about his life with anyone because he had wanted to pretend that he didn't have a past that was so deeply affecting him. He had resolved to lock his old life in a remote part of his mind even though his heart didn't want to listen to any reason and was missing the faces of his past from the first day.

Wolfram had longed to talk to Yuuri again: to know what he was doing, if he was making progress with his horse-riding or in his fighting skills. He had longed to see that carefree smile and those black eyes that haunted his dreams every night, even if he wouldn't remember them in the morning. And sometimes, Wolfram found himself silently hoping to see a black-haired head coming out from the forest. He had imagined himself being shocked, but at the same time staying calm as if it didn't matter.

But to actually think that Yuuri was disguised for all this time and had always been at his side...that thought alarmed him.

Wolfram realized his own selfishness in thinking about how much that discovery shocked him or how much he was affected - he had completely forgotten that Yuuri actually used Anissina's candies. It was not the time to think about his feelings.

The prince turned to Yuuri and put his hand on the boy's chest. Closing his eyes and concentrating, he could feel a weak line of power, and was a little reassured.

"Stupid wimp..." Wolfram said, trying to summon enough of his power to help Yuuri recover his own.

But as soon as Wolfram started, he felt an hand touching his own and preventing him from using his healing power.

As he opened his eyes he met Damien's hard stare.

"What do you think you're doing, Damien!" His voice and his eyes must have been really scary because Damien was a little taken aback while looking at Wolfram, but then Wolfram saw him closing his eyes and taking a breath before starting.

"I won't allow you two to continue this!" Damien said in an annoyed voice. "First he," Damien said, pointing his finger and the sleeping figure, "tried to heal you even though it might kill him, and now you, who have barely recovered from a very bad infection and almost died, want to use that small amount of power you have to help him?"

Yuuri did what? For me? Upon hearing that, Wolfram was genuinely shocked. He knew Yuuri's gentle heart and knew also that probably his king was unaware of the danger he was facing when he tried to heal him. But even considering this, a small part of Wolfram was very relieved to know that Yuuri cared that much about him.

"First of all," Wolfram replied, "I feel better. But even so...I can't help it, he is my King. It's my duty to think about him and put his life before mine," he said, without really looking in Damien's eyes.

"Liar..." Wolfram heard Damien say. "If it's only for that, then why don't you look at me when you speak?" Damien went to sit on the chair and let out an heavy sigh. "I can't believe we had the Maou and his fiance with us all this time without realizing it..." he said, looking briefly at the ceiling for a moment as if thinking before redirecting his gaze back to Wolfram. "You're Wolfram Von Bielefeld, the Maou's fiance. Now everything is clear...no wonder, I mean, your hair and eyes are not common even in the aristocracy..."

"We're not fiances anymore," Wolfram said. "I broke the engagement before leaving..."

Damien looked at him with a somewhat amused expression on his face. "So that's why he came here, he wants you back..."

Wolfram's eyes looked at him directly, his face serious. "You're wrong, he doesn't want me back..." upon seeing the unconvinced expression of his friend Wolfram continued, "at least not in the way you think."

A little laugh broke the tension in the air. "You two talk in the same way, if I wasn't so involved in this I think I would find it very amusing to look at you two, that's for sure!"

This got not only Wolfram's full attention but also caused him to feel bitter. "You don't understand anything! Don't come to me saying these things when you don't know anything about me or about what happened! Don't ever dare to judge something you can't understand!"

Shortly after he finished, Wolfram regretted his words. Even though Damien didn't appear to be hurt by what Wolfram had said, Wolfram knew that it wasn't fair to accuse Damien of not understanding - how could he understand, when Wolfram had been careful to keep everything from him for all this time? Even though they had been together for two months and Wolfram considered Damien to be his friend, he'd never told him anything.

However, if he was really hurt, Damien didn't show it, he just stood up. "If you'll ever want to explain it to me, you can Wolf. I might not be a good adviser, but you can be sure I'll give you an honest opinion because..." He paused, shifting his gaze so that they were no longer making eye contact, and then added, "...I really care about you, and I want you to be happy."

Without giving Wolfram the chance to answer, Damien left, and Wolfram remained alone reflecting on what to do now.

Yuuri would wake up and Wolfram, for starters, would scream at him for taking those pills and for not knowing the danger he had subjected himself to. Wolfram thanked Shinou for finding out everything. He could still remember Conrad's scared face when he was younger and mistook them for simple candies, his brother scared the hell out of him saying that they would drain all the power from him if used by a child or for a long period...

How could Yuuri use something so dangerous? Didn't he understand what he was doing? Given the chance, Wolfram would scream at Yuuri for coming to look for him, for putting himself in danger and disregarding that there was a full country that cherished and needed the Maou as their ruler. Then he'd get angry because Yuuri lied to him, he disguised himself and...the last month...all last month was spent together.

He couldn't even remember everything he did in this month but he was sure that every second was spent with "Chris," so basically Yuuri knew all those little things Wolfram never showed him in the past.

Wolfram understood very well that Yuuri was not comfortable at all with having a male fiance...hence, his pink nightgown, his daily fits of jealousy, his role as the damsel in distress always in need of protection and with a weak stomach...when all he'd always wanted to do was protect Yuuri, and risk his life for it if he had to. Wolfram had stupidly hoped that Yuuri would eventually grow accustomed to having him as fiance, even if it meant for Wolfram to hide the protective part of his personality.

Oh well...they were not engaged anymore in any case...so no harm was done now. But even after all these months, there was a pang in Wolfram's heart every time he thought about Yuuri, and it made him very uncomfortable.

Wolfram was sure that little by little he was forgetting Yuuri, but then after one glimpse of him all his certainties crumbled like a sand castle. That wall between his heart and Yuuri, that he'd been carefully building up in these two months, was broken at the slightest breeze.

He should've known the very moment he read Gwendal's letter, the pain in his heart knowing that Yuuri was outside somewhere, alone and maybe hurt had fogged his mind so much that his heart took over and made his body move automatically.

What would happen to him now? He couldn't go back...he wasn't ready to go back...but he knew Yuuri could be stubborn. It was true that Wolfram couldn't forget; he'd been fooled for a month, but on another part...

Shut up! I don't want to think anymore! Wolfram let out a big sigh and looked at the sleeping figure on the bed. He allowed a small smile to find its way to his lips. Wolfram's hand moved on its own accord and gently caressed that black hair he liked so much.

Just for one moment, give me just this moment of weakness Shinou, and then I'll be fine for the rest of my life...

I missed you so much...

He didn't know how long that moment was...it might have been hours...but for him it was only few minutes that ended too quickly when galloping horses interrupted the peace. Wolfram understood right away that his brothers and the troops were finally here, he had some explanation to give now and one certain person to kill...

Standing up weakly, he approached to the door and took a deep breath before opening it and leaving his small house. Outside, the sun was still high, it must have been early in the afternoon; he hadn't realized the time passing. His eyes immediately looked at the figure who was coming to him after getting off from the horse.

"Brother Gwendal..." he said with a serious look.

"Wolfram," Gwendal acknowledged with a small nod.

That was probably all they were going to say to each other. No other unnecessary words were exchanged between the two, but Wolfram could recognize from the tone in his brother's voice that he was glad to see him. After him, his eyes fell on the other person approaching, someone he'd been dreading to meet for a while. If there was one person he didn't want to explain his reason for leaving to, that was him.

"Conrad." Wolfram was going to be calm and mature, it was no use in covering himself anymore he didn't have anything to lose now.

"Wolfram, how have you been?" Conrad said his usual warm way.

Funny, coming from someone who never wrote me anything during this months... Wolfram realized that his bandaged chest was clearly visible and that it was that wound that made Conrad ask about his well being.

"It's not as bad as it seems; but right now, we have more important things to talk about."

Wolfram's eyes looked again to Gwendal. "His Majesty is here..."

He could see both his brothers let out a deep relieved breath and then look at each other. Wolfram decided to not wait for any question before he continued.

"He is sleeping at the moment. Apparently," Wolfram said, his eyes shifting to a particular individual who was still sitting on the horse and looking at him with the usual unreadable face, "he took Anissina's candies and disguised himself, he's been here for the past month."

Now both Gwendal and Conrad's faces were scared.

"No need to worry; he is recovering. I have the candies with me and he is going to be fine. His power is weak but he got back to normal and I guess that when he'll wake up he'll be perfectly fine." Wolfram saw his brothers relax after his explanation and continued, "now, if you'll excuse me."

And with that, Wolfram walked without hesitation toward the one person that he very happily wanted to kill. "You..." He said, his voice full of venom.

"Yo, it's great to see you too sir Von Bielefeld!" As usual, Murata Ken, known as the reincarnation of the Great Sage, acted as if nothing happened at all. Wolfram more than once would have wished to know what exactly was happening in that mind of his...

"Why did you let him do something so stupid?" Wolfram asked in a vexed tone. He respected the Great Sage, it was something subtle that not everyone could see but he knew perfectly that there was way more under that appearance of a normal human boy. That was why he unconsciously trusted the Great Sage, but maybe Wolfram would have had to reconsider his opinion.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Sir Von Bielefeld," Murata said with an innocent smile.

He had hoped to get Murata to show a little bit of surprise, how could this person keep the facade up for so long? "Don't lie; Yuuri told me you gave him those candies. Did you know they were dangerous?"

The expression on Murata's face changed completely. "No, I didn't know. If I knew I would have found another way..." There was an hint of surprise and regret in those words.

Wolfram felt a little bad suddenly, looking at Murata's pained expression. Although the Sage was hard to read, Wolfram was sure that Murata cared a lot for Yuuri and would not have purposely put him in any danger.

"But this doesn't change the fact that he wanted to get to you at any cost," Murata finished, not knowing what power those simple words said in that determined tone held. Or maybe he knew perfectly...

Wolfram looked at him, surprised. But he wouldn't be fooled again, he was going to damn himself before giving into his weakness of blindly believing what his heart wanted to see. "Despite everything, Yuuri is a wimp, and I can easily understand his reasons. He didn't want to lose a friend and decided to come to talk to me, hoping to solve everything."

Just why did Wolfram feel so sad about saying the truth? "What I can't understand though," he added, glaring at the Great Sage, "is how you could allow him to risk his life over something so stupid?"

The boy smiled, his glasses shining. "Both you and he are very stubborn and," he paused, as if trying to chose his words carefully, "somehow I knew that if I didn't help him he would have done it by himself, and it might have been a problem."

While talking, Murata leaned against a tree and crossed his arms on his chest, keeping his smile. "At least I knew where to direct him and I was sure you would take care of him, even if he was in another form." The last words were spoken in a soft tone.

Wolfram didn't know how to answer back, there was something that told him he would never win one match against this person.

"I didn't know Anissina's candies were dangerous and that was my mistake, I was too careless and I'm thankful nothing bad happened," Murata added, his eyes looking at the ground and the tone of his voice darkening.

"But there is another thing you must be aware of sir Von Bielefeld." Murata's eyes were able to stop him on the spot, even through those glasses. "You swore your life to your King; you have a duty to stay by his side no matter what you want. You are a soldier and your priority is to look after your King. I let all of this happen to make you understand how much your careless behaviour put everyone in danger."

Regret was filling Wolfram's heart; he knew, of course, that he was being selfish - he couldn't act upon his will, he had duties toward his king and was a soldier before being a man.

" I know..." Wolfram could no longer bear Murata's cold hard stare. "I know very well..."

"You can run away from yourself as much as you want, but I'll tell you something. Shibuya can be stubborn like you, he might not know what is in his heart and might not love you in the way you want to be loved, but he would never abandon someone who stayed near him from the beginning." There was a tenderness barely recognizable in the way he spoke. "He is not going to give up on you...and you have your duties. Make up your mind soon."

Wolfram saw the Great Sage turning his back at him and as he watched the figure walking away those words kept replaying in his mind. He knew he made a mistake in leaving; he had acted upon his own feelings, something that a soldier can't allow himself to do. He had ignored his duties and his loyalty to the King, he just disappeared without saying anything; he had acted like the selfish brat Yuuri always said he was.

A wave of weakness overcame him and he sat down, allowing his eyes to close and bringing his hands on his face, his elbows resting on the knees.

What am I going to do now? Will I be able to confront him?

Mustering up all his courage, Wolfram resolved to take the matter in his hands instead of running away. Weakly, he stood up. Wolfram could still see the retreating back of the Great Sage and tried to catch up with him in order to show him and everyone else that he was not going to be a brat who refuses to directly face his problems.

The Great Sage slowed his speed with an almost satisfied expression on his face, and stopped few meters away from the horses of the troops. Wolfram found a pair of glasses looking directly at him with the same smile. Then, he didn't know what exactly happened, but suddenly Wolfram saw that face coming too near.

"If you want any help, may I suggest you focus your attention on someone else?" The words were whispered from Murata Ken's lips which were now a few millimeters from his ear. Wolfram found himself frozen on the spot while the Great Sage gently caressed his cheek.

As quickly as it started, it ended and the Great Sage's face was again at a normal distance, smiling innocently. "Sorry, you had some dirt on your face..." he casually said before walking away adding "Good luck...Wolfram"

Was Wolfram hallucinating, or the Great Sage called him by his first name? He had never called him that before.

It took few moments for him to regain his composure. His eyes absently scanned around the area, but then widened. Wolfram's heart was beating fast as he watched a figure slowly approaching.

It seemed as if time stopped, one look in those black eyes, and Wolfram knew that everything was about to change.



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