Title: Fresh Meat

Summary: "A Wolf always notices fresh meat."

Word Count: 310

A/N: So when I use the word "drabble," I'm using it in the loose sense of the term, which is any piece under 1,000 words. Just so y'all know….


That's all he can think of when he notices a short young woman he's never seen before at the counter, chatting and laughing with Shiori.

It's weird because…well, he's not quite sure why it's weird, but it feels that way, and he watches the young woman covertly, out of the corner of his eye, curiosity piqued. He's been a regular at this luncheonette for a year or so now, and he was the last new face to pop in here, so it's sort of an event that there's someone new today.

She's very young, he notices. He discreetly checks her clothing, and is genuinely surprised to find her in a navy blue pantsuit instead of a high school uniform. She looks sixteen at most, despite the light touch of make up and severe hairstyle. A secretary on her lunch break?

…Damn she's young, though.

She leaves after paying for the meal she ate while she spoke with Shiori, saying good-bye and mentioning she'd definitely be back tomorrow, and that's when Shiori finally notices him:

"Ah, Saitou-san! I'm sorry I made you wait."

"I don't mind," he replies, and it isn't a lie like it usually is. He purses his lips and leans against the counter, still watching the doorway. "New customer?" he asks conversationally, looking back over at her.

"Uh-huh," Shiori says. "Just started working today."

"She just graduate from high school today too?" he can't keep from asking, voice sardonic, and Shiori rolls her eyes.

"She's not that young," she chides.

"She looks like she skipped school today to dress up in her mother's clothes."

"Since when do you notice women?" Shiori asks suspiciously, one eyebrow raised.

Oops. Busted….

"Fresh meat, Shiori-san," he easily replies, after a moment's panic, smirking faintly in that vaguely snarky way he knows the older woman dislikes. "A Wolf always notices fresh meat."