Come a little closer my pretentious whore, I'm living with a feeling that I can't ignore

"You know you want me Kyouya." Tamaki smirked while slowly unbuttoning his shirt.

"Tamaki I suggest you stop this instant and leave." Kyouya turned so that the light caught in his glasses.

Tamaki was not intimidated; instead he pulled his shirt off his shoulders and fell to his knees fluidly.

"Why Kyouya? Don't you like me like this?"

Something inside Kyouya snapped. With a feral growl he pushed away from the wall and stalked over the kneeling boy. Suddenly one hand struck out and snatched a handful of blonde hair and jerked his head back. Wide purple eyes gazed up at him—a mixture of fear and desire darkening them.

"Is this what you wanted, you Majesty? Do you want me to fuck you? Right here, right now?"

Tamaki tried to nod fervently, but forgot about the hand in his hair. He whimpered as the motion caused Kyouya to viciously pull his hair.

Kyouya grinned evilly before pushing the other boy away. Tamaki toppled over onto his back—he barely had a chance to gasp before Kyouya was a top him. With one hand he cruelly pinched one of Tamaki's rosy nipples as the other tore at his own shirt. Tamaki raised his hands to help but found the slammed to the ground and pinned by Kyouya's.

"Do not touch me without permission." He growled, pressing his weight harder on the boy. Tamaki struggled to breathe as he nodded in ascent.

Kyouya let go of his hands—daring him to move, and rose to remove his shirt and pants. He pulled Tamaki's off just as quickly before leaning back on him. In this position their bodies were aligned from thigh to chest and Tamaki arched into the sensation of smooth skin against smooth skin.

"Tell my pretentious whore, are you carrying lubricant?" Kyouya purse, placing a long lick up his neck.

Tamaki shivered as he nodded again. Kyouya reached down to the discarded slacks and found the tube quickly. As he resituated himself Tamaki bucked hard against him. This caused the darker boy to freeze and clamp his thighs around his shuddering hips.

"You will be good and do as I say or I will leave you."

Tamaki went completely still at his words and Kyouya took the opportunity to uncap the tube in his hands. He squirted the gel liberally on his hand before reaching down to stroke his lover. The blonde trembled with effort as he held his hips still. Slowly Kyouya trailed his hands from his erection down to his opening. Tamaki failed this time and groaned as he moved against the probing digit. Kyouya found that he didn't mind the movement and continued his ministrations. Soon he had buried three fingers into Tamaki and the boy was still calling out for more. Kyouya squeezed out more lube and slicked it over his cock quickly. Both his hands reached out for Tamaki's hips as he canted them upwards and guided himself inside.

Kyouya forced himself to still once he was pressed all the way in, but Tamaki was thrashing too forcefully. It was easy to find a rhythm between them—as Kyouya pressed forward Tamaki surged back. The two could only last at such a pace and the second Kyouya wrapped a hand around his lover—Tamaki was coming. Tamaki's shuddering sent Kyouya over the edge. With a groan he fell over a top his lover trapping him beneath him.

Then with a sigh he stood and located his glasses. Methodically he began to pull his clothing back on. Once sure he looked normal he walked to the door and without a backward glance he left the room.

Tamaki looked around the mess in the music room and knew he had serious cleaning to do before the club started. With a smirk he began to dress—his mind coming up with all the ways he can get Kyouya to snap again.