He watched her fall.

She was flung, screaming in pain, against the wall. Then… she slumped to the ground in a heap.

Her beautiful golden brown eyes were squeezed shut in pain. Those long arms, so good at holding him so tightly he couldn't move, hung limply at her sides. Her strong legs that always managed to get her up to him, no matter how high up he flew, couldn't hold her own little weight; and lay crumpled under her.

He realized that his own golden eyes were bright with barely suppressed tears. His hands were shaking in fists and he longed to attack the one who had hurt her. His legs were shaking with the desire to run to her. His long ears, ears that he had always prized for giving him such excellent hearing, he now cursed. It was with these ears that he could hear her ragged breathing, and hear her muffled sobs of pain.

He watched as she got to her feet. Watched as she gave spirit to their pink and trembling leader in a quailing voice that he winced to hear. It was so full of pain and sadness. That voice had, mere hours before, been filled with joy and happiness.

He doubled over, suddenly in terrible pain. Kisshu tried to attend to him… but any idiot could see that his eyes, and his heart, were fixed firmly on the fear filled young girl in eye-shocking pink that had cause them such trouble.

The youngest alien tried to find out what was wrong with him. It… didn't hurt in the normal way. The way it hurt when he was injured in battle. It hurt like… when he thought of all his family and friends, dying on the terrible planet he had come from. It hurt like how it had hurt when he thought they had killed Kisshu. It hurt… like when he thought Pudding had died underground with him.

He placed a trembling hand over his chest. The left side, where he knew his heart was. It… hurt so badly there. Why? Why did it hurt? He should be overjoyed! Leaping and laughing with glee! He had dreamed of this moment for so long while battling those pesky girls! But lately… his dreams had not been full of finally vanquishing the Mew's and bring Deep Blue into the world once more.

… they had been filled with a smiling face.

"Me and Taru-Taru, we're friends!"

"I'm not scared. My friend is right beside me."

"Then we'll become fossils together."

"Listen. You don't have to act like a bad guy here."

"Taru-Taru! You saved me!"

"You're friend, friend, friend, friend!"

Her face.

Without even realizing that he was doing so, he began to run. He ran away from everything he had ever known and trusted. Ran away from his family and friends here. And he ran…

Towards her


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