Disclaimer: I own none of these characters. This was just written in response to a challenge put forth by a friend of mine. She said I couldn't write a story under 500 words, and she said I couldn't spit it out in an hour or less.

So here it is! About 200 words, and written as a covert operation over my lunch hour! Please bear in mind, she never stipulated it had to be good.

Something Special

There was just nothing special about Lois Lane. At least, that's what she'd tell you if you asked her – after looking at you like you were crazy for even asking. She wasn't driven like her cousin Chloe, selfless like Mrs. Kent, or naturally talented like her sister, Lucy. She'd never enthralled people the way Lana seemed to be able to do without effort, and she certainly wasn't under the impression that she could save the world, like Clark seemed to think he could do.

She was just Lois – no more, no less. Some people called her brave, but she knew they were wrong. She wasn't brave; she was just too stubborn to back down and too proud to admit to the weakness of fear. When she died one day, she doubted the world would mark her passing or notice her loss. She accepted herself for what she was (and what she wasn't). Hell, she even embraced it. When you were something remarkable, people expected things of you. It was far too easy to let others down.

No, she knew there was nothing amazing about her. But still, though she'd never admit it to anybody, she wanted one day to find someone someday who'd see her as something more. She hoped to find someone who'd look at her and see something special.