By: Drakelah Whip

Rating: R (For violence, sexual content, and language)

Pairings: (Charlie/Amita) (Larry/Megan)

Summary: A cross country serial killer has the attention of the FBI, but when a botched kidnapping takes Amita away, the team begins to wonder if something larger is at work.

(This story takes place in the future; Larry is back from space, in what would probably be the fourth or fifth season)

The snow was gently falling on Detroit as Nicholas Davidson walked to his car. Piles of snow on the sidewalk had turned dirty and brown and were mixed with gravel, a feature common to urban areas.

He nodded at the parking garage attendant, the same as he did every night, and then began to climb the staircase to the third floor.

Shivering, he forced his hands into his pocket and tucked his chin into his coat. The stairwell was the only place exposed to the elements. He couldn't help but curse his decision to take the late shift.

His fingers felt the ice-cold keys in the bottom his pocket, pulling them free before he opened the door to the third floor. Somewhere in the back of his mind, that lecture his parents had given him was always repeating.

"It doesn't matter who you are, don't linger alone in parking lots or garages."

The quick steps he made on the ground barely echoed. A rapid scan of the area showed him only two or three other cars on the other end of the floor. The plastic handle on his car key fit neatly into the space between his thumb and first finger.

Just as he went to insert the key into the lock, something cracked hard on the back of his skull. Nicholas fell forward on the driver's side window. He could see little spots of red on the top of the car, and these little rivers of blood running down the sides.

There was pain, but his body wasn't registering it fully, the shock was mercifully sparing him a good majority of agony.

His attacker wasn't so kind however. Nick couldn't turn his body to get a look at the person before the second blow came. Unfortunately, the assault was the last thing he'd ever know.