Dr. Matthews pager went off and she looked down at the number. Her feet pounded the linoleum floors all the way to the elevator. Dr. Wolfe was already waiting inside.

"When did you get the call?"

"About fifteen minutes ago, but I was busy until just about ten seconds ago."

She grinned at her friend, "Excited?"

"Yeah, I guess so. This is a little more usual to me."

"I know."

"So when do you go home?"

"As soon as this is over,"

"You hung around just for this?"

"Yeah, didn't you?"

"Well, this is what I was sent for. I thought maybe you had family out here or something."

"No, I'm just thrilled by the concept."

Stepping off the elevator together, they took off at a brisk pace for the room that Dr. Wolfe indicated. A nurse who was leaving held the door open for them. Both of them nodded at her, while they stepped past the frame.

Inside, they greeted the waiting pair, "Dr. Eppes, Dr. Ramanujan."

Amita looked over at them, "Actually, it's Dr. Eppes and Dr. Eppes now. My degree still says Dr. Ramanujan, but – " She was cut off by the shock of pain.

Charlie was instantly at her side. Dr. Wolfe had to smirk at his behavior, "It always follows that the most logical of people suddenly get the most emotional at moments like these."

He gave her a look of confusion, "She's having a baby!"

"I know, I've delivered over 2,000 of them."

A part of the high strung young man was relaxed at this statement.

Dr. Matthews put her hand on his shoulder, "After everything you've gone through, we won't let you lose this baby."

"There aren't any complications that I can see. How far apart are the contractions?"

"A minute, less." Groaned Amita.

Checking her dilation, the OBGYN nodded at the couple, I would say that it'll only be another minute or so."

"To what?" Asked a semi-bewildered Charlie.

"She'll have to start pushing."


Despite her situation, Amita still had the energy to be amused at her husband's lack of knowledge on a more commonly known subject than P vs. NP.

He relied on what the nurses had told him were the most appropriate things to do. For the next few minutes, he fed Amita ice chips and let her squeeze his hand to the point of nearly breaking.

At one point, someone asked him if he knew what gender the baby was, and he half-responded that he didn't want to know, that he and Amita wanted a surprise. More or less, they didn't care, they just wanted this baby.

Once Dr. Wolfe and Dr. Matthews returned, a nurse took Charlie to get washed up in preparation while they observed Amita.

He was returned quickly, as the nurse was paged, and, nearly in a stupor of wonderment, confusion, and the abilities of what a mathematically programmed mind could comprehend, he went to his wife's side.

Trying his best to comfort Amita, he concentrated all his energy on her. A few times, he contemplated the statistical probability of her actually crushing his hand.

After a few minutes of this, Dr. Wolfe laid a crying infant on Amita's chest. The former Dr. Ramanujan was in tears herself. She hugged the newborn to her.

"It's a boy!"

Charlie was staring in amazement at this new person, when Dr. Matthews got his attention, "You wanna cut the cord, dad?"

She handed him the scissors and he took a glance at Amita before he used them. Lifting her eyes from their son to him, she gave him the same first smile she'd given him when they first met. A smile of contentment and love. Not looking away, he cut the cord perfectly and went back to her.

One of the assistant nurses scooped up the baby and took him to be cleaned and for them to get the traditional measurements.

Leaning down, he engaged Amita in a long and tender kiss.


Don and Alan stood up as Larry helped Megan into the waiting room. Megan was still using a wheelchair, but her progress was more than promising.

"Have you heard anything yet?" Asked Megan.

"Not yet."

"How long have you been here?"

"Only about an hour. Charlie didn't have us come in until everything was close to being over."

"You excited?"

Both men grinned, "Yeah, my first grandchild." Remarked Alan.

Don shook his head, "I just can't believe Charlie and Amita are having a kid."

"Excuse me?" A nurse came through the doors, "You're the family?"

They all nodded, even Larry, who assumed Charlie to be a bit of his own brother in some aspects.

She motioned for them to follow her, "Please come with me."

"Is everything okay?"

"Oh yes! The baby's here."

Amita had been moved into a recovery room. When the family and friends, entered, they saw her sitting up in bed, smiling widely and gazing over at Charlie.

Charlie had his back to them, but turned when he heard his brother's voice. In his arms, wrapped in a blue and white blanket was his and Amita's son.

"Do I have a niece or a nephew?" Asked Don.

"Nephew," Replied Charlie, "We had a boy."

They all crowded around, congratulating, laughing, each holding the infant in their own turn. The child was quiet, like his parents, and seemed to continue in his likeness of them by observing each new person with curiousity.

"You know," Larry pointed his finger at the child in his uncle's arms, "A good amount of research has suggested that the intellectual capabilities of a child are often determined by the capabilities of the parents. With Charlie's unique prodigy capabilities, and Amita's more traditional, but extremely exceptional, mental development, this could be an extraordinary little boy."

"Well, genius or not, I think he's got two wonderful, loving parents." Stated Alan, throwing his arm around the shoulders of his younger son.

Charlie grinned and looked over at Amita.

Don nodded, rocking the baby gently, "After all that, no doubts here."

Sitting down on the bed next to his wife, Charlie and Amita watched their friends and relatives coo over the child. Larry was perhaps the most interesting one to watch. He didn't have the child in his arms for more than two minutes before he began an analysis of the child's features,

Surprisingly, everyone listened intently, "Now, if you look at his nose, the lines will tell you that this is from Amita, however, the eyes, the curvature around the corners, suggests more of Charlie's influence…"

Alan listened amused, he liked Larry as a person, especially how the man could see anything from angles and lines when he had a perfectly good baby to look at.

Megan finally asked the question everyone realized that they had forgotten to ask the moment it left her mouth, "What's the little guy's name?"

Charlie squeezed Amita's hand and looked at her. She smiled back, "We're going to call him Atal. It's an Indian name."

"Does it have any meanings?"

There was a nod and the look on her face became one of great conviction, "It means stable, unavoidable."

The gravity of the name was felt around the room, but it was appropriate.

"What's his full name?"

"Atal Donald Eppes." Recited Charlie and the two brothers locked eyes for a minute, "You were right Don. If it hadn't been for you and the team, we wouldn't have gotten out of there. Amita and I thought that he should have your name for his middle name."

The family moment was interrupted by the entrance of Drs. Matthews and Wolfe, "How's everyone?"

A chorus of joyful responses greeted them, "Well, Dr. Wolfe and I are heading back home. Since the little guy here is perfectly healthy, we're gonna hand over the care to one of the doctors here."

Megan turned to her, "Can I have your address? I want to send you something for all the work you've done for me."

"Don't worry about it; I did this all as a favor."

"A favor?"

"Yes. Word got around in the offices, and among prodigies, I might add, that the case had fallen on the doorstep of Agent Eppes, and Dr. Charlie Eppes; a pair yet to be defeated. Once I learned that the former Dr. Ramanujan here was pregnant, I grabbed Dr. Wolfe and we flew out here."

"But why did you owe us anything?"

"Anderson killed my sister."


She nodded, "My name is actually Dr. Lassen."

They all remembered that Anderson's boss in New York was Agent Lassen, "Huh." Remarked Don, tilting his head slightly, "So, your older brother is an agent, and you're a medical prodigy."

She gave him a satisfied grin, "Just tell me that I couldn't feel some kind of connection."

Larry gestured toward her, "We're sorry about your sister."

Her eyes went to the ground, "I know. My brother is taking the whole thing really hard. He blames himself, you know?"

Don nodded.

Raising her eyebrows, she continued, "A team like the one you have, seemed to me to be one likely to succeed. I couldn't help with the case obviously, but I figured that any medical care I could offer would be of help."

Dr. Lassen stepped back and Dr. Wolfe went with her, "If you're ever in New York."

They all nodded and said their goodbyes.

Once the pair of doctors had gone, a nurse that had observed the encounter brought over a couple of forms for Charlie and Amita to sign.

"Those two are very modest."


"The other doctors said that Agent Reeves would never have walked again if she hadn't worked with the surgeons."

Megan looked surprised, "Really?"

"There was a lot that we didn't tell you, we wanted you to keep a good attitude about it. Haven't any of you ever heard of Dr. Wolfe?"

"No, not really."

"She's been developing a ton of methods to prevent miscarriages. One of the ones she brought with her saved the baby."

When the nurse exited the room, she left everyone in shock. Neither Don nor Charlie held much to luck for an explanation of things.

Alan took his grandson in his arms and looked at them all, "You know, a lot of people went through an awful lot for this little guy here."

Charlie kissed Amita, "I think he was definitely worth it."

With her husband at her side, her new son with his grandfather, and a support system of people that one could only dream of, Amita nodded in agreement.

"His life was unavoidable."