A/N My cell group each wrote a paragraph of this and I put it all together and put it into verses. Its an outpouring of our gratitude and not supposed to be poetically correct concerning devices used etc.

Cell Psalm


Thank you for the earth you created

And all you put in it,

From the smallest insect

To the largest mountain.

Thank you that you care for

Each and every one of us

And that you made every one of us

With different characteristics,

That make us all individual.

Thank you for the light

That lights the path

When all we see is pure darkness.

The days go past

And we see a new facet of you

And thank you that something

As small as a seed

Can grow and grow

And become a beautiful tree that everyone sees.

Thank you Lord for the awesome beauty of your creation,

from the vastness of the universe

to the smallest intricate detail.

Lord, you created this whole earth,

You created the tastes and the smells

And the sights and the sounds,

The taste of coffee in the morning,

Or water on a hot day.

The smell of rain and fresh earth,

The beautiful views of rolling moorland,

Craggy mountains or beautiful ice cool lakes.

And for the spectrum of colours,

The different shades of green and blue.

For the sunrise in the morning.

The sounds of the wind in a tree,

Or the rain on the ground.

Thank you that you gave us the ability to feel,

A refreshing breeze or the softness of a cuddly toy.

Thank you Lord that you are so good to us,

That you gave us all these things.

Thank you that

In the midst of all this

You favour man

And that you know and love me.

You deserve more from me

Than I can ever give.

Thank you God for helping me

When I needed it the most.

And thank you

That you never leave me when times are rough.

You are the way;

The truth

And the life

And are the creator of all things

Now and forever more.

All honour and glory be to you, oh God.