-1Summary: (One Shot) Sam's got a fever and a very suspicious vision.

Fevers & Visions

Sam's eyes flew open and he swallowed as best he could his throat thick with sickness his mouth dry and cottony as he raised his pounding head from the pillow positive it was pounding from his fever and not from the vision that had just passed before his eyes interrupting his not so decent slumber.

"Have to go…" He mumbled throwing the covers off of his sweat drenched body and forcing his aching limbs up off of the bed. The world spun faster and faster the more up right he stood, Everything around him a flash of colors and blurred objects.

"Have to go now…" He ran a hand through is soaking wet hair and took a step forward growing angry when his balance was more then a little off sending him plummeting into the nights stand face first. The small table lamp there teetered back and forth a few times before toppling over with a loud thud but thankfully not breaking.

"Shhhh." Sam glared with foggy vision in the direction of the inanimate object and clenched his jaw as best he could, "quiet."

Dean stirred at the sounds of commotion surrounding him and opened his eyes slowly groggy with sleep. "Sam…. You alright man?" His words were slow and tired as he blinked against the darkness finding his brother not in bed next to him, but rather his brother's wobbly form smacking into the small wooden table near the entrance to the hotel room.

The tall lengthy man put his hands out to steady himself and Dean swore he heard him whisper 'Oh excuse me….'

The older brothers brow rose in suspicion as he propped himself up on his elbows watching Sam for another minute. "You alright man… You drunk or something?"

Sam was only now aware that he was being spoken to still trying to steady himself with the tables help he nodded and swallowed softly, his body was heavy and his head weighed at least seventy-five pounds, but they needed to go… He knew what he saw, what his visions had told him, and he needed to keep his body moving, needed to shake it off.

"We-We have to go…. We have to go now Dean…"

Sam's voice sounded like he had a mouth full of cotton covered marbles and he was swaying ever so slightly even though he was standing still.

Dean frowned and rose from his bed, his older brother spider sense kicking in, something… something was definitely wrong here.

"What are you talking about man it's…" Dean glanced over at the clock on the dresser.." It's four twenty-three in the morning."

"No…No have to go now…."

As he stepped closer, Dean took immediate notice of the buckets of sweat pouring from his bothers body Sam wearing both a sweat shirt and sweat pants, yet he was still trembling. Reaching around the younger yet taller man, Dean turned on the light and was immediately reprimanded by a hiss from his brothers throat.

Sam squinted another wave of dizziness and nausea hitting him like a tornado right in his stomach. He growled and forced himself up spinning on his heels so that he was face to face with Dean.

Spinning to fast on his heels that is, his knees immediately giving out he began to fall blinking rapidly trying to catch himself everything was still spinning faster and faster, and he wanted the hell off this ride, he didn't have time for this right now, they needed to go…

Dean's frown deepened and on instinct he reached out with a strong tight grasp holding his brother up right before he could fall… "Sammy…" He whispered assessing Sam's state, He was trembling more then a seizure victim, his flesh was white as the snow on the hills outside of their hotel room, and hotter then the fire inside of if. He was soaked, drenched in his own sweat, there were dark black circles under his eyes and his cheeks were rosy there was no denying it. "Your sick…"

"Maybe." Sam grunted trying to shrug Dean's grip off and immediately regretting it when he realized that was the only thing holding him up. He stumbled back against the hard and not so welcoming wood of the table.

But he didn't let it deter him from what he was saying, He brought his blood shot and swollen eyes up to meet his brothers, "We have to go…. Now Dean…."

Dean had known the previous night that his brother was feeling ill, and now was cursing himself for not watching him more carefully, not taking care of him the way he should have, because the sight before him was quite pathetic.

He shook his head defiantly and stepped forward taking hold of his little brother once more with one hand and placing his palm against his forehead with the other. He jerked a little at the hotness against his flesh. "No way dude, you're burning up,…. There is no way, you need to get your ass back in bed."

"Dean listen to me…" Sam struggled fatigue creeping up on him more and more with each passing second as his eyelids began to feel heavier and heavier and he visibly had to jerk himself back to full consciousness.

"I'll listen to you once you get your scrawny persquiter back in that damn bed,"

"No!" Sam shook his head and his nostrils flared in defiance as he locked his jaw giving his brother a weak stare down.

"That's not going to work this time little brother." Dean was only mildly surprised when he pulled his brother away from the safety of the table and was met with little resistance, the sick man wavering and nearly collapsing right into his arm's.

"Woah, Woah, Easy there superman." Dean gripped his brother's waist and drapped Sam's arm around his shoulder with his free hand, "You can't even stand up… And you think I'm letting you out of this hotel room?"

His brothers body was warm, comforting and soothing,…as they made there way back toward the bed Sam felt himself once more tempted with the welcoming thought of sleep, his limbs so heavy he couldn't carry them anymore, so sore, Sleep would help him…

Dean grunted heavily feeling more of his Sam's weight against his body and he sighed deeply the younger man's head lulling against his shoulder… "Your so paying me back for this one little brother… Your not as skinny as you look."

"Hmmm?" Sam could barely hear his brother's voice now as they stopped in front of his bed his brows rose a little but he didn't open his eyes.

"Nothing." Dean slowly lowered him to the bed and situated him there putting his feet up and pulling the blanket around him. Sighing tiredly he made his way around the bed and over to the duffle bags in the corner searching for the first aide kit…

Opening the small white box he fished out a packet of Tylenol and scoffed at it, one small packet was not going to do much good, but it was all they had for the time being…

He took out the small electronic thermometer that Sam had insisted they buy so that when Dean was sick he could sneak it into his ear and monitor him without him ever knowing…. Even though now Dean knew about it because well... Sam told him.

He tilted his brother's head slightly, Sam gave a small disapproving whine, "Shh Sammy it's okay, it's just me," He stuck the small metal tip into his ear and waited the three seconds or so for the beep before pulling it out, his eyes growing wide with worry.

"103.2?" he whispered to himself and then placed his cool hand once more against the fevered mans forehead… "You that's about right…"

He sighed and made his way into the bathroom retrieving a wash rag from the small cabinet above the sink and wetting it, he was so damn tired, but there was no way he was going to be getting any sleep tonight. He took one of the small paper cups from beside the sink and began filling it with water…

"NO!" Sam's eyes flew open the same horrid and frightening vision from before dancing over his eye lids and forcing him back to consciousness. He shivered from head to toe…They had to go they had to go now, an evil was coming, an evil far worse then anything they had ever faced and they needed to stop it… He began to untangle himself from the blankets fighting off both fever and fear.

"Damn-it." Dean cursed and nearly dropped the water cup hearing the sounds of his brothers once again awake form on the other side of the wall. He jogged to his side and shook his head at the sight of the younger man weakly attempting to extract himself from the bed.

Sliding down next to him, he placed a heavy hand on his chest. "Sammy No." Even though he used his brothers nickname his voice was stern.

"DEAN!" Sam tried to sound forceful but instead caused himself to be thrown into a fit of coughing.

Dean growled inwardly at this and forced his brothers body forward a little pounding on his back to ease the coughing fit. "Stubborn bastard."

"We- Have- Go-" His plea was interrupted throughout with cough after cough….

Waiting until the fit had seized Dean decided to humor his brother and sighed looking at him as he helped him lean back against the headboard. "Where exactly do we need to go Sammy?"

Sam fought to keep his brother in focus as the pounding behind his eyes grew worse by the second and he knew that another one was coming on, this was the second no no third in the last hour alone.

He brought his hands up to his head and gripped it trying to force the pain out, an action that never worked….

He bowed his head forward slumping in toward his brother, his limbs ridged. "Vision." He managed to breathe out,

But Dean was already full aware as he drew his lip into his mouth and reached forward placing a comforting hold on his brothers body… "This is so not the best time for this…" He whispered to himself aware that his brother was no longer in this world and could not hear a word he was saying.

Fangs…. Fangs longer and sharper than anything he had ever seen before... Sam could feel his heart pounding in his chest as he looked over his shoulder running as fast as his feet could carry him Dean keeping pace directly at his side.

They were being chased, chased through the streets of a small town a beast no less then eight feet tall, a ferocious and blood sucking beast was gaining on them more and more by the second. He had fur, so much fur and his eyes were red and beady like something out of a Steven king novel. Foam spurting from the corners of it's mouth…

Dean goes down first, in a matter of minutes, hes tumbled to the ground by this hideous creature… Then there is only Sam, Sam and monster face to face and just as he pounces toward him, only centimeters to go….

The vision ends and Sam is slammed back to the here and now, his brother studying his even more tired looking form with worried eyes, as he wiped some of the sweat from his brow with the wet cloth as he began to come around.

"What did you see?"

"We have to go…" Sam repeated as he pushed weakly at the cloth on his forehead and gave his brother the best puppy dog look he could muster, "Now Dean."

"What did you see?" Dean prodded lightly….

"It's coming…. For us…." Sam's so tired now, so tired his eyes wouldn't stay open his body was wasted and spent from sickness and that horrifying vision. His head lulled back against the headboard.

Dean drew his lip into his mouth his brother was weak and sick, and he hated doing this but he needed to know what Sam saw… He needed to know what they would be fighting next, what creature had found it's way from the depths of hell this time…. Especially since Sam's vision's were directly connected to the Demon….

He shook his brother awake carefully. "Sammy I'm sorry, You have to wake up…. I need to know what you saw."

Sam grunted and opened his eyes making out his brothers face through his hazey vision. He blinked repeatedly his lips dry no matter how many times he ran his tongue over them… "Go…" he mumbled as Dean pressed the small cup of water to his lips.

"Where we goin'?"

"Away…." Sam shuttered as he sipped the cold water nearly gagging on it. "Coming now…"

"Full sentences would be a welcoming addition to this conversation here Sammy, come on man, I know your tired…"

"Evil." Sam cleared his throat and bit back the pain of irritation that burned his neck… "Evil is coming, we have to go now…." His eyes closed again and Dean watched as his body jumped a moment later his eyes shooting open his face masked in fear.

He had seen it again carved into his eye lids, that beady eyed fanged bastard.

"Easy…" Dean sighed, he was becoming increasingly aware that in his brothers current state he was not going to get the answers he was looking for. "Just relax and I'll get things ready…. Okay? Can you tell me where were going?"


Dean's frown grew more intense causing the corners of his mouth to crease. "Why?"

"Gonna get us…" Sam's head shifted to the side as Dean was suddenly split into two Deans right before his very eyes, his face more then a little confused. "Needa sit down…." his upper half swayed lightly.

"You are sitting down man, just try to relax alright, it's the fever….Close your eyes and I'll get the bags ready."

His worry was over taking him now as Dean rubbed his brothers shoulder soothingly, he couldn't remember Sam ever being this sick, and his instincts told him he needed a hospital not a hunt in his current condition… But Sam's visions were not to be ignored, there was an innocent somewhere, about to face something that they needed protection from. Protection that only the Winchester brothers could provide.

Sam obliged to his brother's request feeling the blankets pulled tighter around him, a welcomed gesture as another chill ran through his body.

Fur. Fangs. Fear.

He threw the blankets off of himself and nearly rolled off of the soft warm bed before feeling a strong set of arms stopping him with a gentle yet firm hold.

"Where you goin?" Dean's words were a whisper as he attempted not to agitate his brother any further.

"Leaving…" Sam breathed out heavily as his body went lax against his brother's chest and he pushed weakly on him, trying to clear a path, they had to get out, had to leave, needed to run.

Dean pressed a hand to Sam's forehead and swore it was warmer then it had been no more then half an hour ago. He breathed out a heavy sigh and lifted his brothers body back on to the bed…

"Dean…. Coming…. Leave…"

"What's coming Sammy?" Dean's voice was calm and soothing as he attempted once more to coax the answer from his brothers lips wiping his forehead once more with a cool cloth trying to reduce or at least control the fever.

"Fanged bastard."

Dean smirked a little at the banter. "What kind of fanged bastard? Vampire?"

Sam shook his head, "Not listening Dean… Leave now!"

"Alright." Dean shook his head and frowned, "We're going…" He rose to his feet the bags already in the car Dean having put them there, a few minutes prior to his brother trying to escape the bed.

Carefully, he pulled his brother's form from the bed and braced him as best he could Sam's legs threatening to give out almost immediately.

"A little help here?" Dean's voice was strained under the pressure of Sam's body weight, but his pleas were useless…

"WE. HAVE. .TO. GO…"

"We ARE going." Dean grunted as the two of them made there way slowly to the impala, he knew he should coat him up, he knew it was cold and snowing outside, but there was no way he could manage without the cooperation and coordination his brother was currently lacking.

As soon as they reached the car Sam's teeth now chattering body trembling with bitter cold in his barely conscious state, Dean lowered him into the passengers seat and ran around to the other side climbing in, silently cursing these damn visions that his brother happened to be graced with. He was sick, he needed rest, Dean needed to take care of him, not drag him out in the middle of the night to face some damn demon that Dean didn't even know where to find yet…. Hell he didn't even know what he was searching for.

He flipped the heater on full blast and made sure the windows were rolled up, before reaching under his brothers seat and fishing out the Thomas guide. "Sammy?"

"Hmmmm?" Came a half conscious reply.

"Where we going…?"

"Running…" Sam mumbled before shifting in the seat and letting his eyes droop closed.

"Where we running to?" Dean asked reaching into the back seat and getting his jacket, tempted only for a second to slide it on himself, but instead reaching over and draping it over his brother's body.

"Dunno… Tired."

"I know man." Dean revved the engine hoping that the motion would be loud enough to rouse his brother to some sort of awareness.


"What are we running from?" He tried.

Sam's face grew fearful, and his red eyes opened wide even in his fevered state…


If the single word hadn't been clear as day, if he hadn't heard it so well… Dean would have sworn he heard it wrong….

"Bunnies…" He repeated questioningly.

"Big… Fanged furry… foaming mouth bunnies….." He began to slip back into slumber and Dean's face contorted in confusion.

"What the hell?" He drew his lip into his mouth. "Sam…."


"Who are these bunnies coming for?"

"Us….Chasing us…. Gonna get us…."

"Sam." Dean sighed cursing under his breath.


"What color are these bunnies that are chasing us?"

"Big…. Pink Easter Bunnies, gonna get us…. Gonna eat us….. Fangs."

Dean Put the car in gear, "Damn-it." He mumbled remembering the only other thing aside from Clowns his brother seemed to fear in this world, the only thing that made his skin crawl was infact Bunnies, most of all… The Easter Bunny himself sent Sam's heart racing into pant wetting proportions.

He was hallucinating… And so were his visions…Maybe...If that was even possible, Dean's confusion worsened now. What the hell was he supposed to do now? Sam's visions were never wrong... But Bunnies? Pink fluffy carrot munchers?

And he did have a fever, he could very well be hallucinating...

His inner conflict about the seriousness of this 'vision' his brother seemed to keep having was temporarily interrupted.



"Bunnies lay eggs?"

"Damn-it Sam." Dean growled and pulled the car out, they were going on a hunt alright, but it wasn't for some big fluffy fanged bunnies, it was for a hospital with fever reducing medicine….

"We have to go…"

"We're going Sammy…" He reached over touching his forehead lightly, "Trust me were going… I think I know someone who can help….."

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