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Fevers and Visions the conclusion

Dean glanced over toward the seat next to him when he heard his brother shift lightly against the leather, "Sammy? You still with me little brother?"

"mmm… Drive…" Sam cringed a little staring out the car window and watching the world before him fly by so quickly, the lights the movements making his head spin all over again. He closed his eyes quickly and tried to make it go away, calm his nerves and his stomach.

As quickly as they closed however, his eyes shot back open and a shiver ran down his spine.

Dean frowned and rubbed his brother's back trying to sooth him keeping one hand on the wheel, "Just try to relax alright…"

"Bunnies coming…"

"I know man… I know." Dean drew his lip into his mouth and chewed on it momentarily clearing his throat.

Sam felt the same head splitting pressure begin to build behind his eyes and grunted involuntarily in protest before bringing his hand to his forehead as he closed his eyes as tight as he could. "Oh….god…." He breathed out weakly swallowing.

Dean pounded his fist into the steering wheel and began rubbing harder on Sam's back worriedly. "Ride it out Sammy, just ride it out." He whispered his voice hitching in his throat.

Running… Chasing… Bunnies…DEAN….

"STOP THE CAR!" As the younger brother's eyes flew open, he fought to sit up against the over whelming dizziness he was now experiencing, only to be rewarded with the cool glass of the window plowing into his head. His body falling sideways immediately, his limbs to heavy to lift anymore.

"Sam… Relax…" Dean's eyes widened as his brow rose and the hand that was rubbing circles on his brother's back gripped the weak man's sweatshirt in protest as he fumbled for the door handle.

"Go Dean….. Have… go…." He mumbled his voice low and soft, he was currently seeing five door handles, swimming before his vision, he struggled and fumbled to grip one of them… Everything seemed to be doubling, tripling in front of his eyes… They needed to go, needed to get away…. "Bunnies… big bunnies…"

"SAM!" Dean swerved over to the side of the road as the passenger door to the impala flew open. "What the hell are you doing?" He grunted as he felt Sam pull free of the grasp he had on his dark green hoodie and fall from the car to the pavement.

"Geezus." He growled and jumped from the car jogging over to the other side where his brother was currently attempting to climb to his feet without any luck.

Dizzy. So Dizzy…Sam was hunched hover on his hands and knees the cement beneath him dancing before his eyes as he blinked rapidly….

"Alright John Wayne," Dean leaned down and gripped him under the arm pits hoisting him up to his feet slowly, "Let's get you back in the car shall we? Before you get yourself killed."

Sam's head lulled back into the warmth of his brother's jacket as he felt his feet giving out no longer able to hold up their own body weight. "Dean…"

"The bunnies are coming." Dean sighed as he gripped him around the waist with one hand and placed the other on his forehead, he was burning up worse then before if that was possible.

"Run…" The younger man mumbled lulling his head to the side.

"Sammy, I need to get you back in the car alright? The bunnies can't catch the Impala she's faster then either one of us are on foot…."

Slowly, got his brother back into the front seat and seat belted him in before reclining it as far as it would go Wading up his jacket now as a make shift pillow he placed it behind Sam's head.

Making his way around the car he sighed and ran a hand through his hair, he hated these shit splat towns they always seemed to find there way into and Boulder Creek California was no different, there was no hospital for about 60 miles…. "Why can't this shit ever happen in the big cities?" He mumbled under his breath and starting the car.



"I don't feel so good…"

"Really? You don't say…"



"You believe me?…" The sick man's voice tapered off a bit…

Dean glanced from the road to the man laying only semi-conscious next to him and clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth before answering hesitantly… "Just rest now, were almost there…"

"I saw them…"

"I know you did…"

"My visions…" He dropped his eye lids his head to tired to form any real resemblance of a full sentence, "not… wrong…"

"I know that man, but your also suffering from a fever, and you-"

Sam swallowed the sickness in his throat down trying to clear his airway a little more, "I know what I saw."

"Okay…" Dean shook his head, "Just ummm… Just rest alright, we'll discuss the murdering Easter bunny a little later…"

The drive the rest of the way was silent aside from a few moans and pants from Sam's restless form in the seat next to him, and Dean found himself lost in thoughts and confusion about the whole situation…..

He thought about calling Bobby having him check into any possible leads on a killer pink vampire bunny but the minute the thought ran through his head he dismissed it, the whole idea was a looney one, and something told him these were no more then hallucinations of his brother's psychic mind…

Pulling into the Ambulance bay he climbed out and went around to retrieve Sam from the passengers seat leaning down to rouse the younger man, from his restless wheezing slumbers. "Come on Sammy.." He whispered softly giving his shoulder a shake.

Sam's eyes opened and his brother's face came into view… "Where are we?" He questioned trying to avoid the blinding white lights that were filtering in through the windshield.

"Somewhere Safe." Dean gripped his forearm softly and helped him from the car…

Even in his disoriented and sick state Sam was not an idiot, his eyes fell on the giant Emergency Room entrance sign and he growled. "Dean."

"You'll be safe here…" His brother grimaced on the inside.

"We need to be running… Not spending three hours in a waiting room…"

"You need medicine man." Dean countered as he steadied his brother's body in his grasp when Sam began to wobble leaning into him hard.

"I'm.. fine…" his voice was barely above a whisper.

"Like hell you are…"

Sam grunted in response.

"You can be as unhappy with me as you want, but your going in there…"

"We'll be safe?"

"Safe as a priest in church Sammy…"

"Bring the Salt…"


"Bring the damn salt Dean."



"Alright, alright…" Dean whispered leaning the taller man against the car he went to the trunk and retrieved the salt just about to close it when Sam spoke again.

"Guns….Silver bullets."

"Sammy…I'm not taking a loaded gun into the ER."

"Yes…You Are… bunnies are coming…." Sam tried to sound as convincing as he could, the world around him looked more like something out of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas then reality right about now, but that didn't matter… He needed to make sure they were protected… he needed to make sure that they were safe…

He was tired, so tired, the metal of the car behind his back was welcoming as he felt his eye lids growing heavier by the second and his body began to slide down it, he needed to rest just for a minute, he needed to rest…..

Dean Closed the trunk tucking the small gun into his jacket pocket, he couldn't believe that he was actually taking such ridiculous orders from his obviously delusional brother,…. But what choice did he have? He needed to get Sam in there, these damn pink bunnies needed to hop right out of his brothers head…

"Sam…" He turned back to where his brother had been leaning against the impala and frowned once more at the sight before him Sam now sprawled out on the cement his head and back propped up against the car door, his skin was so pale, it was nearly gray in color, his head kinked at an uncomfortable angle.

"Terrific." Dean Leaned down and placed a hand on his brother's scorching flesh… "Sammy there will be no napping on the side walk come on wakey wakey little brother."


"Sam get up come on…"

"Go Dean…"

Dean rolled his eyes and sighed, "We went, were here." Figuring conversation was once again useless Dean pulled Sam to his feet and braced him as best his could the younger brother's feet practically dragging through the entrance.

"We're moving…" Came a slurred and detached mumble within seconds.

"Yes we are…"

"Away from the bunnies?"

"Yeah man, away from the bunnies…."

Dean lowered his brother into the first open seat he could find and made his way up to the front desk cursing inwardly at how many people were currently waiting in the waiting room.

"My brother, he's really sick…" He stated bluntly the minute the young woman looked up, "His fever is over 103 and he's… You need to help him."

"You'll need to fill out the paperwork sir, and the doctor will be with you as soon as he can."

"No now." Dean shook his head, "He's really sick…"

"Sir, this is a hospital, everyone in here is really sick."

"You don't understand,…"

"No." She grunted pushing the clipboard forward in Dean's direction, "You don't understand, now Fill these out, and the doctor will get to you as soon as he can."

Dean opened his mouth to protest again but shut it only a second later his knuckles white as he gripped the clipboard and turned to head back to his brother. "Bitch."

Sam was now leaning back in his seat his feet sprawled out in front of him his blood shot eyes scanning the room filled with suspicion. "Dean…" He whispered as his brother took the seat next to him,. "Dean… it could be anyone of these people… could be a shape shifter…"

"A shape shifting Easter bunny?"

Sam nodded as though the thought were completely rational, "Give me the salt."

"Sam. No."

"Give me the salt Dean."

"Sam if you start making salt circles in the middle of the damn hospital they are going to admit you to the psych ward…."

Sam's head cocked to the side a little and he drew his lip into his mouth, his brother once more splitting into two and then three… "Dean…"



Dean exhaled loudly and began to work on the small packet of papers the nurse had given him, glancing to the side every now and then to make sure his brother was still in moderately stable mental standing…



"I'd really like the salt now…." Sam drew his legs up onto the chair with him, quite the task for someone who was over six foot four.

The bunnies were coming, big pink fanged bunnies, Sam could feel it they would be here soon, and Dean, Dean wouldn't believe him, Dean wouldn't help him…. Dean was just being Dean, if something seemed less then rational then the probability of it being real was non-existent…

So Sam was afraid of bunnies, so he despised the Easter bunny , so he was a little sick…. He was also psychic and that meant that if he saw it it was going to happen no matter how ridiculous it sounded.

"Your not drawling Salt circles, you just need to relax."

"Dean please…"

When dean looked up from the papers he was just about done with his eyes were met with his brothers, tired with sickness red and blood shot, but still he swore he saw tears inside them, tears of fear.

"Sam, listen to me…" He whispered softly as he placed his hand on the fearful man's shoulder. "It's going to be alright…."

"Salt circles…."




Sam closed his eyes in frustration and fatigue and the minute he exhaled his breath hitched in his throat and they flew open again…

Coming. Coming. Running… Faster. Throwing eggs. Dean Trips.


"Easy…" Dean shushed him rubbing the shoulder that was still beneath his palm.

Sam eyed the salt he could see just inside his brother's jacket and before Dean knew what had happened he lunged forward and grabbed it tightly in his grasp. Finally. A safety net.


"You won't…" Sam blinked as he rose up holding on to the wall and watching the three images of his brother beginning to dance as he looked down at them…. "Help…. I …"

"Sam, you can't even stand up man." Dean protested jumping up and reaching out for his brothers arm.

But Sam jerked away and neither man was that surprised when he landed back on his butt with a thud. "Don't touch me…. The bunnies are coming, for us…."

"Sam, your sick…"

"I saw them…" He shivered and Dean cringed as the attention of the entire hospital was now closing in on them, he watched as Sam fought to get the lid off the salt container in his grasp. "Everyone here is in danger and you put them there…"

"Sam, this is ridiculous. Please. Stop.."

"No." Sam put his and to his head, those fanged bastards permanently carved into his brain now, chasing them down the street. "No…"

"Sam." Dean took a step forward as Sam began to make a circle around himself the nurses coming from behind the desk to investigate.

"Their twitchy little noses, and beady little eyes…. They are coming and you won't help me…." He blinked a little feeling his head growing lighter and lighter, the circle surrounding him almost complete, his vision beginning to darken as the bunnies in his mind began to dance once more, bearing their fangs and taunting his sick form.

"Sam…" Dean's face grew even more worried as he watched his brother's eyes slowly rolling back into his head, "Sammy …." He cared none now about the people surrounding him as he stepped over the salt circle and to his brother's side as the nurses now approached the doctor's close behind.

He was passed out cold.

- Dean sat silently next to his brother's sleeping form, an iv was currently feeding sugar water into his veins in an attempt to re-hydrate the young man. The thoughts of fanged and evil bunnies still consuming the insides of his head, something he never thought he would find himself thinking about.

"Dean…." Sam whispered softly as his eyes opened his surroundings foreign to him as he looked around.

"Hey you…." Dean smiled painfully and put a hand on his brother's forehead thankful that it felt much cooler now then it had four or so hours prior.

"What happened?"

"You don't remember?" Dean questioned not the least bit surprised,


"You've got this flu man, the doctors say it's a pretty nasty one… And you were hallucinating…"

"Hallucinating?" Sam questioned clearing his throat and sitting up a little ignoring the small wave of dizziness that engulfed him.

"Mhmm… You swore you were having these visions…."

"Visions about what?"

Dean chuckled a little and shook his head, "Well uh… Pink fanged, fluffy, killer Easter bunnies…"


"You don't remember?"

Sam shook his head tiredly and rubbed the bridge of his nose a little, "Uh no, but that explains the splitting headache…"

"You were pretty far gone for a minute there, I was worried about you…"

"Sorry…" Sam lowered himself back into the bed and closed his eyes, "Damn… I'm tired…"

"Get some rest then…" Dean whispered, "I won't leave I promise."


"And Sam…."


"Try not to dream about bunnies alright?"

Sam nodded lightly with a small cough and just as sleep was about to over take him, just as he was about to fall into the blissfulness of rest, his eyes flew open again his face filled with fear…..

Dean was on the bed in a flash as Sam's eyes closed again and gripped his head the hellish grip of a vision coming over him.

"Sam????" Dean's voice was small and fearful as he held his brother's shoulders…

"Gottcha…" Sam whispered a minute later smirking to himself as he looked up at his brother with a twinkle in his eyes…

"Bitch." Dean growled punching his shoulder hard.

Sam was laughing so hard now he could barely squeal out an ow from his lips in response…

Dean simply shook his head sulkingly and stood up from the bed, "It's good to know your feeling better…." He mumbled before letting his own small grin come to his lips.

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