Summary: Naruto was the container of the Demon, a Beast of Destruction, the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Hinata was the container of the Creature, a Beast of Healing, the Gobi no Houkou. And along with an Apparition to guide them, they are on a quest to become the best Ninja ever to come out of the Hidden Leaf.

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"Kurayami no Hikaru (Darkness of the Light) (a.k.a. Karu) talking"

"Junketsu no Hikari (Pure Light) (a.k.a. Kari) talking"

Jutsu name


Konoha's Demonic Duo

Chapter One: Fun Times for All

The Kyuubi was gone, the Yondaime Hokage was dead, and where the Demon had once stood, lay a wailing Baby.

It was a small boy, a newborn. It had a small tuft of hair blond hair atop its head and each of his cheeks were marked by three whisker birthmarks. And if the boy were to open his eyes, even just momentarily, you would see the deepest cerulean.

Marked on the Baby's naval was an intricate seal.

Not the body of the Kyuubi, or the Yondaime was seen, both carried away by the Shinigama, both souls imprisoned within the Baby, The Demon and the Apparition.

At the boy's side, was a small scroll, and in messy Katakana, printed on the paper were these words:

His name is Uzumaki Naruto, please take care of my son.


2 Months, 17 Days later…

The Hi no Kuni and the Hidden Leaf were still in a state of Disrepair after the attack of the Kyuubi and the loss of their young leader.

Padding through the broken streets, was a large white Creature, with five long, wispy tails, flowing gracefully behind its body. The Creature was about the size of a small horse, and had the appearance of a large dog. Its paws were large, each tipped with five black claws. The creatures eyes were lime green, and had no pupils. Its ears had a definite point to them, but flopped over, like a Border collie's. Each of the Creatures tails glowed with bright green Healing Chakra that discharged into the land, healing the sick and injured.

It advanced slowly, sniffing for whatever it had been looking for.

Finally, the Creature came to a rest in front of the Konoha Hospital. It sat its haunches, and let out a heart rendering howl to the Night's Sky. Its whole body glowed with Healing Chakra, which dissipated, finding its way through every window, door and corridor within the building, healing those, even in the worse conditions.

The Creature sat their, for the longest time, just staring at the building.

Its eyes sparkled, and a small smile graced its black, canine lips.

A man dashed from the building, a Lavender-Eyed man, wearing blue robes, a Hyuuga elder. He was carrying a small bundle, wrapped in a violet blanket.

He held the bundle up, and yelled to the heavens.

"Lady Rairaku has survived, and given birth to the Hyuuga Heiress!" '

The Creature barked slightly, in excitement, knowing it had possible saved the life of a new mother and her new child.

The Elder turned his pupil-less Lavender eyes upon the Creature, and let out a gasp at the size of the Creature's body, and the number of tails it possessed.


The Creature stared at the Elder in confusion, cocking its head to the side, slightly, to show so.

The Elder shifted the Bundle in his arms slightly, and took a Kunai from the pouch at his leg. Swiftly, he hurled the knife at the Creature, with great precision and accuracy.

Quick to react, the Creature caught the Kunai in its last tail, the tail to the far left, and crushed it into metal dust with great ease.

The Creature bared its harp fangs and let out a low warning growl, hoping to scare off the Elder, but to no avail.

Gently placing the Bundle on the ground, the Elder activated Byuakugan, and shifted into the Hyuuga Jyuuken stance.

The Creature stared at the Elder in confusing, but advanced toward the Bundle, ignoring the man.

The Creature lowered its head and nudged the blanket slightly, revealing a small baby.

The baby was sleeping, its eyes were closed tightly, and it emitted a soft snoring sound. The baby had a small tuft of indigo hair on its head.

The Creature licked the baby's face.

"DEMON! Get away from the Heiress!" the elder growled out.

The Creature looked up, with a solemn expression on its Canine face, as if it knew what was about to happen..

The Elder began a long string of hand seals, before calling out the name of a long forgotten sealing technique.

"Kodai Saigotsucho: Fukanzen Akuma Azarashi no Jutsu!(Ancient Ultimatum: Imperfect Demon Seal Technique)" the Elder called, dashing foreword, toward the Creature. The Elders hand was glowing with burning black Chakra. Ducking down, the Elder placed his palm onto the baby's naval. An odd seal appeared on the baby girl's stomach, glowing with black Chakra. The soul of the Creature was sucked from its body and into the seal, the Creature's body stolen in a flash of black light.

The Elder collapsed from exhaustion, but before he lost consciousness, he noticed the two whisker marks that adorned both of her cheeks and the pupil-less LIME GREEN eyes she now possessed.

The Creature, the Beast of Healing, the Gobi no Houkou… The five-tailed dog… was gone, sealed within a child, and the Elder was dieing…. He would later die, three days later, in the very hospital.

No one knew about the sealing that went on that night…


3 years later

Today had Hyuuga Hinata's third birthday…

It had been a joyous day for the Hyuuga clan, their Heiress' third birthday…

And a day of despair for others in the clan, getting a mark branded upon their foreheads.

Now, the sun had set and the sky had grown dark, and everyone had settled in for the night and was now drifting off into Dreamland.

But young Hinata, heiress of the Hyuuga, was not asleep…

Slung over the shoulder of a masked man, Hinata feared for her very lift.

The man spoke to her, his voice sly with a slew of dirty remarks falling from his lips.

"Heh… So you're the Healing Beast's container… Such a pretty girl… "The man said is a tone that was disgusting, for whom he was talking about.

The Hyuuga child shivered as the Man continued talking in such a suggestive way.

Hinata attempted to yell, to call out the word 'Help!', but every time she opened her mouth, now a word came to her. It was as if her voice had gone missing.

Hinata squeezed her eyes shut, attempting to stop the tears that flow from them. She wasn't sure what the man was going to do to her, but she was scared, and wasn't sure she wanted to know. Overall, it was a very traumatic experience for such a small child.

When the three-year-old opened her eyes, she saw a large white Creature, sleeping before her.

The Creature lifted its head and stared at Hinata with pupil-less lime green eyes. A small smile graced the canine-Creature's black lips.

"Hello, Child," the Creature cooed.

"W-what a-are y-you?," Hinata asked, in a shutter, "W-where am I?"

The Creature stood and padded toward Hinata.

"I am the Gobi no Houkou… Beast of Healing… My name is Junketsu no Hikari (Pure Light), call me Kari," the Creature said, "And we, Child, are in your mind…"

"M-my mind," the three-year-old stuttered.

Kari nodded.

"Yes, Child…" Kari said.


"Simple… This is you mindscape… Kind of like an in-self training ground or getaway. I, when you were just a newborn, was trapped within your mindscape, through an ancient sealing method called Kodai Saigotsucho: Fukanzen Akuma Azarashi no Jutsu," Kari explained.

"Ancient Ultimatum: Imperfect Demon Seal Technique?" Hinata asked.

Kari nodded.


"D-does that mean y-you're a d-demon?" Hinata asked.

Kari nodded.

"Yes… I am, technically a Demon… But… I am not a demon in the sense of Personality… I am a Beast of Healing… the Beast of Healing. And the Five-Tail of Biju, the Gobi," Kari explained.

Hinata nodded, it wasn't too complicated to understand… even for a three-year-old.

"What is happening?" Hinata asked, gasping in pain as a new power bubbled up inside of her.

"I have given you some of my 'Demonic' Chakra… So you can defend your self against the person who had kidnapped you, until someone comes," Kari explained.

Suddenly, Hinata's mindscape disappeared, and Hinata saw the back of the black-clad man that was carrying her.

Hinata, instinctually, forced some of the Demonic Chakra into her hand, causing it to glow forest green, and hit the man on the back.

The man yelped in pain and dropped Hinata onto the ground.

The man looked at Hinata through his mask.

"Feisty one ain't 'cha?"

The man advanced toward Hinata, but was hit in the back by a fatal Jyuuken strike to the neck from the Hyuuga clan head, Hyuuga Hiashi.

The man fell over, and Hiashi looked over at his daughter.

Hiashi's eyes widened when he was Hinata's more-than-slight transformation. Hinata had absorbed much of the Gobi's Chakra, and it had drastically changed the three-year-old's appearance.

Hinata was still the same height, but appeared slightly taller, as now, atop her indigo hair, Hinata had two slightly floppy, pointed, white, indigo tipped dog ears, that looked like those of a Border collie. Also, the two whisker marks on each cheek had become darker and more prominent on her light skin. The girl's bangs had turned pure white, though the rest of her hair had remained indigo as ever. Adding to her new appearance, was a fluffy white, indigo tipped doggy tail.

Hiashi growled

"A demon? You are no longer a daughter of mine.." Hiashi muttered, walking back into the house.

He turned his head and looked back at his daughter, before entering the house.

"I have no daughter…Leave, demon, and never return… I never wish to see you again."

At her father's words, the Hanyou-afied Hinata burst into tears and ran off, away from the Hyuuga complex.


A young three-year-old boy, know as Uzumaki Naruto, leaned against a tree in the middle of a forest, muttering a slew of curses under her breathe.

"Damn fox… Gave me too much Chakra… Now I look like a friggin' freak…" Naruto muttered.

Indeed, Naruto looked… different…

For one, Naruto's hair had grown longer, now down to his shoulders, and was streaked with red. His eyes, still cerulean as ever, now held slit pupils. Nestled upon Naruto's head were two red, golden tipped fox ears, and to add to that, Naruto now had a red, golden tipped foxy tail.

"Oh, Come on, Naruto… it's not that bad…" said a teasing voce from the fox-boy's side.

Sure enough, standing beside Naruto, was a somewhat transparent man. The man had long-ish blond hair and the same cerulean eyes. He was wearing a white cloak with flames licking the bottom, over his Jounin vest and black pants. It was the Apparition, the spirit of Uzumaki Arashi, the Yondaime Hokage, and Konoha's "Yellow Flash".

"Oi, shut up, Dad.." Naruto muttered, "I'm a friggin' fox! They won't let me into their village ever again! Guess I'll be livin' in the friggin' forest for the rest of my life and I'll never, ever get a girlfriend!"

"Hehe… Ya' know, chicks dig foxes," Arashi said, teasingly.

"Shut it dad…"

"Ya' know, just 'cause I can't technically touch things, or anything like that… I still have authority… I think… Three-year-olds aren't 'sposed to tell their fathers to shut up, even if their fathers a technically ghosts."

"Ya, ya…."

Arashi crossed his arms.

"Knew you'd see it my way…"

Suddenly, the touching father-son conversation was cut short by the sound of crying.

Naruto's new foxy ears perked up. He rose from her seat on the ground and followed his ears to the location of the crying girl. Arashi followed his son.

Naruto stood over Hinata's crying form. His eyes widened when he saw her… She was just like… him…

Hinata was hugging her white, indigo tipped tail, crying into the fur.

Naruto kneeled down and place his hand on Hinata's shoulder.

"Hey.. You okay?" Naruto asked, softly. Arashi watched from behind, smiling slightly at his son's antics.

Hinata looked up with teary lime-colored eyes. Her eyes widened at the sight of Naruto. He was just like… Her…

Hinata sob slightly, but nodded.


"Well, you don't look like it… Why ya' crying?" Naruto asked.

"My F-Father… He c-called me a D-Demon and said t-that he never w-wanted t-to see m-me a-again…" Hinata cried.

Naruto growled.

"How could some one do that to their own child!?" He growled, to no one in particular.

"Some people are cruel," Arashi spoke up.

Hinata looked at Arashi.

"W-who are you?" she asked.

"My name's Arashi, I'm Naruto's Father… Although I'm kinda… a ghost…" Arashi said, he held up his hands in front of his body, "See, look! I'm see-thru!"

Hinata looked at the odd pair funny.

Naruto rubbed the back of his neck and laughed in embarrassment.

"Oops… hehe… Sorry, forgot to introduce myself… Sorry! My name's Uzumaki Naruto, what's yours?"

"H-Hyuuga H-Hinata…" Hinata answered shyly.

"Nice to meet ya', Hinata-chan!"

"You t-to, N-Naruto-Kun…"

There was a short period of silence, before Naruto burst out laughing.

Hinata blushed, an unseen shade of crimson.

"Anou… Why are y-you laughing, Naruto-kun?"

"Your ears are all twitchy!"

Hinata giggled.

"So are yours!" Hinata called out.

Naruto stopped laughing and looked up, in an attempt to see his own Foxy ears.

He burst out laughing again.

"So they are!"


The two Hanyou children looked up at Arashi's transparent figure.

"As much as I'd love to watch you two laugh at the twitchiness of your ears… We still need to know where you guys are gonna stay.. I'm not exactly sure the village will want you in it, as much as I regret that, and Hinata's father won't let her, much less both, of you stay there… So, I guess we'll be living in the forest for the next few years… And I guess I'll be training you two, because I'm sure both of you wish to become Ninja some day?"

Both Hanyou nodded.

"Okay then, it's settled! You two, and I will live in the forest, and I will train you two until you are old enough to enroll in academy!" Arashi said cheerfully, "Naruto, tomorrow morning, you'll get to work on building a hut for you two to stay in!"

Naruto looked at his Father with killing intent, while Arashi chuckled.

"Son, you can't kill what's already dead."

"But I can try," Naruto growled out,


5 years later, October 15

Naruto and Hinata stood in the forest, with the Apparition that was Naruto's father, between them.

"Okay.. Tomorrow, we start academy?" Naruto asked.

Arashi nodded.

"Okay… How will we hide our appearances?"

"Genjutsu," Arashi answered.


"Okay. Naruto, first, create a Kage Bushin," Arashi said.

Kage Bushin. Arashi had taught it to both his son and Hinata, after realizing that neither could create a normal Bushin, due to their massive Chakra Reserves.

"Why?" Naruto asked.

"Just do it!"

"Ahh.. Okay…" Naruto said. Quickly, Naruto created the appropriate hand seals, "Kage Bushin no Jutsu!(Shadow Clone Technique)"

"Okay, good," Arashi said, "Now, allow me to possess the clone."

"Possess the clone?"

"Yes, so I have a solid body…"


Arashi nodded and walked into the clone's body.

Arashi jumped for joy.

"I have a solid body! For the first time in 8 years, I have a solid body!"

Hinata and Naruto sweat dropped.

"Okay… Now what?" Naruto asked.

"Do Saishu Henge no Jutsu(Ultimate Transformation Technique)" Arashi instructed.

Hinata and Naruto nodded.

Both Naruto and Hinata did the appropriate seals.

Boar, rat, dog, tiger, rat, bird!

"SAISHU HENGE NO JUTSU!" both cried in unison.

In a puff of smoke, both lost their odd features and hair coloring.

Naruto had long blond hair, messy as ever, but no longer had red streaks in it, and the same cerulean eyes, though they no longer held slit pupils. His Fox tail and ears had disappeared and he now head human ears. His whisker marks, too, had disappeared. He looked like his father had. He wore the same clothing that he had managed to get a few days before, on his birthday—A black t-shirt with an orange swirl on the front, that looked almost like a flame, forest green shorts, blue ninja sandals, and a pair of blue goggles(not like the ones he wore in the anime, more like the ones of the "Goggle-Boys" from the Anime Digimon, that's the only way I can describe it). He wore white bandages on his arms and legs, concealing small weights, whose weight totaled to nearly 200 pounds.

Hinata now had long indigo hair, which no longer held and white, and her eyes had become very light lavender, still pupil-less, as ever. Her dog ears and tail had both disappeared, her doggy ears replaced with human ones. Her whisker marks had also disappeared. She wore the clothing Naruto had given her on his birthday—a lavender t-shirt with an orange swirl on it, that, like the one on Naruto's shirt, looked almost like a flame, black shorts, blue ninja sandals, and a pair of violet goggles, that hung around her neck(like the goggles of the Goggle-boy's, only around her neck). She, too, had bandages around her arms and legs, also concealing weights, whose weight totaled 145 pounds.

Arashi, in the clone's body also preformed a quick Saishu Henge no Jutsu, so he didn't look like Naruto's twin.

Arashi now had jet black hair and violet eyes. His cheeks held no whisker marks and he had no fox ears or tail. He wore clothing similar to what Naruto was wearing, only different colors—His shirt was green, not black, but still held the orange, flame-like swirl, and his shorts were black, not green. He also wore ninja sandals, but they were brown, no blue, and he did not wear bandages, weights, or goggles.

"OKAY!" Arashi yelled, "It's time to see the old man and see if I can't get you two enrolled in the Academy!"

Hinata and Naruto nodded and the three ran off toward the Village.


Two ANBU stood in front of the Hokage's office. One a man with a Dog mask, the other a man with a tiger mask.

"Halt, " the tiger-masked man said.

"State your name a purpose," the other said.



"Ara- Haiya.. Haiya(speed)!" Arashi said.

"We are here to see the Hokage," Naruto said.

"To se if we can get enrolled in Academy," Hinata finished.

The two ANBU moved and allowed the three to enter.

Arashi, a.k.a. Haiya closed the door as the three of them walked in.

Sarutobi was too busy doing paperwork to notice the trio's arrival.

"Hokage-sama?" Hinata asked.

"Old man?" Naruto and 'Haiya' asked.

Sarutobi looked up from his paper work.

"Naruto, Hinata!?"

Naruto and Hinata nodded.

"Where have you been for the past 5 years, I haven't seen you in so long!?"

"Hiding in the forest, training…" Naruto said.

"Kai," both Naruto and Hinata said, releasing their Genjutsu, regaining their Hanyou appearances.

Sarutobi gasped.

"How… did that happen? When?"

"Five years ago-ish," Naruto answered, "I used too much of the Kyuubi's… His name is Kurayami no Hikaru, by the way… while I was training and I change in appearance… Hinata, on the same night, was kidnapped and use some of the Gob's… Junketsu no Hikari… Chakra to escape, and changed. He father kicked her out of the family, and she ran into the forests… We've been training ever since.. With the help of my father…."

Sarutobi raised his eyebrows.

"Father?" he asked.

"Ummm… Yes…" Naruto said, looking back 'Haiya'.

'Haiya' nodded, and Arashi's spirit exited the clone's body, causing it to disappear in a poof of smoke.

Arashi grinned and waved at Sarutobi.

"Hehe… Hey, Old Man!"


Arashi nodded.

"In the flesh… err… well, not the flesh… but in spirit, literally…." Arashi joked.

"Arashi… Your…."

"Alive? Talking? Training my son? Using Bushin as bodies? A ghost?"

"Ummm….. Ya'…."

"I got bored…. You can only lose so many games of Shougi against the Beast of Destruction…. So, I decided I wanted to meet my son, whom, early on, I realized that I was, too, sealed inside… Only, I was on the outside of the cage.. Hehe…"

"ANYWAY!" Naruto growled out, "I hate to ruin teary reunions… But… Me and Hinata-chan kinda want to enroll in academy, sometime today!"

"Oh, aaa… yes! I'll get you in, school starts tomorrow."


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