Metal Slug: The Beginning

By warrioroflight15

Metal Slug is owned by SNK Playmore.


In the beginning of the era of modern-day terrorism, set in the near-future of 2028, there are two militant factions that struggle for power: the Rebellion and the Regular Army. The Regular Army is a well-equipped, modern-day force run by various nations around the world. The Rebellion, however, is comprised of various small yet organized militant groups, ranging from terrorists to splinter groups of military forces driven by a hunger for power.

The Regular Army is a very formidable force. However, it lacks effectiveness due to the widespread corruption within the senior-level chain of command. Other officials often deny the reports and recommendations given to them by intelligence officers. This often leads into intelligence failures that result in dramatic consequences.

Vice Admiral Donald Morden of the Regular Army Marine Corps is one of the main subjects that sparks the events of this. He has a reputation of being a tough, efficient, and caring officer of the Regular Army, and is held in high regard by his troops. He was also a caring father to his son. However, Morden immediately defects over to the Rebellion when his son is killed in the Central Park bombing caused by an intelligence failure on the part of the Regular Army(again).

In 2026, a year after the failed attempted assassination of the President of the United States launched by the Rebellion under General Morden's command, the Rebellion launched a massive attack against the Regular Army forces around the world. Although the Regular Army intelligence agency had many indications that such an attack was imminent, Regular Army officials again ignored the warnings. With the Regular Army forces surprised, the Rebellion nearly annihilated them with their superior numbers and emergent technologies.

The Regular Army planned a massive counter-attack against the rebellion. Advanced tanks, designated "Super Vehicle-001(SV-001)" a.k.a. the "Metal Slug", were designed to aid the Regular Army commandos. These tanks were mass-produced but kept in caches until the Regular Army had amassed enough to begin a counter-attack. However, the tanks were seized by the Rebels in 2028 because of another intelligence-failure by the Regular Army(Man, it's like their freakin' five year olds!).

Seeing the Regular Army plunge into a general panic and crumble, 1st Lieutenant Marco Rossi of the Regular Army Peregrine Falcons special-forces unit quickly unites remaining Regular Army units and begins a commando operation to reclaim the tanks and defeat the Rebellion Army. Fighting alongside him is 2nd Lieutenant Tarma Roving III from the same Peregrine Falcons unit.

After various campaigns, the Regular Army defeats the Rebellion forces and reestablishes stability. General Morden is apprehended near the end of the conflict and is jailed in a maximum security military prison complex while awaiting trial for his war crimes.

The soldiers of the Peregrine Falcons squad were declared heroes by the Regular Army officials, with the lieutenants Marco and Tarma being credited with many awards. However, not everyone treated the P.F. squad as such because Regular Army officials had been discredited by their failure to prevent the Rebellion attack. And this is the more detailed version of how it occurred……

In the first chapter, Marco and Tarma start their mission to reclaim the Metal Slug and take down the Rebel Army. Will they survive in the absolute thick forest? Read and review!