Title- Don't Feed the Animals
Summary- Lian has an outing to a marine show.
Characters- Roy, Dick and Lian
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Rated PG

Lian listened carefully as Uncle Dick read the sign she had pointed to out to her, frowning at the words as he said them.

She looked around for her daddy..seeing him still standing in the line to pay the entry to the marine show at the aquarium. She squeezed Uncle Dick's hand harder and looked up at him. "I've changed my mind Uncle Dick..I don't want to see the dolphins anymore." she said quietly.

Uncle Dick frowned, and Lian realised he hadn't heard what she had said over the noise of the crowd, she waited until he squatted down beside her, and leaned towards him so she could speak close to his ear..she wanted him to listen, but she didn't want all the other people that were around to think she wasn't as brave as the other kids that were walking through the two giant dolphins that formed an arch over the entrance to the show. "I don't want to see the dolphin show anymore." she said again.

Dick frowned. "But I thought you were looking forward to this Princess?" he asked..She had begged him all week to join her and her father on this outing, and it had taken him a great deal of effort to set the time aside to be able to do it.

Lian shook her head and pouted. "I don't like dolphins." she said firmly.

Dick looked puzzled. "You always did before..What about the dolphins your Uncle Garth introduced you to?"

Lian cocked her head to one side, they didn't have time to talk about this now, daddy was nearly at the end of the line, she didn't want him to pay for the tickets..then she'd have to go to the stupid show. "Uncle Garth's dolphin friends are nice..but I don't like these dolphins, I want to go see the reef fish instead, they're prettier." she said, tugging on her Uncle Dick's hand.

Dick gave up trying to work out what had brought about her sudden change of mind, deciding she simply had too much Harper in her to be understood at times. He trailed behind her as she dragged him over to Roy, explained the change in plans and shrugged at the questioning look the redhead gave him. Then they all headed towards the large indoor aquarium where the displays of reef fish were housed.

Lian held her Uncle Dick's hand in one of hers and her Daddy's in the other. She cast a few sad, knowing looks at the other children that were entering through the arched dolphins, knowing they probably had no idea what was in store for them.

She couldn't believe that her Dad and her Uncle had really been thinking of taking her in there as well. Just as well she had asked Uncle Dick to read that sign or she would never have known...

She glanced over her shoulder one last time at the offending sign. Children will be chosen randomly from the audience to feed the dolphins. She was so very glad that she wasn't going to end up dolphin food!