Title: By Your Side Prologue Rating: G Author: AkilahSeven

This story is about Makoto Kino and Ken (I don't know his Japanese name but it makes sense to use his English name for the plot) from sailormoon. It takes place in an alternate universe since there are no senshi but the other characters do appear in later chapters. Makoto and Ken meet at the age of 11 and 12 and this story follows them from childhood up into early adulthood. This prologue is written from Makoto and Ken's point of view, but the rest of the story will be narrated from third person. Also I just made up the name Tosako (the name of the town) so ignore me if it sounds redicules or means something stupid.
I based this story on the song by Sade Adu, "By Your Side".

This is the revised version of the prologue.

I do not own sailor moon. Sailormoon and its characters are owned by Naoko Takeuchi.


I was 11 years old when I first met Kenneth Williams. It was a warm October day when I moved to Tosako, a small town that I thought was a world away from Tokyo. I fought my parents about the move. I argued that I would be away frommy friends and our family and that I could never be happy without them. I hadn't even seen the house before but my parents were convinced that I would love it.

"Why didn't anyone ask me if I wanted to move?" I asked my parents a million times during the few months before the move. They always answered with "Because, we always dreamt of raising you in a nice, quite small town. That's how we both grew up." Well if they wanted to raise me in the country why did they wait untill I was eleven years old I thought. I became fustrated with their inconsideration. At the time I couldn't imagine trying to fall asleep with the sounds of sirens outside my bedroom window. But life was unfair I resigned, but I had no idea just how much at that time. That was something I would learn well in years to come.

During the entire ride to our new home I sat in silence. After a few hours my father stopped the car turned to me.

"Close your eyes Makoto, we're almost there." I remeber thinking he wore the cheesiest grin I had ever seen. I cooperated with him though I was in no mood too. I closed my eyes and imagined the house a small shack with an outhouse for a bathroom. I really hoped it would look that way so I wouldn't have to like it.

My father drove on. I felt the car park and my heart began to beat ten times faster. My father helped me out and positioned me to stand directly in front of the house. He whispered in my ear and I could hear the joy in his voice. It still gives me goosebumps when I think about it. He told me to open my eyes and when I did I was speechless.
It was small, white and Victorian styled with a large lawn. It was the most beautiful house that I had ever seen.

"It's so beautiful." The words escaped my lips. I hugged my father and he picked me up and swung me around.

"I knew you'd like it." He said. I ran to my mother and gave her a hug as well.

"Thank you, Mommy." I said before planting a kiss on her cheek. She smiled widely and tears were in her eyes.

"What are we waiting for? Let's go inside!"

I ran through the house and into the backyard which I discovered was huge, almost as big as our entire apartment in Tokyo, I thought. I sat on a swing that hung from a tree and looked up at the sky.

I remembered how Minako would look at the clouds and imagine that they looked like other things. She was incredibly silly but could always put me in a good mood. Even looking at her could make me smile. She had ocean blue eyes that always seemed to sparkle. She was my best friend for as long as I could remember. We met the first day of kindergarten and were inseparable up until the day I left. We made a pact to always be friends and I promised her I would call the night I moved in.

I suddenly realized how much I missed her and warm tears rolled down my cheeks.


I was twelve years old when I first met Makoto. I was a shy, skinny and lanky kid who was often teased for being a mama's boy. I didn't have any friends in school and was constantly picked on by bullies. Maybe it was the clothes my mom picked out for me that made me a target. Or maybe it was my glasses and the fact that I enjoyed science class way too much. Whatever it was I was determined to be cool- or at least to stop getting picked on.

I remember channel surfing one day and coming across a basketball game. I don't know what it was that compelled me to watch since I never paid much attention to sports before. I watched the way the crowd cheered after number twenty-two made a basket and that's when it hit me. If I want to be cool I had to become a basketball player.

I went to the mall the next day and brought the first basketball I saw. My father's old basketball hoop was still in the driveway, though he had left us four years prior.

I remember trying to throw the ball into the basket and missing and becoming increasingly frustrated. I eventually threw the ball over the gate into the neighbors yard out of anger. But that's when I heard a voice and the words I would never forget.

"Who threw that ball at me!"


I was crying my eyes out thinking of Minako. I guess that's why I didn't see that ball coming right at me. It hit me in my head and I fell to the ground and the pain almost matched my aching heart. When I finally stood I saw the ball on the ground and put two and two together.

"Who threw that ball at me!" I screamed. 'Whoever it is is going to get it'
I fummed, I was in no mood to be bothered.

"Sorry." I heard a timid voice say behind the fence. I opened the door and there stood the geekiest kid I had ever seen. He had blond hair and blue eyes just like Minako, but he had glasses. He wore Khaki shorts and a blue sweater. He was how I always imagined a country kid to look.


I thought the girl on the other side of the fence looked as if she could chew me up and spit me out if she wanted to. Her brown hair was messy and the whites of her emerald eyes were bloodshot red. Her black T-shirt was emblased with the letters NIN, jeans ripped and white sneakers brown from dirt. To me she was the meanest looking girl ever.

"Do I look like a basket!" She howled. I wanted to run but my feet were planted to the ground. I told myself to act like a man for once and take care of the situation.

"My shot was off." I squeaked, so much for acting like a man. I was sure that she would punch the crap out of me but to my surprise she cried instead. I was shocked- I didn't know bullies could cry, and she wasn't just crying but sobbing uncontrollably. She became louder and her body shook.

That when I almost felt like crying for her. I took my hand and wiped her face. She suddenly became silent and looked stunned. I thought my hand must have been posessed because I sure didn't tell it to do that.

I thought she would slap me and tell me how grossed out she was by me touching her like that. But she gave me the biggest and the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. Her eyes even seemed to sparkle. I felt my face warm and my head became light.


I remember thinking that Ken had performed some kind of magic on me that day because when he wiped away my tears it was as if the ache in my heart went away. I laugh now looking back on it because I finally understand what it was. But I guess you could call it magic- the best kind of magic on earth and the magic that we all possess.

But at that moment I felt warm inside and my face lite up. We introduced ourselves before my mother came into the yard and invited Ken and his family over for dinner.


I went home and told my mother about Makoto and our dinner invitation. She was happy that I made a friend. I met Makoto's parents later that night and we talked over dinner. I learned Makoto would be starting my school on Monday but she would be in a different grade. My mother told Makoto's family that she and my father are from America and moved here after marrying but divorced fours-years ago.

After dinner Makoto and I went to her messy room which was filled with boxes. A picked up a book out of one of the boxes and it was "The Chosen" by Chaim Potok, one of my favorite books.

"You like the Chosen too?" I said, surprised that we had something in common. She smiled at me and I felt my face warm again.

"I love it! It made me cry. It's a great story of the human spirit." "I feel the same exact way. Did you read 'The Promise' yet?" I asked.

"No, not yet. I just read the Chosen last week so I haven't had a chance to read the sequel yet."

She stood on her bed as she put a poster of Tama Dango, a basketball player from the Tokyo Titans on her wall.

"You like Tama Dango too?" I couldn't believe that we had so much in common.

"Are you kidding! Dango is like my idol. I worship that man, I even want to get the number twenty-two tattooed on my butt." She kissed the poster.

"That was a bit too much information." I said while shaking my head. She jumped off the bed and punched me in the arm.

"It's true!" She hit pretty hard for a girl, but I decided to play it cool and act as if it didn't hurt. I felt pretty confident so I took a long shot and asked if she liked Star Wars as well. I was looking for someone else to talk to about it besides my pin pals from conventions. She gave me the strangest look and I regretted asking.

"I love Star Wars!" I felt my face crack a gigantic smile. "This is just too weird. We have too much in common. Its almost like we were destined to meet or something." She said. I felt my face turn red.

"Yeah, I guess so."

That night we talked about Star Wars, Dango, and Chaim Potok. I had never been able to open myself up to anyone like I was able to open up to her. We talked until my mother called me home and that was two in the morning. Makoto asked me to go out to the movies with her the next day and I agreed, excited to finally have a friend to hang out with. That night when I went home and laid in my bed, I thought of her and fell asleep with a smile.


As I layed in my bed that night I thought of him. I thought of how we talked about everything I ever wanted to talk about. I thought of how we met and how it was just like the way Danny met Reuven in 'The Chosen'. I thought of how Ken could be a friend to me like Danny was to Reuven. With that thought I fell asleep with a smile. I had forgoten all about calling Minako.

I hope that wasn't too painful. It gets better. This is the only chapter written from a first person narrative. The rest are written in third person.

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