Title: Started With a Phone Call

Series: Demons and Vampires and Werewolves Oh My Trilogy

Placement: Book 1

Author: Dez/Jezebel Jinx/VampireQueen21/Angeluslover412

Rating: Mature

XO: Buffy/Supernatural/Angel

Main Couple: Buffy/Dean

Smaller Couples: Willow/Kennedy, and Faith/Spike

Set: During BTVS: S7 Empty Places and after Season 1 of Supernatural

Summary: Buffy has been kicked out of her home but not before getting a phone call from an old friend saying he and his brother need her help and expertise.

Note: This has been stewing in my head for a while and I needed to start writing it down or I'd lose it…the story not my mind.

Note 2: I've noticed something rather weird. I seem to like trilogy's when dealing with the Buffy verse or more accurately Buffy XO's. There's this one, a BTVS/Firefly XO trilogy, and a BTVS/Ros/X-Men XO trilogy. Depending on how a couple more of my stories end those might wind up being trilogy's too. Weird.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. All these characters unless otherwise stated don't belong to me.


They're kicking her out.

Should she really be surprised?

Tears stung the side of her eyes but she refused to allow them to fall in their presence. Silence, she needed silence. Buffy closed her eyes, odd wasn't it that she couldn't have silence unless her eyes were shut. All she knew was that it worked. The voices crowding her mind ceased to exist only this time a single voice penetrated.

They don't deserve you. Kicking you out, stomping on your legacy. They deserve to die.

As quickly as her eyes shut they flew open. That was her voice but not her thoughts.

Damn. Too quick for me Slayer. The familiar voice mocked. The First in her body showed up at her side, It walked around her as if measuring her up.

"What are you—" It didn't give her a chance to continue.

Kill them. You know that deep in your core that is your desire. Seven years you gave them, sacrificing lovers, sanity, even life and this is how they repay you. Go on, kill them all.

"No." Buffy whispered.

Don't sound that sure deary.

"Get out of my head." The First had no corporal body but she could feel Its presence enveloping her, tempting her away from the good and to embrace the darkness.

Fine. Have it your way. Toddles. In a blink It was gone and she was again assaulted by the whiny voices ever growing in her home. Questions were hurled at her curious as to what happened. The First didn't show Itself to the others only her.

"Shut up all of you." Her breathing, which had been fast and erratic, slowed till finally it was at a steady beat. With ease she exhaled and a calm settled over her, after years of fighting the forces of darkness she knew that whatever was coming she'd be ready for it, with or without the help of these people.

'Hair of the Dog' by Nazareth cut through the silent living room causing every occupant except Buffy and Faith to jump. Hmm, was Faith tapping into some of her calmness or had she developed her own in the years she'd been behind bars.

Buffy knew that tune well, that song brought her back to the days before she knew about the First, even before Angelus broke her heart mentally and emotionally torturing her. That's the song of an old friend wanting to say hello and that she was needed. She walked over to the desk with no hesitation, picked up the cell phone and placed it next to her ear. "Hello Dean."