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Star Shadow: This is set before Chain of Memories.

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I Promise
Star Shadow and Dark Stratos

There was a bright light shining in his eyes, warming his skin. Blue skies and puffy white clouds greeted him with seemingly friendly gusts of air. He took a deep breath and listened to the waves crashing on the serene beach. He felt so calm.

"Riku?" a familiar voice asked, shifting from its position on his chest. Clear blue eyes stared down at him. They were so gentle, and to him, they looked just like the sky.

"Yes?" he asked, his voice huskier than he remembered as he pushed brown hair from those beautiful, clear blue eyes.

"Can we stay like this forever?" the smaller asked as Riku sat up. The brunette shifted in his lap, skin on skin, making him shiver in anticipation again.

"Always," he whispered. "I promise."

"I love you, Riku," he heard whispered, before the younger teen kissed him softly. It was just like all the other times, sweet and innocent, completely belying the fact that evidence of their deviant behavior lay all around them in the sands.

"I lo—"

A loud roar woke Riku from his dream, the dream of his lover and best friend. As he stared at the heartless before him, he could think of the one thing he had longed to say for so long.

A solitary tear ran down his face as he spoke and the heartless disappeared. "I love you… Sora…"


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