Title: Runaway Slayer and Her Demon

Author: Dez/Jezebel Jinx/VampireQueen21/Angeluslover412

Rating: Mature (F18)

Category: X-Over w/ Charmed

Couples: B/Cole, Angel/Faith, Pr/Gunn, Pa/Doyle, We/Cor, Sp/Dru, and W/T

Summary: Buffy stayed gone after Becoming Pt 2. She moved to San Francisco where she met Cole Turner, and sparks fly.

Note: I didn't really like Phoebe passed Season 3 so I thought well what if I killed Phoebe and what if I gave Cole a new girlfriend and this fic popped into my head.

Note 2: Angel has the Gem of Amara, he took it from Spike and kept it. Dawn doesn't exist. And Cole did become the Source but he gave it up because of his love for Buffy.

Note 3: Also this is fairly fluffy on Buffy/Cole and their lives, I wanted it like that, because I wanted the Sunnydale people's lives to not look so good.

Note 4: Last note I promise. This fic is a rewrite of the old version. I've been sitting on a rewritten prologue for about 2 months because I wasn't sure where I wanted to go from there, did I want to continue the way the original went or go a different route. I decided…but you're going to have to wait and find out until the chapters are posted.

Posting Schedule: I am not promising a new chapter every week or even every month. I have a lot of other stories both posted and not posted, school, and a social life. I am shooting for once every two months but again no promises.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Please don't sue me.


December; 1998

Standing there watching the duo kiss was like a knife digging deep into her heart and slowly ripping it into tiny pieces. It didn't take him long to move on now did it? He'd only been back for three months, the Scooby Gang had almost completely forgiven him for all of Angelus's wrong doings.

Buffy stared as Angel, her first and only love, and the new Slayer…Faith if she recalled correctly, playing tonsil hockey like breathing was going out of style. This certainly was not a first time kiss, they were too comfortable with each other's bodies for it to be a first kiss, but also had an awkwardness to it that made it clear they hadn't been intimate. Although it would only be a matter of time.

When she head of Angel's miraculously return from Hell she could hardly contain her joy. She dropped everything she was doing in her new city, San Francisco. Why did she leave her new home, why did she have to care about him? Because she sent him to Hell that's why, and she hated herself every second of everyday for it how could Angel not hate her too?

By the time she arrived back in Sunnydale it was nightfall. It's the most frightening hours anywhere but for her it was home. The daylight seemed scarier…maybe she really was a freak. What kind of person craved the protective darkness the night gave? The two smooching figures move snapping her out of her inner struggle. Her mother was the one who informed her of Angel's sudden return; around the beginning of October Mom tracked her down.

Buffy had recently moved to San Francisco from being in LA, Mom found the apartment she rented. With Dad's check of support she had enough money to move into her own place. A secret—or not so secret desire of hers for years. They yelled, screamed, blamed the other for things that couldn't possibly their fault and finally tired, throats sore they hugged, cried, and begged for forgiveness.

After she explained about Angel, only recently finding out herself, she told Buffy about the new Slayer. But she hadn't mentioned word one about a relationship between the two. It's possible Mom didn't know about them, her greatest flaw was not seeing what happened around her. As she wondered through her former town she saw Angel strolling next to a curvy brunette.

Coming upon them walking hadn't risen her red flags. In face she had been a split second from running and hugging her former lover for all she was worth but a simple gesture gave her pause. Angel sent a glance Faith's way. Ok, not much of a reason but she'd seen that expression before, a sweet fascination. Same look he gave her in the beginning.

To be sure she hung back following at a safe distance where she could keep a close watchful eye on them while at the same time keeping the odds of being caught down to a minimum. It was then her heart shattered, Angel learned down and pressed a kiss to the dark haired Slayer's lips.

The only thought that crossed her mind was that she should have never left San Francisco. There she had friends who didn't judge her at every turn, they knew what she went through battling demons on a daily and nightly basis. There was even a man attracted to her, he saw her at the high school while he was waiting to pick up a client. He hadn't tried anything but she had the feeling he was waiting till she was legal.

Buffy took one last look at the couple that made their way toward the looming Mansion, and turned and left. She'd go check on her mother, she wanted to see her again. After that though—after that she'd never come back to this town. That she vowed.