1. i own nothing 2. rory and logan were never together. just friends 3. this will be rory/jess. yay jess!!!


Rory Gilmore had just finished her last final of her junior year at yale.
she sighed with relief as she stepped out into the sunny yale campus and was met by her three darling but over protective friends Logan, Finn and Colin.
Logan was a huntzberger. heir to the fortune. a great catch. but they didn't see each other that way. Finn was austrialian and exotic. the two had a series of one night stands over spring break when they were the last two soles left on campus.
since then whenever rory needed a good lay she would call finn. but it wasnothing serious and colin was just colin.

the 4 of them decided to go celebrate the end of finals at the pub with a drink before heading off in their seperate ways.

just as they were walking out of the pub at 4 pm a black camaro convertible pulled up and stopped along side rory. the three guys instantly put their guards up and watched the interaction as the window rolled down in the camaro.

rory peered inside the car and gasped.
rory took a step back allowing jess to get out of the car. he stood taller than she remembered. almost 6 foot if she was right. "what are you doing this summer rory?" jess asked "nothing planned yet. i've been to busy studying"
"good girl. how were your finals"
"good. i think i aced them all"
"good. thats what i like to here"
"wheres lorelai this summer"
"so you're all alone"
"yeah. i haven't eventhought about plans yet"
"come with me"
"cross country. i'm staying in california for a week. we can visit your mom"
"that sounds like fun. but isn't it last minute"
"i've been planning on going for a while so i have everything ready"
"really so you just stopped to ask me"
rory stared at him for a second and looked at the guys. they had appeared to let down their guard a little.
" i guess we can go. i need to pack my stuff"
"of course. go ahead take your time. i'll spend some time with your friends proving i'm not a serial killer and call us when you need help"
rory smiled and kissed jess square on the lips. "this is going to be fun"