Wanted by the Knights Of The Holy Order, wanted by all of mankind, wanted by the most evil of all men. She knew who wanted her and why. The Order wanted her for the slaying of 58 men, mankind wanted her because they were a foul creature wanting to rid the world of anything unlike them, and Dracula wanted her because she was the key to the apocalypse. Life for Sorina was anything but normal.

She stood at the end of the alleyway and let her ears do the work for her. She kept quiet and listened intently to her surroundings. She couldn't hear a thing. Suddenly she heard it. A low muffled sound. She walked further into the alley, the sound of her boots clicking on the pavement was ominous and damning to all who heard it. She came to the end of the alley and stopped. She stared hard at the wall in front of her and felt the cold Italian breeze rush around her. Then a loud crash and a scampering sound came from behind her, she spun around.

"Shit," she heard the shadow say as he took off into a sprint.

She smiled, she always did love a good chase. She took off after him. She stayed with him until he rounded a corner and she lost sight of him. She rounded the corner, but saw nothing. Once again she let her ears do all the work.

It was almost inaudible at first but as she walked closer she heard it more clearly. Heavy breathing.

"Oh Anton," she cooed.

She heard his breath grow faster and more raspy. She smiled. "Anton, you know what you did was wrong, now come out," She teased.

He finally ran from behind a pile of trash, she pursued.

They ran another block or so before he grew too tired to wait. She slowed to a walk and caught up with him. He was bent over with his hands on his knees gasping for air. She smiled and kicked him in his butt to knock him to his knees.

"What you did to my mother, was inhumane. You stole her away from my father while he was at work, you took her away from my family, I was only three at the time and couldn't have stopped you, but believe me when I say your lucky I wasn't what I am today, or…" she said circling him.

"That was 12 years ago, how could you hold a grudge so long? Is it my fault she loved me more than your worthless father?" he shouted gaining confidence.

"YOU!" she shouted leaning close to his face, "Are in no position to be calling someone worthless. He was never on his hands and knees because he was frightened of a woman," she spat.

"I'm not frightened of a woman," he said rising back up.

"You should be," she said drawing her pistol from its case. She bushed the barrel to his forehead when his gaze met hers, "Wrought in Abyssus," she murmured under her breath. She pulled the trigger.

t t t t t

After she pulled the trigger she kissed him on his cheek leaving a red outline of her lipstick. She immediately rubbed it off her lips after. She didn't want to cause suspicion. She walked away, her boots clicking and her black coat rustling in the wind.

She came to a street corner and stopped under the light of a lamp. She examined herself to make sure she didn't have any bloodstains. Her black pants were completely clean and her crimson red shirt with black thread designs were spotless. All except a small spot on her coat, she decided to make up lie for it if someone asked. For now she would let her dark blonde hair fall over it. She continued to walk down the street and turn a corner.

t t t t t

The sound of a scream from behind her cause her to turn, she watched a young couple stand over the body, she laughed to herself and quickly walked away. Her job was done. She took out a list and crossed off Anton Slavotony off her list. She looked down at the names that were still remaining.

"I will avenge my family for they shall not have died in vain," she whispered.