A/N: The style of this poem is based on Poe's The Raven, so you might not be used to it. Still, the ending's cute.



Silver ladder to her right Causes her feet to alight

To the left side of the store Where she passed the day before,

Avoiding ladder so upright, So grim against the wall so white

That she looks at it no more As she walks out from the store,

As she flees from cursed store.

Black cat crosses in her sight Causing her to jump affright

As she remembers time before, When black cat brought her even more

Bad luck than she could handle right. Now she always acts uptight

When walks by same cat as of yore. It always shakes her to the core,

Always quakes her to the core.

When the clock does strike midnight, The sound makes her turn on all the lights.

This time brings witching hour to the fore, Makes her think of Salem's lore.

Does this at same time every night And trembles softly in her fright.

The same sound as the night before Lets her sleep fitfully no more,

Lets her dream peacefully no more.

Mirror shines with noon daylight. She looks at her reflection bright.

But mirror is a two-edged sword, Evil if shards glitter on the floor.

She fast sweeps silver shards from sight While glass her fingertips do bite.

They will bring her bad luck more, She thinks as she performs this chore,

She knows as she does dreaded chore.

Such were Sum's superstitions like, though now to her they seem so trite.

For when they stroll upon the shore She forgets suspicious lore.

And when Cohen sleeps with her at night She sleeps soft 'til morning light.

She never worries anymore Of bad luck crossing through her door,

Of bad luck creeping through her door.