The young Ninja walked down the cold streets of Radiant Garden, it was the first snow there, and Yuffie was wearing her summer attire she ran to the new coffee shop, ice cold.

"H-h-h-ate snow…" she said, before she sneezed. She walked passed her friend's table and sat right by the fire trying to defrost. Sora and Kairi were too into a conversation to notice her, she didn't mind, she enjoyed watching the two love birds talk besides, this way she couldn't get yelled at. She should have grabbed a coat, some pants and other winter accessories. But she was Yuffie and she wanted to beat everyone there.

"Stupid snow…" she muttered, she was still cold even with the fire, she saw two people staring at her; a red head and a blond girl she rolled her eyes, she must look like a psycho. That was right; she was the Great 'psycho' Ninja Yuffie, as long as she was warm psycho it didn't matter. But the case was the fire just wasn't doing it, she wondered about rolling in the fire, then decided against it.

She looked around and saw a boy about her age more importantly she saw a long black cloak so she did what Yuffie did best, she went into thief mode.

Her Warmth was at stake.


The mullet blond tapped his fingers, impatient and a bit bored, his eyes roamed around the coffee shop. He sighed; boredom was slowly eating him alive. That was until the crazy girl walked into the shop and she was covered in snow muttering something about killing the evil, cold that was snow. Demyx suppressed a laugh; she was an odd one alright.



"Can I another cup of French vanilla?"

The talkative brown haired girl, Selphie, nodded then walked in the other direction.

Demyx looked to see that the crazy woman was gone, he blinked and confused he stood up.

"Kwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" screamed Yuffie, who was lifted off two feet off the ground.

The scream caused Demyx to jump forward, leaving him with no balance causing him to fall, and taking Yuffie down with him.

Yuffie had decided the too big cloak hated her too, although she had to admit he was rather warm.

"Yuffie!!" shouted a boy; she knew that voice and it was a familiar one. But Yuffie was warm she hugged it, the boy whoever he was would have to pry her away.

Wasting space….

"Um…Yuffie?" Demyx asked she was squeezing the hell out of him.

Leon groaned, glaring at the Ninja he sighed; lent a hand to the poor boy she was attacking. Demyx took it and got lifted up; the ninja didn't take much notice to it still holding on with on her might. Demyx shook his head, laughing as he did so.

"Here's your coffee!" Selphie handed Demyx the coffee.


"Coffee?" blinked the teen, she let go of him all together.

"Yup!" he handed her the cup, "I thought you could use a cup…why are you still wearing your summer clothes anyway?"

Yuffie slurped away, gladly letting the new found warmness into her body. It was a nice feeling, cuddling into her new found happiness she grinned ear to ear.

"How else would I get a total stranger to buy me coffee?"


A short Yuffie/ Demyx Fluff, my first and never my last I love this pairing….anyways a little notes for all of you.

a) I was extremely cold when I write this…it was like 18 degrees it sucked.

b) Lack of coffee can cause me to go mad

c) This may go on a bit depending on how people react to it but until further notice it is a one-shot.

P.s I don't own Kingdom Hearts.

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