My First diary

Owner: Shinobu

Entry 1

Shinobu Maehara, age fourteen years

I am so joyful. Today Sempai gave me a diary! This might not be the first diary that I have ever had. However it certainly is the first one that I have ever received from him. I guess I should describe my situation. When I read this again I will want to know what is happening. I Shinobu Maehara am currently residing at the Hinata Inn. It has been turned into a girls dormitory and it has been about a year since I came here. I don't think that I shall ever forget this place. So much has happened since I have arrived. It has all been recorded in my other diaries.

I still can't believe Sempai got a present for me. He is so thoughtful. I mean he went out of his way to get everybody in the dorm presents. Wasn't that kind of him? I wonder what I can do for him. I make his favourite foods so often It wouldn't seem like a treat. What should I do? I think that I will sleep on it. Maybe I can think of something tomorrow.

Good night Sempai. I love you.