Chapter 1

It was a typical August day, just one week before that students would return to Hogwarts. Sitting at a fairly large table in the center of the main hall, were all of the teachers discussing the upcoming year. The sunlight from the magically enchanted cealling radiated threw the room and seemed to make the old headmaster glow when he stood to speak. "Quite down everyone. I have a surprise for you all. If things go as planned over the next week we are going to have another teacher this year."

Upon hearing this a man with long dark greasy hair lifted his head. Looking straight at the headmaster he voiced the question that was on everybodys'' minds, "What class is this new teacher going to teach. For once in seven years we aren't short staffed?"

"Calm down Severus. I haven't worked all the kinks out yet, but it will be a branch off of the muggle studies program. It is voluntary for all first threw fifth years, however it is going to be mandatory for all sixth and seventh years." The head master said looking at the pale 'Dark Arts' teacher.

The next person to speak up was the transfiguration teacher Minerva McGonagall. "Who will this new teacher be Albus?"

"Ah Minerva, Yes. An old Hogwarts student actually." he said smiling down at her, his eyes twinkling threw his half moon glasses. "An former griffendor actually you'll be happy to know. Spent the last six years training to be an aroar, while working for the ministry. Seems though to have taken an interest to being a teacher. But that is unfortunately all I can say, like I said it isn't definent yet." With that said Professor Dumbledor sat down and continued to idly chat with the other teacher while finishing up his lunch before they all headed back to their respective offices.

On the way out he pulled the 'Dark Arts' teacher aside, "Severus, would you please follow me I must speak to you in private?" Nodding his head barely Professor Snape followed the head master to his office in silence. Upon entering he was motioned to sit in the seat opposite of Dumbledors'. "Severus, we have a dilemma. You see, the schedule for your seventh years DADA class puts Slitherin and Griffendor together. I know we have done this before but after all the hostilities that occurred last year between them, I am giving you an assistant to help take care of that particular class."

"The new teacher?" Snape asked with venom dripping off the words.

"Yes. But just for that class, and you will still be in complete control. I thought it would be nice having an extra set of hands helping keep the students from fighting. Besides I figured with a former Griffendor and a Slitherin working together it might show that they don't need to be so hostile towards one another."

"Of course head master. Is their anything else?"

"No, you may go."

"Thank you head master." And with that The professor walked out of the office with his robes flowing behind him.


The rain was coming down hard as all the former students all entered the main hall and took their seats. In just a few minutes the first years would all be entering to be sorted. Not a word however had been mentioned about the new teacher since the meeting one week ago.

After the slew of first years were sorted, the headmaster walked up to the podium and raised his arms to get everybodys attention. "Everyone, if I may have a moment of your time before the feast begins. This year we are going to be having an extra class for all of the sixth and seventh years. Now don't worry about books or supplies of any sort, none will be needed. It will however take up part of your free time." He smiled as everyone of the upper clansmen groaned. "Now, now it really isn't going to be that bad. In fact I very much think you will rather enjoy it. Not only does it sound like a fun class, but the new teacher is a rather energetic and fun person. And yes I did say new teacher."

The noise in the hall grew as all the students began to discuss what this new class could be. But all became quit as the doors opened and a young woman no mare then twenty-three or twenty-four walked in. Professor Snape watched her as she walked up the center isle towards the head master, knowing that she looked familiar.

Flash back.

Snape walked around the dreary dungeon classroom as all the students brewed their

potions, and as usual his attention repeatedly went back to the same student. It was a young girl in her seventh year. She had dirty blonde hair that was halfway pulled back into a clip. She moved her long bangs out of the way exposing her green eyes.

Snape always seemed to be drawn to her and he knew exactly why. It was because she reminded him of the one person he ever truly cared for. Lilly Evens. This young girl was amazing at everything she did. She was the best in almost all of her classes, except for potions but there she was only a close second.

He knew it was wrong to want a student the way he did because she was still just a young girl.

'But she's not just a girl. She is a young woman now.' his mind argued.

'She is a student, it isn't allowed. And she is a muggle born. It could never happen.' The more rational part of his mind argued back.

'Only for another month will she be a student. And Lilly was a muggle born.'

He knew that he would go crazy if his mind continued on this path so shaking those thoughts he brought his attention back to the class. More specifically the girl standing less then a foot in front of him.

"Miss Clark, what are you doing out of your seat?" Snape asked trying to cover his surprised.

"My potion is done Professor." She said with a smile as she slipped a small vile into his hand, brushing her fingers against his. She turned around and went back to her seat to begin cleaning up her lab station.

"Figures the muddblode would be the first to finish." A slitherin boy said electing a round of laughter from all the other Slitherins. It also managed to put Snape in an awkward position. He saw Jena look up at him expecting him to say something to quite down all the Slitherin. He however just turned away acting as if he hadn't heard anything. The next thing he heard was the door close and when he turned around he saw that Jena had left.

End flashback.

"I'm sorry for being late professor. I was held up at Hogsmade." She said hugging Professor Dumbledor.

He turned her around to face all the students. "Everyone this is your new teacher, Professor Clark." Everyone clapped mostly in shock. The girl before them wasn't what they were expecting because she didn't look like any teacher they had ever had. She had light dirty blonde hair stopping just at the bottom of her shoulder blade and startling green eyes. She was very young and pretty with her fair features. She was also very small, height wise as well as width wise. And the cloths she wore weren't what a teacher would usually wear. Under her traveling cloak she donned a pair of hip hugger cargo pants and a unbuttoned button up black dress shirt with a black tank underneath.

After being directed to the only open seat, which was left beside severus, she sat down and waited for the headmaster to finish his speech. Upon hearing the end she, along with everyone else, clapped. She then proceeded to quietly eat her dinner, only speaking to the other teachers when they initiated conversations with her. Most of them consisting of how they where happy to have her and how she was so young to be a teacher.

As dinner wrapped up and all the students and teachers left the great hall she tapped her old potions master on the shoulder and smiled when he turned to her. "So I guess I'll see you in class tomorrow." Her smile however began to falter slightly when her glared at her.

"I do hope you realize that in this class you will not be teaching and that you will just be an assistant." he sneered.

"Yes of course. I understand completely." she said nodding her head as he turned to stalk off with Miss Clark making a face at his back.