Cappuccino is best served with patience

Jiraiya nearly spit out all of his fresh coffee onto Tsunade when he took a drink. It was hot, and it burned his poor tongue. Tsunade glared at him.

"In case you didn't notice, it's hot, ya dink," she said flatly. "You need to wait."

"I know, but I just can't wait. I want it now," Jiraiya answered as he attempted to take another drink. "OW!" he quickly at his drink back down and sighed.

Tsunade just glared some more and blew on her cappuccino; for she was smart and knew not to take a drink until it had cooled some. She had patience.

It was at that moment she realized her patience wouldn't last long, not with the presence of children.

Jiraiya cocked an eyebrow at the fifth Hokage as she glared in the opposite direction of him. They had sat at a two person table that was placed next to a low wall in the front of the restaurant. The wall merely served as a blocker between the dining area and the main entry way. And Tsunade happened to be glaring at said wall; or more of what was behind the wall and jumping up and down.

"Hey," a small child said as his head quickly appeared and disappeared behind the wall. "Look. At. Me." He said in between jumps. He giggled.

Tsunade continued to glare, her annoyance growing with the child. Her eyes followed him as he jumped up and down. "I swear to Kami-sama that if he doesn't stop soon…" she growled under her breath. Jiraiya feared for the child and was about to warn him, when suddenly the boy jumped up again with his tongue stuck out. That was the last straw.

It all happened in a flash, and before anyone could say otherwise, the child had been flicked in the forehead and went flying out the door.


Naruto stopped in mid step with wide eyes and stared at the child that had flown out of the restaurant and in front of him. He was going to stop in and get some hot chocolate, but this random kid had stopped him. Upon closer inspection he saw his forehead was red in the center. Just like it would be if he was…flicked…

This meant Tsunade was in there. And she was pissed at something.


"You know Tsunade, you're the Hokage…you shouldn't hit kids…" Jiraiya said as he was finally able to drink his coffee.

"No, no, you see, I'm the Hokage. I can hit kids and get away with it," she smiled evilly at him. Jiraiya didn't say anything more. Tsunade continued to smile, satisfied with her excuse and went to try her cappuccino.


Tsunade jumped in surprise and embarrassment. She hated Naruto calling her that in public, and to top things off, since she jumped, she spilled most of her precious, HOT, cappuccino onto herself.

"You shouldn't just flick random kids! You're the Hokage! You're supposed to be nice—" Naruto stopped for a moment, seeing that Tsunade had an evil aura surrounding her. He quivered in fear.

"Ero-sennin," Naruto whispered to Jiraiya. "What's wrong with her?"

"I suggest you run, Naruto," Jiraiya answered, but he was too late. Tsunade put all of her force into a single flick and sent Naruto flying across the restaurant. Jiraiya sighed.

"You know, you shouldn't tell people to be patient when you can't do it yourself."

Jiraiya regretted opening his mouth when his coffee was poured all over his pants.

This was based on what happened between me and one of my friends, on two seperate occassions. The first was with the kid and I wanted to smack him for jumping up and down and not leaving us alone and then the second time, my friend wanted to drink his coffee but it was too hot. tee hee, didn't think any one would care about that, but I put it there anyway! thanks for reading!