Wizard's Betrayer

Disclaimer: If I owned Young Wizards, Nita and Kit would've had a lot more romance going on between them. Unfortunately, I don't.

Summary: Nita, caught in the middle of a desperate situation, makes a choice. A dark choice. K/N romance.

Nita was sitting on the Moon, looking down at Earth. She was trying to figure out what to do. First her father, then Dairine, then almost all of the rest of her friends, Ronan, Roshaun(Who had returned from wherever he'd been for the past few months), Sker'ret, Filif, and numerous others had succumbed to a strange illness. Nita, working together with Kit, had tried everything, from basic flu-curing spells, all the way up to complex spells that took about three hours to set up. Nothing had worked. If anything, their attempts only made it worse. Now, Nita was on her own; Kit had succumbed to the same illness a few hours ago. At the rate the illness was progressing, Nita's estimates showed that the whole country could be infected within a matter of weeks. One glance at her watch, and Nita realized that she had only about fifteen more minutes of air left in the bubble that she'd brought with her. She stood up, then pulled one of the charms off of her charm bracelet. It was her teleportation wizardry. She stepped in it, then reappeared in front of her house.

She walked up to her room, then felt a shiver go down her spine. She took a breath, then opened the door to her room, then gasped. A boy, only about a year older than her, was sitting on her bed. "Hello, Nita. I believe that you may be wondering why I am here. The answer is this: you want to cure the illness, correct? I know how to cure it, but I don't know if it will work for you. It will only work if the person who finds it is desperate enough to make an incredible personal sacrifice. You must give up everything you have ever held dear, and then the sickness will vanish. Your choice. Do your friends live, or do they die?" the person asked, then reached into a pocket of otherspace and said,"If you decide that they live, put this on. You will be taken to somewhere where we can continue this conversation." as he removed an amulet from the pocket and handed it to Nita.

"You mean that I have to sacrifice everything?" Nita asked incredulously.

"It is the only way. But the sacrifice must be complete. You must sacrifice everything, down to your very feelings." the boy said, then began to procure a teleportation wizardry.

"Wait! Who are you?" Nita asked.

"You already know who I am." The boy said, then dropped the wizardry and vanished.

Nita looked at the amulet that was in her hand. It didn't seem very strange, save for the fact that it seemed to be made entirely out of figures in the Speech. The necklace part was made out of larger characters, but the jewel was made out of characters that were so small that she couldn't even read them. Little did she know that not knowing which characters they were could have saved her a lot of trouble.