Chapter 1

Dreaming of You

"Leo, Leo where are you? It's me Paige."

In the attic where Paige was standing, within a matter of moments the familiar sight of white lights filled the room.

"What is it Paigeā€¦ I meant to say what's up?"

Obviously flustered, Paige answered, "I had a dream last night and I need to know what you think means."

"Well dreams can mean a bunch of things but I think that due to our past experience in your case it may be something bigger."

"Well let's see, in my dream I am surrounded by the elders, including you and I am having my powers stripped. And right before they are about to tell me why I wake up and in the morning my powers are on the fritz."

Surprised, Leo stood silently to contemplate, and finally answered," Have you told Phoebe or Piper about this?"

"Are you insane, I haven't said anything especially to them. They will get all worried and with Phoebe pregnant I think that my little power problem plus my dreams are only going to put more strain on her life and not to mention my unborn nieces' life."

"Well, as an elder I can help you out."

"Leo the elders only made you a tempelder, are you sure that you can even do what you could do before with your borrowed magic?"

"Hey give me a little credit it's not like they can clip my wings. I intend to live out my life with Piper just like we saw when we went to the future during the ultimate battle, remember?"

"So what are you going to do? Are we going to find a sand man like before?"

"No Paige I am going to introduce you to the one person in the world I know who has had dreams affect her life like this before not to mention her powers."

"Who Leo? As far as I know this is a pretty unique situation,"

"Prue, your sister."