Chapter 13
Wings of Life.

"Doctor! Doctor please what's wrong?" Phoebe asked with much concern and panic in her voice.

The doctor nearly fell back at the sight of the child whose birth he had just witnessed. He reached out with towel in hand and when his hands pulled back with the tiny life form everyone's eyes in the room shot open with fear. Without hesitation Piper raised her hands and froze the room.

The baby was crying in a eerie melodious tune that sent shivers through the nurses spine as well as the people who were in the room. A spark of red light appeared from the child's eyes as he opened them. Piper instinctually rose her hands to freeze the room and then time stopped and Phoebe and Coop were the only moving people in the room. Phoebe turned to the doctor whose eyes were popped open like he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Doctor…"Phoebe gasped out in desperation and fear.

"It's okay Mrs. Halliwell, I just wanted to let you know that your babies are fine and the next is on the way."

Coop was taken aback.

"Babies? There's more than just the one?"

The doctor nodded and then returned his attention to birth and continued to coach Phoebe.

Coop knew something was up and soon made his way out of the room into the main lobby where Piper waited. As she caught sight of him she smiled and made her way across the lobby waiting area.

"So am I an aunt?" she asked excitedly.

"Yeah you are but something's happened…something bad."

"What is it Coop?"

"She's had twins."

Up there….

"So the prophecy has come to pass then?" A dark-hooded figure said with much excitement.

"Yes it has." Said a woman in an white robe.

"The future of good and evil has just been shifted in our favor, so what are there names?"

The robe was removed and there stood the face of a man with dark hair and hazel eyes. His voices familiar to the sisters if they had been close enough to hear.

"l,ove and love lost have just been born."

"Yes Cole…they have. And you have been given this second chance to make things right. If the shaman is correct about what's to pass these girls are our only hope."

"I know…I don't want Phoebe to die."

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