Ignis Satus

Author: SVURaider1-6

Pairings: Olivia/Other. Femslash.

Rating: T to a mild M depends on chapters.

Summary: Olivia meets someone. Will this be the start of a wonderful relationship or will the person Olivia has come to trust and care for turn out to be the type she locks away…

NOTE: Takes place in season 8 but I'm not really following anything that happens in the season so there shouldn't be any spoilers. Basically it's going to be an AU season 8 fic.

Disclaimer: roses are red violets are blue if I owned the characters in this story why would I share them with you?? Seriously, I own nothing. Olivia, Elliot, and the rest of SVU and anyone on that show are not mine. Its sucks I know.

Italics indicate thoughts

The cold December wind beat against her face, feet pounded the sidewalk and breaths came in pants as she kept up her pace. Her heart pounded in her chest just as her thoughts pounded within her head. The hot breaths that passed her lips turned to steam once it hit the freezing air, her cheeks were numb to a rosy pink, and her fingers were cold to the point of no feeling. She pushed herself farther, faster, and harder as her thoughts clouded her mind.

NYPD Detective Olivia Benson loved to run.

As each gruesome thought about her cases came to mind, she pushed herself harder and faster. Her chest burned from the small amount of oxygen entering her lungs, her heartbeat fast and hard against the inside of her chest. She felt the vibrations in her skull as if to push the thoughts away. Olivia did this regularly, whether it be just going to the gym to run or going to the park for a few hours. Either way, when her thoughts became too much and they clouded her mind, she ran to chase them away.

Now as the scenes of her and Elliot's recent case clouded her mind, she picked up her pace. It was her first case since she'd come back from her assignment with the FBI and she felt somewhat out of place. She'd really contemplated leaving her career but after many hours that turned to days of running and sorting through her thoughts she remembered that SVU was where she was destined to be.

Feet pounded harder and legs stung from the extensive work out. Olivia closed her eyes to shake away another disturbing thought and felt herself stumbling and falling. When she felt pain shoot through her ankle, she realized she really was falling. She placed her hands out to break her impact with the frozen ground. She laid on the cold ground for a moment to regain her bearings before she moved to a sitting position and wiped her wet hands on her pants.

"Hey, you alright? That was nasty fall."

Nodding her head, Olivia looked up and locked eyes with a tall curly haired woman with the gentlest hazel eyes she'd ever seen, her voice and speaking ability failed for a moment. "Uh y-yeah I think. I just tripped, slipped and went boom." A soft blush covered Olivia's face and she looked away from the beautiful stranger before her in embarrassment. What? God Benson could you get anymore ditzy.

The stranger laughed softly before extending her hand. "Here let me help you up." Liv took the offered hand and allowed the muscular runner to help her up. Just as she placed pressure on her right ankle, she hissed in pain and moved to sit back down. "Your ankle?"

"Yeah, I think I twisted it somehow." Olivia replied as she sat back on the icy pavement and smiled slightly at the runner.

"Do you mind if I take a look? I'm certified in first aid." Olivia shook her head and the unknown but gentle woman knelt down at her foot. "I-I uh don't know your name." Liv said as she regarded the curly haired brunette runner to see if she should be worried at any point.

"Camryn." The woman flashed Olivia a dimpled smile that Liv swore made her stomach flip, Camryn then pushed the black jogging pants up to reveal Olivia's already swelling ankle. "Don't hesitate to tell me if something hurts or if you're uncomfortable, ok." After a curt nod from Olivia, Camryn went back to examining the ankle. Gently, she unlaced the Nike running shoe to take pressure off the swelling joint. "I don't know your name y'know." Camryn said, as she pulled off Olivia's shoe.

Liv hissed in pain when Camryn touched a tender spot, the brunette looked up at Olivia with an apologetic smile. "Sorry." Olivia shook her head to dismiss the apology, "it's just a little tender." Camryn nodded and went back to checking Olivia's ankle. "Uh Olivia…is my name uh. Damn!" Liv closed her eyes in embarrassment and a rosy blush formed on her cheeks again. Nice, Olivia, real suave.

Camryn chuckled softly and looked up towards the blushing detective. Wow she's really beautiful, and she's definitely cute when she blushes. "It's nice to meet you Olivia. Do you think you can move your ankle?" Liv tried to rotate the joint, but only found herself with pain shooting up her leg. "Its ok, don't do it if it hurts too much. Can you wiggle your toes?" Olivia wigged her toes a little, "hurts a little though."

"Ok then, you probably just sprained it." Camryn gently slid Olivia's shoe back on her foot leaving it untied and loose before reaching to pull the pant leg down. As she was pulling the material down, she felt something sticky and wet. She pulled her hand away to find drips of blood on the tips. She looked up Olivia's leg and noticed that the brunette's pants were ripped. "You're bleeding and your pants are ripped. You feel pain anywhere else?"

"Well, my knee does sting a little." Liv sheepishly replied and Camryn moved up towards the brunette's knee. "How much did these pants cost?" Camryn asked, as she took a hold of the material. "Uh ten bucks, why?" Camryn looked up at Olivia and ripped the knee of black running pants. "I owe you." She softly said, while locking eyes with Olivia. She flashed the stunned detective a grin before looking down to examine the small gash across Olivia's knee. "Looks like you hit hard enough to split the skin, doesn't look too bad, but you should get it cleaned quickly. Uh, the station house is right down the street if you want I can help you there to clean this then wrap your ankle." Camryn hesitantly said, as she sat back on her heels and hiked a thumb in the direction of the station.

Olivia contemplated the crouching brunette in front of her. She didn't have any distinct alarm bells going off to tell her that she shouldn't trust the woman, and she was always a sucker for gentle eyes. She gave Camryn a beautiful smile that the other woman returned. "That would be appreciated, thank you."

"No problem. Here take my hand and I'll help you up." Camryn stood up and held her hand out for Olivia; the sitting brunette grasped Camryn's tightly and allowed the muscular runner to pull her to her feet. Once Olivia was standing, Camryn put her arm around Liv's waist and told her to lean against her to keep some pressure off her ankle. They started walking, or in Olivia's case limping, slowly towards the park entrance.

"So are you a cop or something?" Olivia timidly asked as she leaned closer to Camryn's warm hard body. She didn't think she'd seen the curly haired woman let alone heard about her before from any of the other precincts. "Or something." Camryn stated with a grin. "I'm a Fire Investigator with Ladder Company 28. I take it you're a cop though?" Olivia tensed for a second. Am I that easy to read? Do I really look like a cop? I'm trying to get away from that look. Arg! "Uh yeah, how'd you know?" She glanced up at the tall investigator who looked down at her with a humorous smile and stated, "Your sweatshirt." Camryn gestured to the embroidered letters on the left side of the navy blue hoodie, just over Olivia's heart. Liv looked down and felt another blush creep up her cheeks as she read the bright yellow letters that said: "New York City Police Academy."

"Oh. Uh wow, this is really doing great for a good first impression, especially as a detective." Olivia embarrassingly said, as she buried her face into Camryn's shoulder. The taller brunette looked down and smiled at the sight; carefully, she pulled Liv a little closer to her. "What makes you say that? I think you've made a fine first impression, detective."

"Right." Olivia sarcastically said before continuing, "First, I said, 'I tripped, slipped, and went boom.' Then I couldn't tell you my name with out sounding like a ditz, and just now with the sweatshirt. Yeah, I've been real suave. You made a better impression." Camryn raised a brow and Olivia jokingly rolled her eyes. "Well, you did! How many real New York joggers would have stopped to help me? Not many I'll tell you that, you're an angel for stopping." She smiled up at the brunette jogger again and this time, Camryn felt her heart skip a beat.

Wow, she's gorgeous when she smiles.

I wonder if she knows how beautiful she is?

"Hey it was nothing, I like helping beautiful ladies like yourself, regardless if they act like a ditz." Camryn said, while giving Olivia another one of her charming smiles and a wink. Liv was mesmerized, is she flirting with me? "Here we are." Camryn said, as they walked through one of the large doors of Ladder 28, she led Olivia towards the back of the house to an office.

"Hey Ryn, another one! Damn!" One fire fighter bellowed and Camryn only glared at him before rolling her eyes in annoyance. "Don't mind them, they're just jealous that I have better luck with the ladies." She acted as though she was directing the statement to Olivia but really she was saying it to the group of men who were crowded around one of the engines. Olivia glanced at the men just as one winked at her and blew her a kiss, trying not to cringe, Liv moved closer to Camryn who threw the men a triumphant grin. Camryn turned her attention back to helping Olivia towards her office. "Here, have a seat. I'm going to go grab the first aid kit." Camryn helped Olivia lay back on the leather couch in the office before disappearing.

Olivia looked around the old office that was about the size of Cragen's office back at the 1-6; maybe it was a little bigger. A large oak desk sat only a few feet away and was crowded with files and papers, a coat rack with a white firemen's coat and helmet hung from the rack behind the desk. Diplomas, awards, medals, and pictures decorated the walls. One photo in particular on the table next to the couch caught Olivia's attention. Carefully, she reached out and picked up the photo that turned out to be a newspaper clipping. Liv read over the small clipping: 16-Year-Old Becomes Town Hero After School Fire. The black and white photo was of a sixteen year-old Camryn, holding a gold metal around her neck and kneeling with two young children on either side of her. A small smile played on Olivia's lips as she read over the clipping again, gently she set the photo back in its place and waited for Camryn.

"Ok here we go. I also got you a pair of sweatpants to wear since I ripped yours." Camryn moved to kneel before the couch; she set the kit down next to her and grabbed a large band-aid, alcohol pad, and ointment. She turned back to Olivia's knee and pushed the torn pants away from the large gash. Olivia watched the investigator closely and taking in as much of the other woman she could, Camryn felt Liv's gaze on her and flashed another one of her sexy dimpled smiles. Olivia smiled back and watched as Camryn gently cleaned her knee; the stinging didn't hurt badly as long as Camryn continued to softly touch her. Camryn pulled the alcohol pad from Olivia's knee and softly blew on the cut to stop the sting, she looked up and locked eyes with Olivia as she did so.

"Doesn't look like it needs stitches." Camryn softly whispered as she pulled back from Olivia's knee and carefully put some antibacterial ointment on the cut before placing the band-aid on it. "So how long have you been an investigator?" The silence between them seemed to be charged with some type of tension that Olivia couldn't put her finger on, so she's decided a little conversation would ease the tension. Plus, Olivia really wanted to get to know the beautiful woman before her.

"About five years. I was a fire fighter for about seven years before that." Camryn crumpled the band-aid wrapper and alcohol pad up and tossed them in the garbage can next to her desk. She turned back to Olivia and smiled before reaching in to the kit and taking out an ice pack and ace bandage. "How about you? How long have you been a cop?"

"Going on eight years. Before that, I was a beat cop for the 3-1." Camryn nodded and cracked the ice pack over her knee, she shook it a few times until it got cold before wrapping it in a paper towel and placing it on Olivia's ankle. "Keep this on for about twenty minutes." Camryn directed and sat back on the floor, Olivia moved into a more comfortable position as Camryn softly smiled at her. "Are you comfortable? You want something for the pain?"

Olivia shook her head before resting it on the back of the couch. "No thank you, I'm ok." The shrilling of the fire bell caused Olivia to jump while Camryn chuckled from her position on the floor. "You uh don't need to-"

"No, they'll call me if they need me. Most likely just an electrical fire, nothing too big." Camryn removed the ice pack and started to gently wrap Olivia's ankle. "So what area are you in, detective?"

Olivia wasn't too sure if she wanted to tell Camryn that she was with SVU, she liked the curly haired brunette a lot even though she only met her an hour ago. She didn't want to scare the woman away or even worse have her be really intrigued and have to turn her down. She decided to bite the metaphoric bullet. "Special Victims."

Camryn only nodded and continued to wrapped the semi-swollen ankle, once she finished the wrapping and clipped the metal hooks, she look up at Olivia seriously. "It takes someone very brave and compassionate to work those types of crimes. You have my respect. You seem like the type to be in that area and work well with the victims. I respect you for that." Olivia bashfully smiled and looked down to play with seam of her hoodie. "Well it's true. I know I wouldn't be able to do it!"

The detective looked up at Camryn once more and smiled. "Thank you, you took that better then others."

Camryn chuckled while closing up the first aid kit, She stood and put it on her desk. "Wanna know a secret." The brunette investigator asked with a grin and leaned back against her desk. Olivia's brow creased in confusion. Was she wrong about Camryn; was the curly haired woman just being nice so she could get all the details later or something? "Uh sure..." Liv trailed off.

"I know the SVU ADA."

Olivia sighed lightly in relief before she acknowledges what Camryn just said. "Wait, you know Casey? Casey Novak?" She asked in disbelief. "Yeah, we dated back in college. Now were friends, we're better off friends then a couple. Occasionally she vents when a case gets to her or she'll use me as a mock jury for some of her arguments." Camryn rolled her eyes in sarcastic joy before she looked back and winked at Olivia. "She was real klutz back then if I remember correctly, especially in mock court and her professors always told her to stay out of the court room, but hell, look at her now, bringing the conviction rate right up. Turned out to be a damn fine lawyer! But her sense of fashion could use a little help." Camryn laughed and Olivia joined her. Camryn was right, Casey's sense of fashion could use a date with 'What Not to Wear.' "You thought I was going to say something else, huh?"

Olivia shrugged and locked eyes with the beautiful brunette that was leaning against the large oak desk. "Most people I tell usually freak or get really intrigued and ask for all the details which is just pain scary." Camryn chuckled and picked up the sweatpants to hand to Olivia. "Here, you can wear these. I'll give you some privacy so I'm gonna go put this away." She said, holding up the first aid kit. "You going to be able to manage?" Olivia nodded and Camryn moved to leave and closed the door on her way out.

Olivia slipped off the destroyed Puma jogging pants and sighed at the large hole. "Good thing I got them on sale." She dropped the pants in the waste bin next Camryn's desk and slipped the gray sweatpants on. A light knock came to the door just as Olivia was moving to sit back down. "You uh, dressed?" Camryn asked from the outside the office. "Yeah, you can come in." Camryn walked in and stood before the couch, Olivia immediately felt the silence between them stretch. "I should get going." She moved to get up but Camryn rushed to her side and gently pushed her down. "Wait one second." Camryn backed out of the office and came back a few moments later. "These might make it easier to get around." She handed Olivia the metal crutches, Liv arranged herself and leaned on the crutches. "Thank you, Camryn." Camryn's stomach did a flipped at the sound of her name coming from the gorgeous brunette's lips.

"You're quiet welcome, Olivia." She said with a charming smile. Olivia's heart skipped a beat when Camryn used her name. They'd danced around the use of names; instead they settled on formalities or nothing. "Uh, let me give you a lift home." Camryn said as she held open the door for Olivia. "Ok, that's very generous of you, Camryn." Camryn only shrugged and walked out after Olivia; she led the limping brunette to one of the SUV and opened the door for her. Olivia smiled thanks and climbed in while Camryn walked to the other side and got in, Olivia gave Camryn directions to her apartment and relaxed in the comfortable talk they were having. Once there, the curly haired brunette insisted on helping Liv to her apartment. When they got to Olivia's door, the detective unlocked it and allowed the large door to swing open, she leaned against the door jam as best she could and smiled up at the hazel eyed brunette. "My stop." Liv said.

Camryn briefly looked into the apartment before looking back to Olivia; slowly she took a step towards the shorter woman until they were close to being a hairs breath apart. "I uh, still owe you for your pants." Camryn huskily whispered, while locking eyes with Olivia. "Don't worry about it." Liv whispered back and tilted her head up towards Camryn, causing a wisp of hair to fall from her face and rest against her cheek. "Hmm I can't, why don't I treat you to dinner tomorrow night to make up for it."

Olivia looked into Camryn's hopeful eyes as she contemplated her answer, she really liked and was attracted to Camryn but she wasn't sure if she was ready to date again. C'mon Liv, it'll do you some good to get out and have some fun. A brilliant smile crossed her lips and she nodded at Camryn. "Dinner sounds nice." An even larger and brilliant smile formed on the taller brunette's lips. "Really?" Olivia nodded. "Ok great, I'll uh pick you up at 8 then?"

"Eight would be perfect." Olivia sweetly said. "Good. So I'll see you at 8 then. Oh, any preference?"

"No anything is ok with me."

"A-Alright, I'm gonna go." Camryn took a step back and Liv watched her with a smile before she sexily ran the tip her tongue over her dry lips. "I uh, know that this might be a little forward but I can't resist." Camryn stepped back towards Olivia and reached up to brush a lock of hair from Olivia's face, slowly she leaned in to place a soft kiss on Olivia's cheek but Liv moved her head at the last moment and the kiss landed on the corner of her lips. The kiss was lingering and when Camryn pulled back, both women had bright smiles. "I uh, gotta go." Camryn said as she locked eyes with Olivia a final time and brought her hand up to brush her thumb across Liv's soft cheek. "I'll see you at 8."

Olivia sensually nodded as she watched Camryn walk backwards towards the elevator; their eyes never broke contact until the elevator doors closed. Liv's smile lingered on her lips and she brought a hand up to touch where Camryn's lips had been. With the smile still on her lips, Olivia turned into her apartment locking the door behind her. She picked up the phone and called Cragen to tell him she wouldn't be in for the day because she'd sprained her ankle, he told her much to his dislike to take the next three off and rest it. She thanked him and ended the call; the next person she called was Casey.


"Tell me what you know about Camryn." Olivia said with a somewhat dreamy smile and plopped down on her couch.

"Camryn? Camryn who?" Casey asked in confusion and turned all her attention to the conversation with Olivia.

"Tall, muscular, and gorgeous. Fire investigator you dated in college, ringing any bells yet, Councilor." Olivia supplied with a laugh.

"Oh, Camryn Dayton, investigator for Ladder Company 28. That Camryn?"

"Yeah, I met her today." Olivia said with a smile.

"You met Camryn? How'd you meet Camryn?" Casey quickly asked in interest. "I fell jogging today and she helped me. She asked me to dinner tomorrow night."

"Lucky you, Liv." Casey said in praise. Liv began to play with the couch seam as she talked to Casey. "So what's there to know about Camryn?"

Casey laughed softly. "Liv, she's one of the greatest people I know. No joke. You're really lucky that she's treating you."

"Really why's that?" Now Olivia's interest in the hazel eyed brunette was spiking. "'Cause truthfully, she's really picky about who she takes to dinner and really who she dates. She doesn't take just anyone out to dinner. There has to be something about you that just attracts her, sets a spark to her, and you struck that spark.

"So it's an honor I take it." Liv said, and Casey huffed in agreement. "You bet your ass it is. She's really romantic yet at the same time she's really laid back and you don't really feel like you're on a real fancy date when really you are. Or well, that's how I felt on my first date with her. Wherever she takes you it's going to be amazing I'm sure, Liv." Olivia sat back in her couch with a content smile as Casey told her more about Camryn. "So tell me what you're going to wear." Casey said after she'd giving Olivia a good description of what Camryn's like.

"I don't know yet actually." She shyly replied. "Well you better figure that out, Liv." Both laughed at that. "Yeah I will but I better let you get back to work."

"Alright. I'll see you tomorrow?" Casey asked.

"No, I got three days off where I plan to rest my ankle so I can walk tomorrow, it's not bad but I don't know if I'll be wearing heels." Olivia chuckled. "Ok, call me after your date."

"I'll try, bye Casey see you in a few days. Oh, and don't tell the guys. I don't wanna jinx this or something ok." Olivia asked. "You got it, Liv. I'll see you in a few days. Tell Cami I said hi." Olivia bid Casey a final good bye before hanging up and sitting back on her couch to think about what to wear for her date.


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