Ignis Satus

Chapter XIII: Novus Pars Amor

Author: SVURaider1-6

Pairings: Olivia/Other. Femslash.

Rating: T or PG-13

Summary: Olivia meets someone. Will this be the start of a wonderful relationship or will the person Olivia has come to trust and care for turn out to be the type she locks away…

NOTE: Takes place in season 8 but I'm not really following anything that happens in the season so there shouldn't be any spoilers. Basically it's going to be an AU season 8 fic.

Note 2: I changed where Olivia went to college to my college only because I know about my college and how its run so it just makes it easier for me to pull things from my life cause then I don't have to think so much. Also I changed Camryn's degree to Criminal Investigation only because I know about that degree, since it's my degree, and it fits more for the career Camryn is in, I mean how many people with a Social Work degree go into investigating fires??? Not many. Lol. Don't like it then too bad I don't care.


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Italics indicate thoughts, anything being read but not out loud, or a record message. Confused? You'll get what I mean as you read.

Olivia rolled over to wrap her arms around Camryn, her eyes blinked open when she came in contact with cold empty sheets. Slowly she sat up and looked around the sunny room in confusion. She sat in the bed and listened closely to hear if her lover was in the kitchen, she didn't hear any movement. Carefully she climbed out of the bed and stood up, she spotted Camryn's pajama pants on the end of the bed and put them on. She then made her way down stairs in search of her lover; she was sadly disappointed when she found the room empty. Wrapping her arms around her body she wandered past the couch, where Jayzee slept, to the kitchen. Jay heard her past and jumped off the couch to follow with hopes of getting some kitty treats. Liv walked up to the counter and found a full pot of coffee and a mug, propped against the mug was a small slip of paper. She picked the note up and read the scripted message that she was sure Cami left.


You're beautiful when you sleep, did you know that?

I had to run down to the front desk; I should be back in ten minutes. There's tea in the kettle on the stove or, if you prefer, I made coffee. Feel free to have either. See you in a few, gorgeous.


Oh feel free to use me phone to call your captain. I believe he called while you were still asleep and I'm pretty sure your cell died after.

Liv set the note down with a smile; she then picked up a mug and poured herself some coffee. She took a sip of the liquid before picking up her phone and trying to turn it on, Cami was right it was dead. Liv set the device down and picked up her coffee and started to wander around the apartment while she waited for Camryn. She took in all the pictures that decorated the walls, shelves, and tables. She wandered over to a wall that she could see had a few certificates and diplomas on it, one diploma in particularly caught her eye. She walked closer and read it. It was a PH.D degree in Criminal Investigations from SUNY Canton, the exact same college that Olivia had attended. Liv was not only surprised that Cami was a doctor but she also attended the same school Olivia had and they graduated the same year in the same class. Olivia stared at the degree in mild shock before taking a sip of her coffee and walking towards the balcony doors, she looked out over the city before slowly opening the doors.

She walked out into the surprisingly warm December weather. The snow that had fallen a few days earlier had melted and left the city looking like it was spring. Olivia sighed heavily as she looked out over the city and grasped her coffee. Her thoughts wandered to the upcoming week then weekend. Christmas was only a week away and, as always, Olivia would be spending it working and alone. The holiday season always depressed her because she never had anyone to share it with, her mother was gone, and she had no real friends. She never quite felt right going to Eliot's for the holidays, she always felt that she was intruding and taking their pity, and the way her partner has been acting the past week there is no way in Hell Liv would spend Christmas with him. So alas she was alone once again for Christmas. Olivia sipped her coffee and continued to look over her home city.

Olivia was so lost in thought that she didn't hear Camryn enter the apartment. The older woman dropped her things off on her dining room table and walked up behind her lover on the balcony. Gently she slipped her arms around Olivia's waist and held her; she placed a soft kiss to Liv's temple then rested her cheek against the other woman's head. Olivia smiled and leaned back against Camryn's tall body. "Did you sleep well," Camryn asked softly and turned her head slightly to look at the woman in her arms.

Liv turned in Camryn's arms and looked up at her. "I slept wonderfully in your arms." She said lovingly before leaning up to brush her lips against Cami's. "Where'd you go this morning," Liv asked as she pulled back from Camryn's lips.

Camryn smiled and took Liv's hands, she slowly lead her lover back into the warm apartment. She released Olivia's hand and closed the balcony doors before walking into the kitchen to make herself some tea. "I woke up around 5:30 this morning and decided to go for a run around the block," The older woman explained and turned to Olivia. "When I got back up here the front desk called and said that I had a package I need to pick up, so I ran down and got it. Its probably the replacement piece for my stereo." Cami explained with a bright morning smile. She was just raising her tea to her lips when her watch beeped and flashed, Camryn immediately set her mug down and checked her watch. She looked up at Olivia with a slight smile. "Can you excuse me for a minute," Cami asked as she moved passed Liv to the stairs then up to her room.

The detective watched her go in confusion, her curiosity got the best of her and she followed her lover. Slowly she walked up the stairs, careful not to make any noise. It wasn't that she didn't trust Camryn or that she didn't want Cami to know she was peeking on her; she just didn't want to disturb her. She reached the top of the stairs and saw Camryn sitting on the bed with her hoodie off leaving her in a tank top and her arm out in front of her. Liv was just about to say something when she saw Camryn pick up a syringe with a clear liquid in it and insert it into her arm. The detective froze and her eyes went wide in shock, the first thing that came to mind was that her lover was in her room shooting up. What? But she- She can't. Camryn wouldn't be in to drugs…would she? Its looks like it. No there must be a good explanation, I'm sure. Olivia took a step forward, alerting Camryn to her presence; the investigator slowly looked up at her in surprise. "Cami…what…what are you doing?" Liv asked almost painfully.

"Olivia, it's not what you think or what it looks like," Camryn started calmly as she pulled the needle out of her arm and threw it in an orange trashcan.

"N-not what I think? Not what it looks like? It looks like you're shooting up in your bed room!" Olivia said in astonishment and anger. Camryn sighed heavily and picked up an alcohol pad, she pressed it to her arm to wipe up the blood before pulling out a band-aid and putting it on. The action took Liv completely off guard; if Camryn was shooting up and a druggie then she was the first drug addict that Olivia ever met that cared about cleaning and covering her track marks. "Just tell me what you were doing!" She said demandingly.

Camryn sighed again and flipped open a black case that was sitting on the bed next to her, she pulled out a small bottle and held it out for the detective. "Here, take it and read the label." Camryn said. Olivia walked forward and took the bottle from the sitting woman; she looked down at the label and read it. Glucagon. Her forehead creased in confusion and she looked to Cami for an explanation. "It's Glucagon. I'm hypoglycemic, I have low blood glucose and my body is unable to convert stored glycogen into glucose when its suppose to. When it gets to low to take glucose tablets or eat something I have to inject Glucagon into my blood stream so it can help my liver convert the stored glycogen it to glucose." The investigator explained calmly.

Olivia looked away in shame, why didn't she think of something like that in the first place not that Camryn was doing drugs and needed her fix. She hated that she felt like she was always looking for a reason that Camryn wasn't as good as she showed to be, that she was always looking for something bad that Camryn did or does. Why she did that, she had no idea. "I'm sorry," she said softly and handed that bottle back to Camryn.

"Its alright, it happens a lot actually." Camryn said as took the bottle and put it back in her case. She then picked up her meter and proceeded to check her levels again; when she was done she tossed the strips out and zipped up her meter. She looked up at Olivia softly; she could tell the other woman was beating herself up for jumping to conclusions. "Hey, hey its alright." Cami said and reached out to take Olivia's hand; gently she tugged the woman into her lap and wrapped her arms around her.

"I feel like a jerk," Olivia said harshly and rested her head on her girlfriend's shoulder.

"Don't, it's alright. People always jump to conclusions when I have to do a shot, I don't blame them it does look I'm shooting. I'm not mad that you would jump to the conclusion, you barely know me, I never told you, what else were you to think." The investigator said gently.

Liv nodded, "I know but still I sometimes feel that I'm looking for a flaw or something bad you're doing and I don't know why. But each time I think I've found something it turns out to be nothing and you still come out perfect."

Camryn laughed and shook her head. "Trust me, Liv I'm not perfect."

The detective pulled back and looked at Camryn seriously. "But you are, you're so perfect that everything pales in comparison. Just when I think you can't get anymore perfect you do and it's amazing."

The older woman looked into Olivia's eyes and slowly reached out to brush a lock of hair from her face. She stared at the woman in her arms and could not believe her luck, she couldn't believe that she had an amazingly beautiful woman sitting in her lap telling her she was perfect. "I'm not anymore perfect then you are." Cami said before leaning up and passionately kissing Olivia, the other woman sighed against her lips and threaded her fingers through Cami's short hair.

Olivia pulled back first when oxygen became an issue, she wrapped her arms around Cami's neck and rested her forehead against her girlfriend's. "So," she said spontaneously, "how do I know when you need to take a shot?" She was purely curious and slightly concerned, she wanted to be able to tell when Camryn's life was at risk so she could help. Something like Hypoglycemia is really big in someone's life and she wanted to know what she could do if something ever happened. She was asking purely out of loving concern.

"Well I shouldn't have to take many injections, they're actually only for an emergency but sometimes I'm too busy to remember to check my levels, which isn't good, and my levels drop really low and an injection is necessary. Most of the time though I use Glucose tablets," Cami said and reached over to her nightstand and picked up a small roll. "These are the tablets I take. Don't be surprised if everywhere you look you see a roll, I keep them everywhere. My condition is somewhat sever; my levels drop quickly if I don't watch them and I don't eat properly. My watch," She held up her wrist to show Liv, "doubles as a watch and a meter. It's one of the more advanced meter devices. I got it as a gift from Donna shortly after I had to go to the hospital because I let my glucose get too low. If it beeps once then it means its getting low and I should take a tablet, if it beeps twice and flashes then my levels are too low and I need an injection. If I don't get an injection by the third beep, it keeps beeping until it reads that my levels are going back to normal, there's no way to turn it off. That should never happen because my levels should never get that low, if it does then I'm most likely in shock or passed out and I need to go to the hospital. I have to check my levels every now and then, mostly when I feel drowsy or before I eat and after I eat. And I can't have too much sugar, mostly because my doctor doesn't want to chance it in case something bad could happen. That's why I don't drink too much coffee, I tend to add lots of sugar." The investigator said with a chuckle. "The last important thing is my bracelet," she held her right wrist up and showed the silver chain to Olivia. The detective reached out and turned the chain to read the tag on it. "It says my condition, my name, and my blood type." Cami looked at the bracelet sadly. "It was the first thing Addison gave me when we started dating, she gave it to me shortly after I was diagnosed when I was seventeen." She ran her fingers over the chain before dropping her hands to Olivia's hips. "So what do you say we head back down stairs and visit before I head off to take a shower?"

Liv nodded and stood up, she held her hand out to Camryn who gratefully took it and followed her down stairs. Cami heated her tea up and leaned against the counter while Olivia sat at the breakfast bar, the older woman smiled at her and walked over to lean against the counter in front of Liv. They gazed at each other with soft loving eyes, Camryn smiled at Liv before reaching out and taking her hand. Softly she ran her thumb over Liv's knuckles causing the other woman's stomach to flip and her heart beat faster. "Cami, can I ask you something?"

"Of course you can ask me anything," Camryn said gently and laced their fingers together.

"What did you go to college for?"

Camryn smiled and squeezed her lover's hand. "You found my diploma and degrees, huh." Liv bashfully looked away, a slight blush covering her cheeks. "It's ok, Liv." Cami said as she reached out to cup Olivia's cheek and turn her head to face her. "I went to college for Criminal Investigations. It's a degree that I really like and it gives me a broad range of qualifications. It comes in handy in my line of work. Its not easy to get a Crime Scene Tech to the scene of a fire to take care of evidence, being a qualified CSI Tech I can take care of the crime scene quickly and properly without having to wait around. I also got my undergrad in Social Work because I've always been dedicated to helping others. Its also certifies me in different areas of counseling, ranging from substance abuse to child and/or spousal abuse. This way I'm kinda like everything you could need at a crime scene." She explained with a laugh, Olivia nodded and looked down at her coffee, Camryn could tell there was more she wanted to ask. "Liv, what is it?"

"You went to SUNY Canton, didn't you?" She asked timidly.

"Yes," Camryn said, "the college I attended in Montreal after I was honorably discharged from the Air Force in Canada was accredited. I had high grades after my first year and they agreed to pay for my tuition to any college of my choice within Canada or the U.S. I chose SUNY Canton because it was in the middle of both places and it offered my degree. After I finished my degree I went back to Canada and became a Mountee. It's a lot to remember I know, I sometimes forget how everything went. I kind of just moved around and went with a flow of whatever after Addison's death. Why do you ask, if you don't mind me asking?" The older woman asked in equal curiosity.

Olivia slowly looked up at her lover with a smile. "I attended SUNY Canton the same years you did; we graduated the same year too."

"Are you sure," Cami asked in surprise and disbelief.

The detective nodded, "small world huh. Maybe it's destiny or something for us to be together. We were given a chance once before but neither of us were ready, so we were given a second chance and it was successful. You understand what I'm saying, right?"

"I know exactly what you're saying." The older woman said with a smile. "Can I ask you something now?" Liv nodded happily and played with her lover's fingers. "It might be a little forward, how old are you?"

Liv laughed and flashed Cami a bright smile. "How old are you," she asked in return with a raised brow.

"Ouch, I get it but really how old are you? I mean if we went to SUNY Canton together and I was 28 at the time then that means you must have been just out of high school. So could you just feed my curiosity and tell me." Cami asked, jokingly pleading with a charming smile.

"Ok, Ok I'm 39. So now you answer me, how old are you?" Liv countered.

Camryn chuckled, "sweetie I'm an old lady compared to you." Liv looked at her curiously and waited for her to answer the question. Cami sighed heavily and looked down bashfully, "I'm 44."

Olivia laughed, "You think you're old! I'm gonna be 40 next month!"

"I'm gonna be 45 come June, 50 in five years. You're a young thing compared to me." The investigator shot back with a laugh.

"Alright, alright lets not fight it's no big deal really. Anyway it's better to get things later in life." Olivia laughed and moved around the bar to hug her girlfriend.

Cami nodded and wrapped her arms around Olivia. "You're right. You know I'm starting to really like destiny," she said with a smile and placed a kiss to the side of Liv's head. They stood in each other's arms, content with just having each other's warmth around them. "I need to go take a shower, I stink." Camryn said spontaneously and breaking the silence.

Olivia laughed and pulled away from her lover. "Yeah you do," she said jokingly and pinching her nose.

The taller woman mockingly glared at her before grabbing her and trapping her in her arms. "Really now, well how 'bout I get you all sweaty and smelly then, detective Benson." Cami said evilly and pulled the other woman flush against her. Olivia laughed and tried to squirm her away out of Camryn's arms but she wasn't really trying because frankly she never wanted to leave the strong investigators arms, even if they were sweaty. Camryn laughed with her and struggled to keep her hold, the investigators fingers brushing against Liv's bare back cause the detective to stop and look right into her girlfriend's eyes. "Don't even think about it, Camryn Audrey Dayton," Olivia said seriously. An evil glint passed over Camryn's face and she grinned just as evilly before she started tickling the detective. Liv howled with laughter and tried to ward off her lover's assault

"Cami…s-stop…ahh…stop…I can't breathe," Olivia said through her joyous laughter. She managed to grab Camryn's hands and hold them still, she caught her breath and slowly looked up to lock gazes with the other woman. "You better be glad I like you, Dayton I hate being tickled."

"Oh I'm more then glad you like me, Benson." The investigator said, she wrapped her arms around Liv and pulled her in for a deep mind blowing kiss. Olivia was blown away as she moved her hands up her lover's chest to burry them in Cami's hair. Camryn was the first to pull back when oxygen became an issue. "I should go shower now, huh." She said absently, Olivia nodded and just stared at her. The investigator leaned down again and kissed her deeply once more. "Hmmm, I could kiss you all day," she said as she slowly pulled away from Olivia.

"I could do the same," Liv said breathlessly.

Camryn smiled, "I'm gonna go shower now." She pulled away and turned towards her room. "I was thinking that maybe you could call in and get the day off and then we could leave early, that is if you'd like to. Think about it and feel free to use my phone." Cami said before heading off to take a shower. Olivia watched her go with a smiled before grabbing her coffee and moving to the couch, she picked the phone up off the table and dialed the captain's number.

"Cragen," came the voice when the phone was answered.

"Cap, it's Liv." Olivia said in greeting.

"What can I do for you," Don asked naturally.

Olivia sighed and started to scratch Jayzee's head to occupy her slightly nervous hands. "Is there anyway I can get all of today off?"

Don smiled on the other end of the phone, "absolutely! You deserve some time off, Olivia you never take any. Take as long as you want and need, you've racked up a lot of vacation time so you're covered. I'll see you when I see you."

The detective smiled happily, "thanks Captain."

"It's no problem, Olivia it's about time you take sometime off and spend it with someone. I don't want to see you until Monday, got it." The Captain ordered.

Liv laughed, "yes sir. Thanks again, Don."

"You take care, Liv." Don said before they said goodbye and hung up.

Olivia pressed the end button on the phone and sent it on the coffee table she then turned her attention to the kitty rolling around next to her. She gently scratched Jay's chin as the cat purred loudly, suddenly her popped up and sprang towards his cat bed and dived into it head first.

"He's obviously been in the cat nip this morning," came a voice from behind Olivia.

Liv looked behind her to find Camryn standing in the doorway between the living room and the kitchen with a smile on her lips. The older woman was dressed in a pair of cargo pants with a green and white striped polo shirt, a towel hung around her neck and her new short hair was wet and curly. "I uh called my captain, he said I have the next three days off. He doesn't want to see me until Monday."

Camryn's smile grew and she walked up behind Olivia on the couch, she leaned on the back of the couch as Liv looked up at her sweetly. "Great," she started softly, "just give me a few to grab a few things and make a phone call then we can head to your place." Camryn leaned down and captured Olivia's lips with her own. What was only meant to be a quick lip lock turned into a full mind blowing kiss. "Hmm, I don't want to stop kissing you." Camryn said as she slowly released Olivia's lips.

"I don't either," Liv said breathlessly.

The taller woman softly cupped her lover's face and looked deeply into her eyes. "You're so beautiful," She whispered.

Olivia looked away bashfully with a smile, "and you're handsome so we're even."

The two stood looking into each other's eye's with smiles before Camryn kissed Olivia's forehead and turned to finish getting ready. The taller short haired woman finished packing and getting her animals ready before they headed to Olivia's apartment to get her things.

End Chapter 13


More to come…hopefully. See this chapter I found on my external hard drive, its half written…it was suppose to be a lot longer than this but I found it and decided that where it stopped was good enough for a chapter. So this chapter was written almost 3 years ago went uncompleted until about 3:00 pm here in NY, quickly finished it and viola posted it for all you people that are still reading this. Hope you enjoyed it and I hope there's more theres come…hehe