Tom Riddle and the Pure-Blood Prince

Part One

Chapter One: Between Fear and Awe

Eileen Prince was a skinny girl, with a long, pallid face, and stringy jet-black hair all the way down her back. The only really pretty feature, would have to be her eyes. Her eyes were a deep brown, with small sparks of light in the pupils.

There was one particular boy in her own house, Slytherin and in her year. It seemed that all the students, all the teachers, and everyone who knew this boy liked him, or at least, as the Gryffindors did, respected him. Eileen liked him too, but she was very private about her feelings, and was not one to show it. He was a brilliant student and very handsome. Eileen knew she could not measure up to him in terms of looks, but it didn't hurt that she came from a regal pureblood family, the Princes and she was also a very good student. She particularly had an interest in potions and ancient runes, as well as being captain of the Gobstones team.

It was the last night before the Christmas break would begin, and most students would leave to go home. Eileen was planning on celebrating with her family tomorrow morning.

She hurriedly swept down to the dungeons after dinner, her bluish-gray witches robes, billowing over her waist. She was hurrying to get her last bit of packing done in her dormitory and to finish her schoolwork.

The boy whom most everyone was charmed by, was lounging in a leather black arm- chair by the waterfall in the Slytherin Common Room, situated under the black lake. In his strong hands he was holding what appeared to be a small, black notebook. On it, his name was in silver gilded writing: TM RIDDLE, which stood for Tom Marvolo Riddle.

A few of the boys Tom was talking to, turned their heads when they saw Eileen march across the threshold and go down the left tunnel towards the girls' dormitories. A lot of them were interested in dating her, because she was a pureblood witch. The followers of Tom Riddle didn't wish to be ridiculed, by Tom for going out with a girl who was anything less than pureblood, non-blood traitor. He had already instilled a great deal of fear, by threatening what he would do if he found any of them were forging close relationships with the lesser wizard-kind, or at a subject of complete taboo, forming a relationship with a muggle.

When Eileen, got to her dormitory she was not very pleased with the way the girls in her dorm were acting. They were throwing their own private party, and it was a mess. They even had the nerve to sit on Eileen's bed and eat Hogsmeade candy!

When she saw this, she immediately whipped her wand out and threatened to hex them. They were all un-armed and backed away from the bed.

"Evanesco!" she hissed. And the small pile of candy disappeared. Eileen smiled smugly and said, "I wasn't going to hex anyone, but it would be prudent to leave me alone. I want to finish my essays that are due after break tonight!"

After that, all the girls, except Eileen left their dorm, and went back to the common room to party. Eileen did not want to go down there, as it was too noisy to finish her work. She sat on a chair with her nightstand in front of her to start writing her transfiguration essay for Professor Dumbledore.

Once the clock struck midnight, Eileen was still having a go at her studies, including an extra-credit potions project for Professor Slughorn about the rudimentary principles of alchemy. She was flipping through a book from the library, when the four girls from her dormitory came back in, slightly drunk on butterbeer.

Eileen angrily slammed the book shut, gathered her parchment and went down to the common room to finish. She knew from experience with these girls, that they could not sleep even with one burning candle in the room.

Once outside her room, she was immersed in total darkness in the twisting tunnel. Eileen lit her wand and proceeded to walk at a swift pace until she arrived back in the common room. Tom Riddle was also there in the back, to what appeared to Eileen to be studying.

Eileen set herself down, at a fair distance at a desk opposite Tom. For a second, Tom looked up to see who it was, and then went back to what he was doing. Eileen was going to be finished in perhaps a little more than an hour, with all her work assigned over Christmas break.

After about five minutes, once she was totally immersed in her work once again, there was a moaning and a shuffling sound of slippers coming up from the tunnel.

A young girl emerged in a navy-blue bathrobe, and bright red slippers. She had glasses and her brown-hair was in curlers. She had a miserable expression on her face, as if somebody had died. But Tom knew better, because the girl was always like this.

For the first minute, Tom Riddle and Eileen were able to ignore her. But the low, incessant moaning became louder and louder. Both Eileen and Tom were becoming seriously irked by it, and each decided to take action at the same moment.

Tom Riddle sprung up from his chair, in his high-collared black robes to an impressive height of six feet, for his fifteen-year-old body. Eileen slammed her book shut at the same moment. Neither of these actions had any effect on the girl.

Tom Riddle glided over to the girl, and stood behind her. She started to let out another yelping wail and Tom put his pale left hand on her shoulder, and said, "Myrtle it's Riddle here. You better quiet down unless you want me to hurt you."

The girl named, Myrtle who was in her third year, thirteen years old, let out a gasp of breath and said in fearful awe, "Tom"?

"Yes," Tom answered with complete calmness. "Why don't you turn around and look at me?" Although in the form of a question, it was a really a command, and Myrtle knew that. Meanwhile, Eileen just walked closer to the two and coolly observed the situation.

Slowly, Myrtle did as he ordered, and looked up into Tom's smooth, handsome face. Tom gave her a piercing look, searching both of her eyes through the lenses of her glasses. "I see that tonight you're crying because you spilled your potion all over your uniform in class," Tom reported with a shallow emptiness in his voice, cause he didn't care at all for why Myrtle was crying. Eileen started to laugh a low, mirthless chuckle.

Myrtle nodded, while still hiccuping a bit. Then Tom leaned closer into her, with his right hand in the pocket of his robes and said, "If you don't leave in about five seconds, I am going to-"

But Myrtle was all ready running back towards the girls' dormitories, screaming. Tom smirked to himself and then glanced at Eileen.

She glanced at Riddle whose expression returned to its usual stable calmness. Riddle went quickly back to check something briefly and made a note in his used schoolbook.

Eileen went back to her desk to finish her studying. Tom slammed his book shut and then went over to Eileen. He looked down at her with a curious expression, evident on his lips.

He said suddenly, breaking the silence, "That chart is supposed to be encoded into the essence of seven."

Eileen looked down at her magical number chart and said softly, "Oh I see that you're correct….Tom."

Tom took the quill from her hand and started writing in the correct calculations. He was done in less than a minute.

Eileen was a bit taken aback, at how quickly Tom Riddle solved one of the most complex arithmancy problems. But she didn't say anything. Tom was easily the most brilliant student in the school, and most everybody knew it.

"I appreciate you're help," she said in a low voice, as she felt shy talking to someone so impressive for the first time. It was like meeting an idealized celebrity.

Tom did not seem to hear Eileen's note of thanks. Eileen got up, gathering her parchment, books, and quills, clearly wanting to go back to her dormitory, as she realized she was too tired to finish her schoolwork.

Tom watched her carefully, looking into her eyes, examining her mind every opportunity he could, without her realizing.

"So you're leaving Hogwarts tomorrow morning for Christmas like most of the school?"

Eileen was a bit surprised at his confidence and his lucid understanding of what she was doing. It was like he had read her thoughts. Then she remembered that the obscure branch of magic called legilimency, something she never had the opportunity to learn.

After a short pause, she nodded, forming her lips in a tight line, shivering a bit in the cold room.

Riddle knew Eileen was reserved and it would take time for her to open up to him. He was eager to see if she really could be some kind of asset for him.

"It is cold in here. We'll sit by the fireplace," he said simply as if it was just a cold hard factual statement. And in a transient flash, he drew forth his wand and aimed it directly at the nearest corner of the Slytherin Common room, where one of the small fireplaces provided the shallow warmth of the dungeon setting's atmosphere.

Fire erupted from Riddle's wand and burst abruptly forward, exactly where it was supposed to go. Eileen jumped slightly, stepping on her robes from the sudden action. She was both frightened and awed by Riddle's power.

The air seemed dense from that bit of magic. Eileen was not used to such overwhelming power. She had felt a sharp, searing crinkle on the back of her neck, as the flames erupted and burst forward.

Not only that, but for the second that the fire was near Riddle as it traveled away from him, she thought she saw a pale redness in his blue-gray eyes. But as she was tired, she discounted it.

She followed Riddle over to the fire to sit down with him. She thought it best not to disagree with him, and Eileen was curious why he was showing interest in her, when he already had a whole group of friends and admirers.

Eileen and Tom sat right across from each other. Riddle back in his favorite armchair, the one that first-years wouldn't dare sit in knowing how he seemed to own the strategic location for his group. Eileen sat next to Riddle, in the more comfortable, cushioned, velvet chair.

Yet Eileen really did not feel so comfortable, as she was often confused about her feelings she did not know why. She figured it had to do with needing sleep. But the real reason may have been Riddle displaying such focused determination to converse with her, in a manner of much more than small talk.

Of course they had each spoken to each other beforehand since first year. But it had only composed of things like a question about schoolwork here and there, or a quick hello in a corridor sometimes.

Riddle looked straight across, deep into Eileen's face, closing in on her brown eyes. His own blue-gray eyes lit up, and a small smile started to show as he asked, "Tell me Eileen…did that little bit of magic just now…excite you?" He spoke in a soft whisper, with a concealed fervor contained inside.

Eileen's dark eyebrows furrowed, from his surprising change of the tone of his voice, where before it had been charming, even amicable. This was a bit unsettling. "N- well yes I suppose," she said ambiguously. Yet she herself was confused, she thought she was frightened a moment ago. But now she wasn't sure where to draw the line between fear and awe, and if one even existed.

"How would you like to be so much more…influential than just being a Hogwarts prefect in Slytherin?"

"What do you mean?" Eileen said this all nervously glancing at Riddle's chest, where his silver-prefect badge was gleaming, with red specks on it from the firelight.

"Well I'm sure you would like to be noticed more for the talented witch you are" Riddle said this with such smooth conviction, as he already knew what Eileen would most likely want to hear.

Eileen sighed and shrugged her shoulders becoming more relaxed, "I do wish that I had some good friends. Maybe I do need a confidant. I normally keep everything to myself."

Riddle allowed her to keep talking, as he sensed intuitively that he had broken a barrier into her sensitivities. "You're right Tom. I wish people respected me more for what I can do. And it's strange, as I'm beginning to think you're the only one I could tell this to."

Riddle nodded. He was beginning to feel satisfied with how easy it was to play inside this girl's head. He felt satisfaction as he considered to probe her further. Just another pureblood family to add into my plan, he thought.

The next thing Tom said, he spoke as if some kind of amazing awakening was occurring "Do you know who I am? Do you understand whom you're talking with?"

Eileen inhaled sharply, as the way he said it disturbed her. She thought he sounded almost deranged. "You…Tom Riddle that's all. It is really you?"

Instantly, Riddle's expression changed. He frowned, his eyes bulged a bit, and his cheeks flushed, " Of course it's really me!" he almost yelled, as he made a sudden movement, closer to Eileen, who instinctively cowered back in her chair.

His voice went back to complete control again: "I am not just Tom Riddle. I've been uncovering the truth about myself since I've arrived at Hogwarts."

"What truth is this?" she dared to ask, as she was perplexedly curious.

"My powers as a sorcerer is unquestionably the greatest ever. " Riddle was now speaking as if entranced, and enlightened. Riddle was aware that he did not want to tell her too much, so he finished, "I'm not telling you anymore….until later."

"I still don't understand."

"You will when I allow you in with my…friends" he said friends quite sardonically. "But understand, that if I let you stay my orders are absolute."

Eileen felt her stomach cave-in and a bit of pain in her ribs. But too her, it was almost a pleasant sensation on some level, to be captivated by such an intense presence like Tom's.

"One duty I will call for is getting rid of the muggle-borns. Those filthy dirt-veined mudbloods. Myrtle has got to be the worst of them." He spoke of Myrtle with absolute disdain, almost as if she wasn't human, but just a lowly creature.

Riddle had not told any of his followers of this plan but he knew Eileen would never have the courage to accuse Riddle of something serious to the Headmaster.

When Eileen heard Riddle say get rid of, she simply thought it meant to make them leave the school. Riddle meant to actually kill them, and to reach the point of genocide.

Riddle had been marveling all along at the fact that she was another pureblood to add into the group. He felt like cherishing her blood, probably because she was the first witch to join him, even bottling it. "It shall come to that if I use her for one of my horcruxes," Riddle was thinking at that moment.

Then Riddle decided subconsciously that Eileen was getting a bit too uncomfortable and he switched his mode of speaking back to being charming rather than intimidating.

Meanwhile, Eileen was thinking of what he had said about muggle-borns. Trying to think reasonably and fair-mindedly she gave her opinion, "Yes Myrtle is quite pathetic. Slytherin is no place for a muggle-born."

"Exactly." Tom answered, smirking again an air of confident superiority about him. "How will you be celebrating Christmas at your home? I'm sure it's splendid."

"Well… I'll see my cousins and Aunt Sylvina. Of course, there is seeing my parents."

"I don't have a home to go to or anyone to visit," Riddle was stating this purely for the tactic of making Eileen begin to feel guilty.

"Yes I know. I think everybody knows you're an orphan, right? I'm sorry..…But what happened to them?"

"My father deserted my mother because she was a witch. Then my mother died giving birth to me. I don't see why she had to die, when she was magic….I'm afraid I'm going to be terribly bored for the next two weeks" (he lied, as he certainly had something major to do).

Eileen was beginning to feel guilty about going away to have fun, where Tom was so strong, and so bravely alone, she felt admiration for him. Of course, Eileen did not know how he enjoyed being alone. And that Tom even liked to separate himself from others.

She decided she would stay with Tom over Christmas to keep him company. It wouldn't bother her anyway. She was certainly intrigued by him. There was something fascinating and mysterious about him that she felt an attraction to that was becoming irresistible.

Riddle waited to see if, he would need to try any harder to get her to change her mind. He knew he could use her for a lookout in his plans, for her to help him without realizing what he was doing.

Eileen sighed contentedly and said, "I'll send an owl first thing in the morning to tell my parent's I have to study for my OWL.s."