A/N: This is a story idea i've had in my head for awhile now. This chapter is from Paul's(the guidance counselor) POV. Its a little short, but its more of a prolouge than an actual chapter-so i hope you like it. I should have more up soon. I think the next chapter will be from Casey's POV.

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Paul let a long sigh as soon as the door shut. This job was driving him crazy. It never used to be this bad, he'd sort out some fights among friends, help a few kids see that their parents didn't hate them, give out phone numbers and the addresses of support groups for bigger issues, and that was pretty much it. Sure, there had been hard moments, drug users, suicide, rape, but the day to day had always been pretty mundane, until three years ago.

Three years ago, Casey Macdonald had walked into his office, and things had started to change. He'd helped several students adjust to blended families over his career, but it was clear right from the start, that the Macdonald/Venturi family, was far from normal. The two teens, Casey and Derek, battled each other over every little thing, and each battle sent Casey right to Paul's office.

"Ughh!! I hate him!" she would shriek, before launching into a long, hard to follow, diatribe about Derek's latest crime. The things they did to each other always amazed Paul. Casey dated Derek's best friend so Derek dated Casey's best friend. Casey made Derek take down his "sexist" wall posters and Derek loved to barge into Casey's room without knocking. They made a bet about Casey getting a guy to ask her out. Derek once stole all of Casey's shirts and her deodorant, so Casey had to go to school in his shirt wearing his deodorant.(It was this story that really made Paul start to wonder, Casey had a mother, and a sister only a few years younger then her, yet she wore Derek's shirt and deodorant?)The list went on and on.

Paul had hoped that as they got older the fights would mellow, but it just seemed to have gotten tenser at the Macdonald/Venturi house. These days, now that Casey and Derek were in grade 12, not only was Casey in his office twice a week with some complaint about Derek, but other members of the student body had come to Paul complaining about them as well:

"I went out with Derek last week, and like, he kept talking about his stepsister, then like we went back to his house, and we were on his couch and she walked down stairs and they were fighting, and it totally ruined like, our whole date"

"There are these rumors around the hall about me; someone said they started with the hockey team. The only thing I can think of is that is has something to do with me asking Casey Macdonald out- I mean Derek Venturi is her stepbrother, maybe he was being protective? I can't figure it out though why would one date with his stepsister make him want the whole school to hate me? That Sam guy dated her"
"Derek Venturi asked me out, and he's not my type, I know, but he's so cute. I had to say yes. Anyway, I was at his place, and he and his stepsister were having this huge argument, and ok, I know this sounds crazy, and like I've seen Cruel Intentions too many times, but I swear their fight was-sexually charged. It weirded me out, like I was watching this intimate moment. Do you think that's crazy?"
"Casey and I were working on this science project, and the whole time I was there, Derek kept interrupting us, coming in the room to tease her about something, or accuse her of something- she said he does that all the time, but it was weird. We didn't get anything done, we barely had five minutes alone the whole time I was over, and it was almost as if that's what Derek wanted- which doesn't make sense. I have a girlfriend; I was just trying to do my science project!"

Yes, this job was driving Paul crazy. It was probably insanity that led him to his plan. A plan he knew was unprofessional, and probably immoral, but it was either this, or kill Casey and Derek. So, as his door shut behind Casey Macdonald, and he let out a long sigh, Paul decided that tomorrow he would put his plan into action.