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Author's Note: This story takes place in no time in particular, but most likely after X8. Tell me what you guys think of this so I can keep writing it, I don't think the first chapter will be too long. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: The Creation

"Do you think this'll work?"

"I don't know. For your sake I hope it does, I'd hate to think what Master Sigma would do to you if it didn't."

"Sigma…Sigma is no master to me."

"If you value your life, I suggest you don't say that again Professor."

Two men stood in a laboratory. One was an elderly, gray haired short man who looked as old as the cosmos, but youth was in his voice. The other was a reploid with silver armor and green eyes. He was signifantly taller than the older man with a large, powerful canon arm on his right arm. He pointed it at the older man threateningly.

"Don't you ever speak illy of Master Sigma Professor Jakobs, or else I'll fire this, are we understood?" he said sternly. The Professor nodded hastily and turned his back to the reploid.

"Y-yes, of course Silva. I will never speak illy of him again." Professor Jakobs said hurriedly. "I'm just about done with her, only a few more minutes. I just need to make some minor adjustments and then she'll be all yours."

"Good." Silva replied flatly. "Why the hell does Master Sigma need her anyway?"

"Don't ask me," Professor Jakobs said. "I'm a hostage, I just do what I have to to not be killed."

The professor looked down. On a long white table a slender young woman was strapped down. She had long, midnight black hair and wore black armor, gloves and boots. Her boots had slender 2 inch heels and her left arm had a small bulge above her wrist. Her eyes were closed and she looked as if she had been asleep for thousands of years. Silva looked at the woman interestingly.

"Hmm…" he thought aloud to himself. "A mix between Maverick Hunters X and Zero, I never thought that could be possible, especially in such a feeble woman."

"Well I'm going by these blueprints you gave me boy, so I suppose it is possible. She isn't merely a mix of those two, she has other abilities as well. But I suppose you'll just have to wait to see my pretty in action. Is she appealing to you?"

"Appealing?" Silva asked. Professor Jakobs smiled broadly.

"Y'know, in the looks department."

Silva's eyes widened as he scanned the woman's frame.

"I…I suppose she isn't too hard on the eyes." His eyes fixated on her chest. The Professor smiled even more broadly then he had before.

"Yeah, I made 'em as big as I could, as long as she's still agile I can make 'em as big as I want, right?" he cackled jokingly. "Ah well, go over there and I'll boot her up Silva, just flip the switch."

Silva followed his orders and walked over to a wall with a switch. He pushed the switch simultaneously with the Professor, electricity started flowing through the woman's bonds. After a few minutes of shock waves going through her body the electricity stopped. Both the Professor and Silva looked over at the woman nervously as she sat up slowly and opened her eyes.

The woman had dark, sapphire blue eyes as dark as the night sky. She scanned the room with a blank expression on her face until she fixed her gaze on Professor Jakobs.

"Professor, how nice to meet you." She said in a mono tone voice. Her voice was as cold as ice. The Professor's eyes twinkled as he heard her words. She continued.

"I have been programmed to know you as my creator Professor Jakobs, how nice to meet you."

"I-it's very nice to meet you too my dear." The Professor replied, not holding back the excitement in his voice.

"I don't believe it!" he said to himself. "I did the impossible, most reploids fused with that much power would be destroyed on impact, but you my dear…you're my precious angel, my perfect creation, I'll go down in the history books as the only man who could merge Zero and X's DNA together, I'm a genius!"

"Shut up old man."

The professor turned. Silva stood behind him, a stern look on his face. He glanced over to the woman, then fixed his gaze back on the Professor.

"You stay here old man, I have to take her to Master Sigma."

"Y-yes of course." Professor Jakobs ran over to a small lab table and took from it a sheathed blade. He ran back over to the woman and held it out to her.

"Here you go my dear. An exact replica of the Z Saber, use it well."

"Yes." The woman said coolly. She took the blade from the elderly man and strapped the sheath to her back. Silva looked at the woman once again.

"Well girl, are you ready to meet your new Master?"

"Yes. I look forward to meeting Master Sigma."

"Alright then, let's go."

With that the woman stood. Even with her heeled boots she was no taller than 5'2". She followed Silva to the door and closed it shut behind her. The Professor jumped up with glee instantly after they left.

"My perfect creation!" he shouted happily.

"My angel, my perfect beautiful…Proto type Cyrus."