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Chapter 5: The Calm Before the Storm

Cyrus sat on the edge of a laboratory table in Professor Jakobs lab. Even though Professor Jakobs was a prisoner, Sigma still permitted him to do research, he also permitted him to use any supplies he needed. Cyrus lived in the laboratory and helped out the best she could. Professor Jakobs looked over to Cyrus and smiled.

"Cyrus dear, could you get me that alloy over there?"

"Of course Professor." Cyrus replied cheerfully. Her entire aura had changed. She looked care free and innocent, and actually had a joyful expression on her face. She hopped off of the table, walked over to a cabinet and took a small vile from the top shelf. She walked over to the Professor and gave it to him, smiling warmly.

"Here you are Professor. Is there anything else you need?"

"No dear, nothing at all. But let me ask you something Cyrus."

"What is it Professor?" she asked curiosity in her voice. Professor Jakobs smiled a gleeful smile.

"Do you…remember your last mission?"

Cyrus stood there, putting her thin fingers on her chin. Pondering for a few moments, she eventually said "…Mission?"

"You…don't remember!?" the Professor asked excitedly. Cyrus shook her head.

"I…I've been in here with you the entire time I've been functioning Professor."

The Professor yelped. He jumped up in joy and began to dance around like a maniac, Cyrus looked at him strangely. After the Professor's insanity died down, he looked at Cyrus sincerely.

"Cyrus my dear, you are very special." The Professor began. Cyrus said nothing, she just stared. The Professor continued.

"You my dear, have an inner consciousness. Those Mavericks wanted you to be a war machine, but I knew better than to do such a thing. No living creature deserves to be built merely to destroy. I made sure Cyrus, that you weren't condemned to such a fate."

"W-what…?" Cyrus looked at him shocked. "So…there are two living beings inside of me?"

"No, no of course not," Jakobs chuckled. "There are two sides to you my dear. The side that the Mavericks wanted, the killing war machine. And the side of you that is human, the side that you are currently in right now. I am the only one that can unlock your inner power, your human side. That my dear, is where your true power lies."

Cyrus said nothing, her mouth was gaping as she looked at the Professor with wide eyes. The Professor chuckled, a hint of wickedness in his voice.

"And with that in mind Cyrus," his tone became dark and serious. "I bid you ado."

Professor Jakobs pulled a microscopic remote control from his lab coat. He switched a tiny red switch on it, making Cyrus' aura change to nothingness. Cyrus stared at the Professor with emotionless eyes.

"I must go complete my mission," she said monotonely. "I must go destroy Maverick Hunters X and Zero, farewell Professor."

"Farewell my dear."

Cyrus robotically walked to the door. She opened it and closed it swiftly. The Professor smiled and snickered maniacally.

"Those foolish Mavericks," he muttered to himself. "They'll rue the day they messed with Ryan Jakobs. Soon, they will have to mess with a force that is invincible."