Author's note: Hey, So I was bored and not getting too many reviews for "To Shame and Misery" so I thought I'd try a different fandom. Warning Yaoi (DUH! Do I write, think, or breathe anything else?! XD) My first songfic oneshot. More will be added if I get enough reviews.

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I am here again...

Tied up in your torture frame

Printed paper, guilty to blame

The story stays the same...

Reno awoke in a haze. His skin, bruised in places and wounds that would deffinately leave more scars on his rugged body, aching relentlessly. He had only a vague recollection of what happened. A mission, failing that mission, getting captured, gaged, bound and beaten uncontious... god only knows what happend while he was out. He swallowed hard, wincing a little, throat raw from screaming. His training proved useful for listening intently to his surroundings from under the blind-fold fastened securely around his head.

A figure stirred gently in the corner of the room, his captor was asleep. By the light easy breathing he guessed it was no one bigger than himself. An easy take down. Reno tried silently to fidget with the bonds but the manicles were wrought iron and not going to come off easily. Lying on the cold hardwood Reno felt the pain of tense muscles shoot through his back as he manged to sit up. The identicle manicles on his ankels made it slightly more difficult than he had invisioned. The breathing stopped as if listening to the red head try to get up. Reno froze but knew it was already too late. With a swift movement the figure was at Reno's side tilting his chin upwards in a oddly compassionate manor. It stroaked his jaw line and ran fingers absently in his tail of red hair.

"Finally awake my little Turkish delight?" The voice whispered playfully into Reno's ear before nibbling the lobe softly. It made Reno's breath catch and the impact of realization made his heart take a sickening nosedive like his first time in the chopper. Kadaj's slender arms hugged Reno from behind and stroaked his exposed torso. The Turk uniform ripped open in obvious haste during last night's endeavours. His stomach jumped into his throat.

He pulled away harshly but it was really useless since he had no clue what his surroundings were like. Kadaj laughed a little and shifted so he was in front of the Turk. He pushed off the excess fabric to hang from Reno's wrists and kissed his collar bone tenderly. Reno gave no emotion or inclination as to how good it felt. The way Kadaj new just where Reno's weak spots were was incredibly irritating. The Turk fidgeted and shifted farther away only to find himself backed against a wall.

Reno's cell phone rang from somewhere within the room. Kadaj fetched it and answered. "Yes?" His voice was smooth and sultry. Reno screamed through the gag pleadingly, wriggling his sore body as if someway that would help.

"No I'm afraid Reno's busy and can't come play today. You'll have to just deal without him." There was a pause as the caller spoke to the leader of the SHM. Then Kadaj laughed and replied, "No... I was just bored Shacho. There really is no reason for you to get excited over one little Turk. He's a big boy. He can look after himself." Another pause, and Reno flet Kadaj straddle his waist, "Ohh Shacho... Reno's fine. And so happy with me. Isn't that right?" Kadaj punched Reno in the side of an already black bruise making him moan in pain. However over the phone it probably sounded like sickening pleasure to the president. "See? He just loves the right modivation. Now if you'll excuse us." He hung up and turned it off. The phone call probably was too short to trace so the turks would have no way of knowing Reno's location. Even if they did by now it'd still take them a while to show up.

Reno could feel Kadaj's fleash against his own. He wasn't wearing his leather. Any of it... It worried Reno to an amazing degree and the turk started struggling widly from under the mako endused midget. Kadaj puched the same spot again on the Turk and he slid to the ground limply. It hurt too much to argue.

Dry me out...

Run me down..

Burn me up..

And rake it in, you rake it in

Rake it in, you rake it in, yeah..

A smile played on Kadaj's lips as Reno's chest rose and fell with the effort. Kadaj was stiffening at the sight of his captured prey. He looked so helpless and beautiful... face flushed, a hickey here, brusies there, gorgeous darkened blood in spots all over the red head's torso. He was in heaven while the red head was tormented in hell.

He dragged Reno by the hair and blazer to the bed. Tossing him atop it with ease. The manicles came undone for Kadaj to get the clothes out of the way and refasten them to the headboard. The ones at his feet were likewise undone to pull off the rest of the uniform and the boxers that concealed the Turk's shame. Reno kicked and struggled against Kadaj meekly. His will power was broken as the manicles were reattached to opposite ends of the base board. Reno was spread-eagled upon the bed for Kadaj's enjoyment. Gently the silver haired youth untied the blindfold and Reno blinked away the disorentation. The lighting was blueish from the sliver of moonlight that shone through the window. A garish cheap hotel room with a vision of otherworldly beauty that lightly placed itself atop Reno's waist. His erection twitched against the red head's, features and movements thick with lust.

He stroaked Reno's chest - tracing the markings, old and new, like they were some kind of map to the lapdog's soul. Reno watched the progression skate down to the base of his cock. He stiffened instantly at Kadaj's touch his mind crying out for him to grab a hold of itself. How the nimble clone was so skilled in his movements was astonishing. Heat crept into the red head's cheeks and his eyes shut tight as his body complied to Kadaj's comands but his mind screamed in protest.

With the dip of his head and a soft flick of his tongue, Kadaj made his prey's bound form shudder with anticipation. "Come on, moan for me like you did last night." he grined at Reno's horrified stare before deep throating him. Reno had been sucked off before, certainly by a guy, but not like this. No where nearly as skilled or as anxious. It was intoxicating and hypnotic, an easy trance to get lost in.

His breathing came in quick gasps as Kadaj stopped just short of where Reno was headed. Sticking his fingers in the turk's mouth, Reno bit and sucked on them obediently, he mind enthralled with the surge of heat mixing within the pit of his stomach. With this application, Kadaj stroaked the walls of the red head who tossed his head back with a airy moan that fell from his lips. The silver haired prince pulled out and rammed into his capture without hesitation. Reno bucked against him with a hiss and was snapped back to reality by the impact. He felt digusted with himself for wanting anything from this creature.

A slave upon your plate

I am your dreams, yeah your life and your bait

Selfish schemes, I proceed, you await

You my indefinite hate...

"God stop.. please..." Reno's whispers through the gag were hardly audible. Falling on deaf ears, as the saying may go, for Kadaj ignored him completely and focused on nothing but his own pleasure.

He was merciless with his crime, eyes closed and head tilted back basking in the betraying moonlight. Rocking them both back and forth with just the slightest hip movement. The sensations threatened to take over Reno's mindset once more. Drifting in and out in the same harsh rythm the snowy blonde kept. Laughter escaped Kadaj lungs as his intoxication swept him into speeding up their orgasims. Reno bit off a cry, stiffling it into his arm as Kadaj brushes against his g spot a thousend times over in ecstasy.

No... Reno thought desperately. This is wrong... why do I want it so much..? "Kadaj.." Reno bucked again, urging him on, coming to the brink of this insanity, deciding on it being nothing more than lust.

Kadaj leaned over the bound form that lay beneith him biting his neck and jawline. Reno gasped and felt himself start to slip under... Kadaj collided inside of his trophy a few more times before coating him with come. Reno slid himself upon Kadaj's cock, giving himself release after a few moments. Another moan choked out of the turk's mouth into the night shamelessly. Both men panted staring at each other.

Kadaj recovered quickly with a coy smile. "I'm going to like you as my toy." Reno glared through shaky breaths, swallowing hard. No matter which way he looked at it he felt disturbed and emensely dirty. Yet he knew it wasn't the type of stain that would wash away.

Do you know what my chopping blocks for?

Do you know what my hanging braids for?

Do you know what my chamber maids for?

Do you know what i, what i have in store for you?