Flower 1: Fern

Yohji and Ken exchanged wary glances as they spotted the boy outside the window of the Koneko no Sumu Ie. He seemed to be hovering beside the door, his midnight blue eyes glancing between the handle and the road behind him, as though torn between coming in and leaving. Both assassins hoped for the latter.

However, their hopes were shot down when Prodigy unflinchingly grabbed the handle and tugged it open – and with it, the door.

Yohji made to raise his sleeve and reveal the ever-handy roll of wire he had attached to the watch on his wrist, but remembered that he was not on a mission. He was in a flower shop, a sitting duck for enemy ambushes.

Ken seemed to come to the same conclusion, for he was flexing his usually bugnuk-equipped fingers in an anxious manner, glancing shortly at Nagi and then back at Yohji. They could not even think about attacking, for even though Aya and Omi weren't on shop duty, the place was filled with eager fangirls.

Yohji nodded calmly to Ken, a silent signal to continue on like a normal florist and not an assassin who was being confronted by his enemy, and turned back to watering the ferns in front of him. Although he did this in his customarily lax manner, his shoulders were tense and his dexterous hands were ready to counter if attacked.

"Ken-kun, Yohji-kun, I'm heading out for a while," Omi shouted from the back room.

"No, Omi, don't come out here," Ken called back. If Bombay and Prodigy met, darts and telekinetic powers were sure to fly.

"Why not?" Footsteps sounded from behind the counter, coming steadily closer. "I didn't eat breakfast and I'm starving for lunch." Omi appeared through the threshold of the back room, grinning goofily and holding his stomach in hunger. "I invited a friend to come eat with me – I wonder if he's here yet."


Ken and Yohji's gazes whipped over to the silent Nagi, startled at his outburst.

"Nagi-kun!" Omi dashed over to the young brunette and gave him a quick squeeze. "You came!"

"Of course I came – you know I can never turn down a lunch offer with you." Nagi smiled and stared down at the ground shyly after saying this.

"All right, let's go!" Omi chirped excitedly, grabbing the timid telekinetic by the hand. "There's a café two blocks down that I've been dying to bring you to. Ken-kun, Yohji-kun." The blonde turned to his companions and flashed them a brief smile. "See you guys later. I'll be back for my shift in two or three hours."

Omi began to drag Nagi to the door, but stopped when Yohji's turned back caught his eye. "Oh, Nagi-kun, hold on for a second. I just want to give you something." He dropped Nagi's arm and bounded over to the older blonde.

"Can you shift a little to the left, Yohji-kun? – thanks." Omi reached around Yohji and plucked up a small pot.

"Here you go, Nagi-kun!" Omi said cheerfully, handing the younger boy the pot.

Nagi blinked at the plant, confusion etched into his face. "A fern." He raised his gaze to lock eyes with Omi. "…Thank you?" he questioned.

Omi merely smiled. "Look it up, Nagi-kun."

Nagi arched an inquiring eyebrow in Omi's direction before he was led through the shop's exit and out onto the sidewalk, holding the fern close.

"Omi and…Prodigy?" Yohji asked blankly.

Ken sighed. "Bakas…"

Yohji placed his watering can down and strode to the cash register, where Ken was stationed. He ran a hand through his hair and mirrored the brunette's sigh with a dry smile. "No, just ignorant, idiot teenagers in love – which is weird, because they're both supposed to be geniuses."


Yohji grinned and pulled out a pack of cigarettes, blatantly ignoring Ken's warning glance. "Must be so. Little Omittchi gave the enemy a fern."

"But… Omi…and the enemy…Prodigy," Ken stammered.

"Sincerity," Yohji stated shortly. "These teenage whiz kids are idiots who can't place faces. Omi doesn't know yet, but the fern he gave Naoe meant more than one thing. They are both seriously ignorant to who the other is."

"But what do ferns have to do with love?"

Yohji winked and echoed Omi's words. "Look it up."

Ken dug through his mind, searching for that little portion of his brain that held flower meanings he as a florist was forced to memorize. "Secret bond of love…" he murmured to himself.

"Not so secret now, is it?"

secret bond of love; fascination; sincerity; magic

Killah: Since these are drabbles, I have got to limit my word count: meaning, I've got to stop talking so much on my author's notes. If you've read any of my other stories, you can tell I talk a lot. nn;; So…hopefully, this'll be my longest A/N out of all of them. This A/N is just here to say hi, because this is my first Weiss Kreuz fic ever, and I hope I do all right. xD Review?