Flower 20: Mistletoe – December 25, 2007



"Should we talk about something computer and-slash-or technology-related?"

That caused a smile to spread upon Omi's face. "Uhm, I don't think we have to. Erm! Unless you want to, of course…" The smile quickly faded, replaced only with an awkward twitch of his lips.

Nagi blinked tiredly. "Well, I don't want to, per say…"



Suddenly, ambling towards them both from the kitchen and through the doorway they were partially blocking was Ken, flanked on his right side by Farfarello, who was actually a bit dressed up. "You guys are dumb," the brunette chirped, smiling at Nagi and then turning towards Omi. "Honestly!"

"That coming from this guy…" Nagi murmured under his breath.

"What was that?" Ken asked, smiling at the telekinetic.

"Nothing…" Nagi replied back, his voice as bland as his face.

"Oh, okay! Well anyway, you guys are dumb!"

"Didn't we just go through this a minute ago?" Nagi questioned rhetorically, rolling his eyes at Omi, who was trying hard not to laugh.

"Awh, Nagi-san, don't be mean. Eh- why are we dumb, Ken-kun?" Omi asked.

"Because! You guys are standing here and talking," Ken explained, as though his logic made perfect sense.

"Should we not be?" Nagi snapped.

"No, of course not!" Ken grinned as though he hadn't just been snapped at and motioned his hand to the threshold above them. "It's just 'cause you're standing under mistletoe and you're not kissing."

"What?!" Both Omi's and Nagi's necks snapped up rapidly, wildly scanning the area above them. And true to Ken's words, there was a sprig of cheery mistletoe hanging from the doorway right above them.

"Well hop to it, you two," Ken ordered, clapping his hands cheerfully. Both he and Farfarello stared at their younger colleagues in silence, as though waiting for the two to profess their love and start making out on the ground.

"Well, we didn't know…"

"I'm not gonna kiss…"

"I was planning to move like a second ago…"

Exchanging rather panicked looks, the two teens both swallowed loudly.

"Eh… Well I don't think it would hurt…"

"Yeah, I mean… We're not enemies anymore, so…"

"Yeah, two friends could kiss, right…?"

"And it won't mean anything, and…"

However, before they could continue their little word session, two pale, badly maimed hands reached out and shoved their heads together with incredible precision. Omi's lips found themselves pressed tightly against Nagi's, and both found themselves breathless.

Sadly, they both pulled away almost as quickly as they had been pushed together, blushing furiously.

"Erm, I…!"

"Yeah, I…!"



Still flushing, Nagi slowly grabbed Omi's hand, intertwining their fingers together. "Uh… You wanna go…over there…?" He pointed towards the empty kitchen with his free hand.

Grinning shyly, Omi nodded, and the two almost ran into the other room, giggling inaudibly.

"Why'd you do that, Farfarello?" Ken asked after a moment of silently watching the area they had earlier occupied, his lips twitching with amusement. "Did you want to help our little friends out? Did you know there was something going on between them that they couldn't quite grasp?" He smiled, his eyes wisely twinkling.

"Nagi isn't my friend," Farfarello stated defensively. "We're colleagues. Besides…homosexuals hurt God? I dunno… Just get off my back, you…"

The wise twinkle disappeared and Ken grinned that childish grin of his. "Oh, okay, that makes sense! Now let's go stop Schuldig and Yohji from spiking the eggnog."

According to a custom of Christmas cheer, any two people who meet under a hanging of Mistletoe are obliged to kiss. – Wikipedia

Killah: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Wow… Don't you find it pathetic that I took a little more than a year to write and post up 20 short drabbles? xD I do… xDD And nahh…I won't change it back to '30 Flowers.' Too much hassle for me. I guess I'm done… It was fun while it lasted. Thanks to all my readers and reviewers- you guys are great! Er…yeah. I'm finished… Jaa!!