While most of those I know love has died for Inuyasha, mine hasn't because of those excellent times where you can tell Sesshoumaru's heart is melting, like with Rin.

This set of drabbles, ficlets, and one-shots is for AIKO! Luff you dovie. I'll get you InuKag up soon.

Pairings: None

"If I died one day…would you always remember me?"

"Don't say such silly things."

I watched him walk away. I couldn't tell what he meant by it, but he did look surprised by the question. Well, I guess I don't have much choice. I can't stand humans, and he did come to save me. So I will follow him, whether his empire has begun by my life's end or not, I will follow Lord Sesshoumaru until the day I die!

I couldn't remember /exactly/ what Sesshoumaru said. Sorry.