Title: Mother's Lesson
Fandom: Inuyasha
Characters/Pairings: Sesshoumaru's mother, Jaken, Rin, Sesshoumaru
Word Count: 328
Rating: G
Warnings: Mm... spoilers. Major spoilers for the manga.
Author Note: Not enough about his mom. I love his mom. She's so pretty.
Summary: What is it about mortal women that have taken the men from her?
Disclaimer: I found the icon on Photobucket.

All the fuss over a single human girl.

It is much like Inu no Taishou. Hearts consumed with one thing only... a little mortal who needed aid and found themselves entrapped in the hold of a powerful daiyoukai.





She feels... pride. A test even she thought impossible to pass for her callous son has become a success. While still not a complete circle, his Meidou Zangetsuha is more developed, stronger due, not to his power or the training, but due to his heart, filled with sorrow and compassion for the death of a mere mortal child.

The reason for power is diluded in many minds. Sesshoumaru believed that power erased the need for the reminder that life was precious. If he was strong, there was no reason to worry about it because he could protect it. If that were so, his father would be the one standing before him, offering him to test his strength. She is unsure if he's actually absorbed that information and the importance that he remember it, but it's clear he accepts her life is very precious to him. The weight of it is apparent on his shoulders.

"Is Sesshoumaru happy?"

The answer is clear. She doesn't have to ask and he doesn't have to smile for her to know what is on his mind. His eyes belie what he tries so desperately to hide.

"Most likey, extremely so."

"All this fuss over a human girl." A faint sadness resonates in her heart as well. She lost one of her most precious ones as well, to the heart of human. Sesshoumaru is strong, intelligent, but, unfortunately, too much like his father. She cannot help but fear the outcome of such a relationship, as fatherly as it is. To lose her husband who found a human mate was one thing. To lose her son only fulfilling a generous role would be devastating. "He's become like his father in the strangest ways."