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Set during and after Ben 10,000, just with my own twist.

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Vilgax and Dr. Animo had been taken care of and the crew consisting of Gwen, Ben, and Grandpa, accompanied with the kids' older selves were getting ready to depart after their wishes of "Happy Birthday" to the amazing old timer's 80th birthday.

As the younger and older Ben spoke with their beloved Grandpa the 'Gwens' stop short of the time portal to speak briefly.

"You didn't bring us back to stop Dr. Animo or Vilgax did you?"

"It was Grandpa's birthday, I couldn't have him spend it without Ben." she shrugged and smiled knowingly. She proceeded to bend over to reach Gwen's line of sight.

"Gwen, I know your Ben may be a dweeb now but…" she stopped to look over at the miniature sized Ben as did the younger Gwen. " treasure it while you still can." her voice was sad and laced with regret, Gwen could only nod solemnly, as if there was an unspoken knowledge, agreement. They did after all share the same brain, body, and soul right?

"Come on the portal is closing!"

"Right!" the younger Tennysons chimed and with a quick wave of goodbye they left to go back to their own era.

"Talk about blast from the past eh?" came the orange haired girl's voice. Grandpa Max chuckled and looked at the display nodding in acceptance and mirth. Ben scratched his chin hair.

"I really need to shave…"

"I agree." chuckled Gwendolyn as she walked over to the group. He elbowed her lightly and she mocked hurt playfully jabbing him in return.

"Hey!" his gruff voice fired back and Grandpa Max broke into a laugh. " You two aren't at it again at this age are ya?" Ben looked at Gwendolyn and she blushed while tossing her hair aside.

"Pfft, of course not" she huffed and started to walk away to the outside terrace of their headquarters. Ben merely watched her retreating form until Grandpa Max spoke up. "Oh! I should invite some people over, maybe we can have a little party eh?" Ben nodded and Max proceeded to walk away to find the new tech used for communication in their era.

Ben walked up behind Gwendolyn and rested is hand on her shoulder, leaning against a railing she didn't make a move to acknowledge his presence. " Thanks."

She nodded then and turned to smile at him. " No problem Cuz." he winked at her and then let his hand fall from her shoulders. She sighed and looked at her own hands, she was well into her adulthood, and she's not even engaged, hero business really did take a lot out of your personal life…

"Grandpa!" the two kids ran to the aforementioned man and gave him a hug, Ben receiving a gift from his future self was able to have a cake for the birthday man and presented it shyly.

"Why thank you Ben, you too Gwen." He pulled them into a hug and continued to take the cake into his possession to place it on a nearby party table, Gwen looked over at Ben as he was smiling in their Grandpa's direction.



She fidgeted, looking down at the ground and kicking some of the rubble before her, Ben released his hands from his pocket and bent down slightly to try and look into Gwen's downcast eyes. " Hey, what's wrong dweeb?"

Startled she looked up, her bangs whipping against her face as she stared at Ben incredulously before growing furious at his comment, she didn't take note that he was genuinely concerned, just that he called her a dweeb, kids will be kids.

"Bennnn…" she let our infuriated and he placed his hands up in defense. "Sorry, sorry!" She gave out a sort of growl before turning around angrily and crossing her arms. Ben turned to look at Grandpa and caught sight of him walking into the RV, probably to get more decorations for the mini party.

He walked up to Gwen and softly placed his hand on her shoulder. "Gwen?" she didn't acknowledge his presence but she didn't shake him off either, giving him some hope.

"Hey come on Gwen, I always call you dweeb, what's wrong?" he felt her sigh and then shift to look at him.

"Do you think you are still going to turn out like your future self?"

"What?" he drew back and then actually pondered for a moment. " I don't think so, I mean first I managed to change my future self to lighten him up, and since I saw how I was going to turn out, I'm pretty sure I'll do whatever I can to make sure that doesn't happen. Why?"

Gwen turn to look at him solemnly and then at the ground. "Gwen, I know your Ben may be a dweeb now but…" She looked back up at Ben and smiled sadly. " treasure it while you still can."

"Don't worry about it doofus." Gwen then did something unexpected. She leaned up and kissed Ben on the cheek, a small blush evident on her face and one creeping it's way on his, masked only by mock disgust. "Thanks." She mumbled as she looked at him and smiled.

"Eww…Gwen what was that for?" She then looked back at the RV. " For all the times you've saved me….and for all the times you're going to save me." He looked up shocked, his right hand still gently placed upon his right cheek where the kiss was planted.

"Come on let's see if Grandpa needs any help." with that she took off in a rush, leaving Ben to stare blankly at where she last stood before him.

Gwendolyn looked down at her ring less hand and then blinked, something hit her hard, causing her to tightly shut her eyes and keel over in pain. When she opened her eyes her sight was blurry and she tried to stable her self on the familiar railing before her, only it seemed to be a different color…a brighter color.

"What…was that?" Holding a hand to her head she then brought the hand back down rapidly, in utter shock. There on her left hand, on her ring finger, was indeed a ring, what seemed to be an engagement ring.

At first she was confused, and then everything rushed back to her all at once.

"Ben…" she breathed out, and a husky, yet light hearted voice chuckled while the owner wrapped their arm around her waist, nuzzling her neck in the process, facial hairless with smooth skin, which sent tingles down her spine, familiar tingles she felt herself note.

Spinning around in the intruder's arms she was well armed and prepared to strike but stop dead in her tracks as she came face to face with the man she had just called out for breathlessly.


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