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"I'm home!" The door shuts behind her and the desolate surrounding is unnerving. "Ben? Grandpa…?" When no answer comes she sighs and contemplates back to the farewell she had with Edwin after their dinner.

"It was a great dinner Edwin, thanks, but after today's events I think I am going to go back home and just get some rest…" tip-toeing to kiss her fiancé on the cheek she turns smugly before being caught by the wrist. "Ed-win?"

"Where are you going, home is this way…" Eyed widening, Gwendolyn quickly recomposes herself before nodding nonchalant. "Gwendolyn?"

"I-um, right, home with…you?" He stares at her blankly before nodding in a 'duh' notion. "Well, I meant, home as in the command center, you know, with uh…-"

"With Ben?" The way he said her cousin's name made shivers go down her spine but instead of confirming his guess, she smiles.

"Well, I guess he's included in the package despite how horrific the idea." He smirked at this slightly and she inwardly sighed with relief. "I just want to make sure that Charmcaster is locked up for good, once that's done I think I'll take a relaxing nap, clean up that pigsty a little and then…um, go to my, real, home. Yeah."

Letting go of her, Edwin sighed before passing a hand through his hair. "Fine, you always were so dedicated to the crime fighting business," Pausing, a glint came about his eyes and Gwendolyn almost cringed at the sight. "When we're married…things will change." Leaning in to kiss her Gwendolyn side stepped him resulting in his stumble.


"Eh-Heh, Edwin! Sorry, so sorry, I just, I feel a little…under the weather, here let me help you-" Stepping back she gasped as he slightly slapped her hand away.

"I'm fine."

"I was just trying to…" Falling silent she watched as he wiped some invisible dirt of his pants and fixed his collar. "I think I'll just be going then."

"Gwendolyn." Turning slightly to acknowledge his call, he continued. "I don't know what's going on with you…but, I really hope you aren't reconsidering our marriage." She turned to him fully then and his eyes looked so somber, so sad. "I love you Gwendolyn, and I…Heh, let's forget the way this evening ended, shall we?" Kissing her cheek softly, a pat on her back to follow he turned away from her. "Get home safe."

"I shouldn't have said this was home…I have my own home, my own life with…Edwin, not here, wait-" Bringing her hands to her head as if to drain the idiocy of her words she whimpered softly. "I'm going crazy, this isn't even my world!! I belong back to when I was 10 with the way my mind is going! This is insanity! Instead of living this life in confusion I should be looking for a way to get everything back to way it use to be!"

Walking steadily through the corridor and main room, Gwen quickly looked through the control panels set up and the machinery around it. "Something…anything, anything that could help me…please, if there is a God…"

"Gwendolyn?" Shoulders tensing, the female under question turned around slowly to accommodate the call of her name.

"Ben! Haha, what a…surprise! To see you…here, at your base…" Smirking with his arms crossed Benjamin Tennyson walked up to her and wrapped her in his arms securely, no hesitation on his part.

"Aren't you supposed to be out with Edwin?" She found herself nodding numbly, his touch leaving her basically invalid. His deep chuckle rumbled throughout her and she smiled softly into his chest, all thoughts of finding a way to reverse this madness fleeting her. "So, couldn't stand to be away from me for so long?"

"Ben…you're the one that can't stand to be away from me." another chuckle emitted from him and she clung to him, gripping his back tightly. "I've missed you…" She felt his body ease into her, around her, constricting itself amongst her small frame.

"I've missed you too." Pulling away from her slowly, a little protest on her part as she tried to allow her face to sink into his chest. He laughed at this. "Come on Gwen," his voice full of mirth. "Why don't we lie down? Today was a little rough huh?"

She shook her head and brought her hand up to cup his face. "Let's just stand here, for a little while…okay?" He stared at her for a little bit before nodding. "Thank you." Burying her head into his chest once more she took in his scent and found that it could lure her to sleep right then and there if she wasn't careful.

"Are you….okay?" She nods mutely and he places his hand on her head, caressing her locks.

"I am, now that you are here. I am." She felt his hand run down her arm, passing by her elbow, coming in within himself as he reached for her hand that was fisting itself amongst the cloth covering his chest. He felt her engagement ring. "My ring…" He kept playing with it, and she wanted to cry.

"No…" he didn't stop. "….no…" his touch became weaker but it was still relentless. "…it shouldn't be like this, it shouldn't be like this."

His touch became even further away from her mind.

You know? I never did get you a gift for our birthday…

You're admitting that we share the same day? Why Ben, I'm shocked.

Hey, shut up, and just take this.


Yeah well, don't ever say I never gave you nothing.

You're grammar is as bad as ever…

Gwen…you just-

Yeah, it's a kiss- imbecile, and it's my gift.

oh, hey! That's unfair, I actually got you something! Hey, Gwen, Get back here!

Her legs move under the covers and he watches them with a mist over his eyes as he takes her collarbone with his lips, his hands holding her own in place around his neck.

The stars are nice huh?

Yeah…Hey, Ben?


Do you think…well, us, do you think this is, wrong?


I…I don't know, there's something I should tell you actually, It's about the…well, remember when we went to the future and you were an insane doofus?

Hey! I was just trying to save the world, as always…maybe I was a little mean but-

That's besides the point…

Well then, spit it out already nerd.

"Ben…" She grips his head of hair and pulls him down to her, enveloping her lips with his own, pressing her body against his as they conjoin to become one.

The future me, well, she told me to…my time with you, to "treasure it while you still can."…So, I am but-

Whoa, whoa, are you saying that that's why you had been acting weird and-

Hey! You were the one that got jealous over Edwin and kissed me!!

Don't you dare give me that smile Benjamin Tennyson!

Okay…I give in.

He lies beside her, his arm wrapped securely over her naked torso, bringing her as close to himself as possible, never wishing to let go.

She lies beside him, arms laid out loosely beside her, face pointed to the ceiling, eyes drawn to one particular space as her mind contemplates numbly what she has gotten herself into.

Her engagement ring is tossed idly about the bedside table, staring at her, judging her.

She stares it down.

Ben, remember when those knights kidnapped you and made you dream about the best day of your life?


What did you dream about before we got there? And why was I serving you a snack when I did get there?

Hehe…that's for me to know and for you to find out.


Okay, okay, geez, don't have to get all crazy female on me! I dunno, you were just…being nice, openly you know? In front of everyone, acting as if you really cared about me.


Yeah, whatever…

Ben, come here-come here!

Ow! My arm, don't drag me…what are you-hey, hey!…Oh. Oh, okay…

I do care about you Ben, a lot; you better know that by now. I don't risk my life for anyone.

Yeah you do Ms. I want to play hero with my little magic spells.

Take that back!

Make me!





tackling me won't get me to-…-okay, I'm sorry.

Thank you!

Kissing is not playing by the rules either.

"Where are you going? It's late…come back to bed Gwendolyn."

"I'll only be a minute." She kisses him softly before backing away slowly, a smile on her lips as she catches one last glimpse of his already back to sleep form. Wandering the halls she finds a peculiar room that her mind just doesn't recognize and curiosity getting the better of her she draws near until she goes inside completely.

The lights were on but everything still seemed blurry, unfocused. "What is this place?" There are pods all around, holding what seems to be criminals and aliens alike and soon she finds her stomach doing flip flops, something about this place…

"I'm probably just imagining things, so many events and objects around here, my surroundings have altered and I have yet to understand as to what was the….cause…oh my god." Bringing her hands up to her mouth she looks around the room frantically.

"When…I brought my younger self to the future, when…I, told her…here in this room…" Falling down to her knees, a haze of images ran at her as she clutched her head in pain.

"Ughahh!!!! I-uh….treasure it, treasure, while you, while…still can." Nodding as if trying to confirm the words to be true to herself she falls back on her bum and throws her head up, the pain almost too excruciating to bear.

"She…I, I altered events. I, Ben and I-" Suddenly the pain stopped and all she saw in front of her was the normal room, nothing of consequence. Standing up slowly, cautiously she looked around for anything to be alarmed for, once finding nothing she sighed and straighten her night clothes which was Ben's overly large shirt.

Walking out the room she knew what she had to do. Confront Ben. Tell him what happened and see if what she had done had caused any consequences down the line. Maybe, maybe this was just a test, to alter the future; does that mean she could rewind time? Change the past, as well? Before all this had happened, she knew how the world was, how distant she and Ben had become, how she had been alone, unengaged, uninvolved, all effort spent on trying to help Ben in any meager way she could.

Yet now, now she was secretly gallivanting off with her cousin behind her fiancé's, Edwin's, back. She was on the front line with Ben, and the enemies seemed to be well encaged, but to what extent? Was this really the picture perfect life with the minor, secret blemishes as it seems to be?

Was there something else hidden away, deep down and dark, locked away from all to see?

She had to worry, she knew not all was as it seems…Edwin, something told her that things were going to go from bad to worse in a matter of days. It was up to her to figure out a way to stop the catastrophe from happening.

She found, the biggest fear that occupied her at the moment was, what if, all this was nothing but a fleeting dream? What if, all of this, was never meant to happen at all?

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