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Michelangelo's P.O.V.


I jolted awake.

Rough arms grab me as I attempt to turn to face my attackers. A cry off to my side alerts me to the fact that Donny was also grabbed. Hurled to my feet, I nearly have time to get my balance before I am dragged down the long corridors from our cell. Donny's constant complaining that Raphael was driving the car too fast assured me that he was being brought to.

But I still felt uneasy. The guards are excited. I can feel it. And that only ever means bad things …

My stomach drops even lower when we pass the room we were usually taken to, the "machine", and continue on. As we go deeper into the castle, my fears continue to grow. I turn to one of the guards.

"What's happening?"


I spin away as he strikes me in the face.

"You'll learn soon enough" And he laughs

I feel sick.

Before I know it, we come to a pair of huge double doors which are thrown open as we near. Inside stands the Shredder in classic ceremonial dress. From his arrogant stance I know something bad was up. I begin to dig my feet into the ground, trying to stop …


I was thrown to the floor, Donny following me seconds later. The guards kick us in our shells so we fall at the Shredders feet. I raise my head to look at him but the guard deals a sharp kick me to my face. I keep my head down. I resist the urge to spit the blood out of my mouth; instead it dribbles out of my mouth and down the side of my face. I feel the Shredder step around us.

"There was an attack on the castle last night" The Shredder murmurs. "Those 'resistance' friends of yours"

I feel a flare of hope in my stomach, a slight warm. Maybe …

"All those who weren't killed were arrested"

That hope dies.

I feel the Shredder knell in front of me and lift my head. He looks me straight in the eyes.

"They were coming for you" he whispers.

He drops his hand and my head goes back to the floor. Even Donny is silent for once.

The next second I am hurled to my feet again and dragged out onto Shredders private balcony. Chains are fastened around my wrists, locking them together and locking me to the balcony edge.

Having not been outside for so long, the light temporary blinds me. After blinking away the pain, I can see what Shredder has made of our world. It was sickening.

On my left for miles stretches the huge army barracks which call the castle home. Row upon row of long, skinny buildings houses all of the Shredders army from his ninjas to his soldiers and in the bigger buildings were his machines, tanks, planes etc. "That was what we had to fight" I think bitterly to myself, "we had no chance"

To my right rose the towers of Darkan, the internment camp, where Shredder found his work force. This was only one of many but it was by far the worst. The closer you were to the Shredder, the closer you were to death. People barely lived a few weeks, months if they were unlucky enough to be drafted into there. From Darkan, you could be sent into the castle as a servant, to the military barracks to be a cook, cleaner or target practice. Or worse, you could be sent into the mines beside Darkan. Least everywhere else you had a slim hope of surviving, something to hold to. The fact is, people go into the mines at Darkan, and they don't come out. They just "disappear".

Wondering what could be so horrible for us yet so great for the Shredder and worth us seeing, I continue to scan the area. Beneath was only the castle grounds, the buildings attached and the public execution ring …

And there was a large crowd present.

I let out a sad sigh. "So that's were the poor devils are" I think to myself bitterly "The resistance members who were caught. At least they will get a quick death and wont be kept here like us …"

Shredder must have seen where I was looking and leant forward.

"Look closer" he murmurs.

Looking a bit closer at the convicted, I see there are five of them standing along the platform with the rope already hanging around their necks. The first two were human, nobody I recognize, the third a bird of some sort.

"Shanti" I realize, remembering dearly the bird girl we rescued from one of the internment camps we raided. She was a fast learner, becoming one of our best scouts quickly. Soon she willd die. I sadly gave the last two a glance …

They were turtles …

"LEO …!!!"

A clawed hand wraps around my head and clamps over my mouth, stifling my scream. Struggling, screaming into the hand, twisting and turning trying to wrestle it away, brush it off, get rid of it, so close yet so far …

The Shredder punches me in the gut with his clawless hand and I drop to my knees, smacking my chin on the ledge. With the wind knocked out of me, he hurls me to my feet and pushes me up against the railing so I can watch the proceedings.

A palace official was walking in front of them all, no doubt reading out their convictions, why they were to be hung. Still trying to drag air into my lungs, I attempt to scream out their names, get their attention, let them know I was here; let them know I was alive …

Raphael and Leonardo. My brothers. Too hang for trying to save me.

I can see them so clearly now. They have changed, the time apart has changed them, yet they are still so the same. Leonardo stood not like a man about to be hung but as a warrior. He was straight-backed, standing proud, no hint of fear in his posture. I could see he had several serious wounds still bleeding, probably sustained in the fighting yet he didn't surcome to them. As the official walked in front of him and Leonardo turned slightly to follow him, I saw an imprint on his shoulder. A tattoo.

"The mark of a 'Battle Commander'" I thought. My brother was made 'Battle Commander'. As the 'Battle Commander', Leonardo was in charge of all the "resistances" army. He was the boss. He was my brother. Enormous pride engulfed me. Least he would die with the honour of that title.

Beside him was Raphael. Strong and defiant as always. As the official came closer, I see him lash out with the little strength he has left. He also has grievous wounds. After the guards on the platform subdue him, he was put back in his place and the official came back over to him, having been scared away. I saw Rapheal spit on him and felt pride for him to. At least Rapheal had got his one ultimate wish, he would go down fighting.

The executioner began to walk over to the leaver …

I spin to the Shredder.

"Please don't do this!" I beg "I'll tell you everything, just don't do this!"

The Shredder fixes me with a sick grin as tears ran down my face.

"What do I need you to tell me" he said, sweeping his hand to take in my brothers "once their dead, there is no resistance left. I have won" he looks at me "I don't need you"

The Shredder then raises his hand and brings it down in a sweeping motion.

Spinning back to the platform, I see the executioner nod and begin to pull …

"NOOO!!!" I scream as I clutch the railing.

Time slows ...

My cry travels down the tower, across the grounds and past the execution ring. Hearing my voice, my brothers slowly lift their heads and look in my direction. I saw realization dawn in them, in that second I felt my soul reach out and briefly touch theirs. Raphael went to scream …

They were gone from view. I felt my bond with them snap and the last I saw before I drop to the floor was their bodies dangling beneath, legs still kicking …

I threw up. I don't know what I had to throw up but it came up and wouldn't stop. Hysterically I threw myself at the ground, beat it, clawed it and just screamed. Hands grab me but I beat them off. I snarl, I bite and claw and even when a baton is smashed across my face and dazzles me, I do not stop. My chains are untied and I am dragged back into the Shredders main audience chamber.

Thrown to the ground, Donny beside me, I can see through my tear strewn eyes Donny throwing his head back, an inhuman noise coming from his throat.

He hadn't known what was happening but he felt the bond break. He felt them die. He knew they were gone.

It felt like I was being turned inside out. Like I was going to explode, hot flushes flooding through my body … they were gone.

Somebody hit me over the head with a baton. Once, twice, a third … blows fell on my arms, legs, shell until I was a sobbing, quivering mess on the floor. But the screaming had stopped. Looking over at Donny, I see three men holding him down as a gag is roughly tied into his mouth. They knew once he started, they would never stop him screaming.

The Shredder walked in front of us. He had won. He had broken us.

"I have no longer any need for you" he murmurs "Tomorrow you will take up your new position in the mines of Darkan"

And then he just turns and leaves. We were as much use to him now as a dead body. We would soon just be two more dead bodies on his conscience.

Unable to think, to feel or to move, I allow the guards to drag me back to our cell, laughing and jeering the whole way, to hit us a few times with their batons just for fun, the fact is, if they killed us, nobody would care. We would be dead soon enough …

We are eventually thrown into our cell, just dropped on the floor and the door slammed in our face. I do not have the strength or will to care that dinner is never brought for us, I have long ago forgotten what hunger felt like, now it is just an everyday thing which gnaws at you, I can not remember what it was like not to be hungry. I just lie there, Donny beside me, unusually quiet, not moving or talking, not comforting each other, just lying there and drifting between consciences and death yet never actually reaching it …

I must have fallen asleep as I woke up several hours later. I actually think I just blacked out as when I realized I was awake, I realized I didn't have to open my eyes, they were just open anyway. And they are now dry and itchy. Wanting to rub them, I move my arm from around Donny, "he must have snuggled up to me in the night" I though and stop when I feel how cold he is. He was not the usual cold, he was stone cold, deathly cold.

Fear gripping me, I get to my knees and with two hands shake him as hard as I can.

"NOO!!" I scream.

He does not move. He gave up. He died in the night. He left me here. He left me and went to our brothers. I am all alone.

Barely recognizing the sound, sitting there over my brother, my hands still clutching his cold shoulders, the guards opened our door and come in. I just sit there, broken, as they slaunter in, I don't register when they strike me for not turning to face them, I hardly move as another strikes me when I don't make an inclination that I felt the first hit. I just lie there on the floor, staring at the corpse of my brother, my last brother …

"Well this one is as good as dead" one of the guards says to the other, having just realized that Donny is dead. He spits on him. He spits on the corpse of my brother. He spits on Don.

The next second I'm on my feet, moments later, I feel my arms slip around the guards neck, little more then a millisecond later, I'm twisting with all the strength I have left in my body, twisting past exhaustion, twisting with all that I have knowing that after this last act, I will be no more, I will have no more use for my body and will never need it again, I twist with all I have …

I feel the pop as the guard's neck breaks; feel him fall limply into my grasp. I barely have time to savour victory as the other guards realize what had happened in those few seconds and spring towards me. As the first guard's baton falls on me, as their first kicks find my body, I drop to the floor and reach with my hand out to Donny. Just as I feel my hand connect with his, this one last time, I feel the kick to the head that finished me off, and I just fade away ...

Donatello's P.O.V.

I jolt awake, barely remembering what I was dreaming the moment before yet knowing that it wasn't pleasant. A quick intact of breathe beside me forces me too hurriedly wrap my arms around Leonardo once more, letting him know I am still there and not going away. I just catch him in time before he sprung away, probably to wreck havoc on the first person he saw, whether it be Master Splinter, Michelangelo or Raphael before realizing I was still there and not in any harm, that we weren't in any harm … any more.

We were safe for now, but was everyone else safe. They didn't know about us, what we had done, what we could do, what Leo would do if he thought we were unsafe. They didn't know. They just thought we were still in shock after being rescued from the Shredders clutches. They thought I was just unusually quiet as I readjusted to everyday life. They just thought Leo was withdrawn because he had failed.

They thought wrong.

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